John Wall gives some love back to his hometown

10 must-see games in 2017-18

John Wall Wizards Celtics

10 must-see games from the Wizards' new schedule

The Wizards' 2017-18 schedule was announced on Monday. Here is an early ranking of their 10 best games.

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John Wall's beef over his NBA 2K18 rating continues
John Wall is not happy with his NBA 2K18 rating and the guy who he thinks is responsible for it.
John Wall gives some love back to his hometown
Returning to his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, Washington Wizards guard John Wall feels like it is his responsibility to give back. Wall discusses the importance of giving back with CSN's Chris...
John Wall Wizards Markieff Morris
Joining the Celtics makes Morris an enemy, says Wall
John Wall thinks it will be easy to see Markieff Morris' brother as the 'enemy' when he plays Boston.
John Wall showing off his arm strength
At his Family Foundation Field Day, John Wall showed off his ridiculous passing ability, this time on the gridiron.
Wall goes in-depth on racism and events in Charlottesville
John Wall had a lot to get off his chest on Friday at a charity event in Northeast Washington.
John Wall comments on recent events and his message to kids
At his charity event, John Wall took the time to comment on the recent events from this past week and the message he is sending to the youth.
Jason Smith Wizards
Jason Smith earns award as 'best teammate' on the Wizards
Jason Smith got an award on Friday that shows how well-liked he is in the Wizards' locker room.
Donald Sloan Brooklyn Nets
5 things to know about new Wizards guard Donald Sloan
Here are five things to know about guard Donald Sloan, who the Wizards reached agreement with on a one-year deal.
Donald Sloan Nets
Wizards sign veteran guard Donald Sloan
The Wizards added some depth to their backcourt on Thursday by signing veteran guard Donald Sloan to a one-year deal, CSN confirmed on Thursday night.
Kevin Durant warms up before game four of the 2017 NBA Finals
Kevin Durant says he won't visit the White House
Kevin Durant says he will not accept an invitation from Donald Trump to the White House.
Morris preparing for fatherhood with training camp soon
Markieff Morris' first child is due in a matter of weeks as he gets ready for training camp with the Wizards.
John wall bradley beal
Chase Hughes ranks the top 5 teams in the Eastern Conference
Chase Hughes ranks the top 5 teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference in response to the lists Chris Miller and Rob Carlin put together on CSN's SportsNet Central.
Kevin Durant honored in PG County with parade
Kevin Durant was back in Prince George's County on Thursday as he was honored with a special "Kevin Durant Day" parade.
Dwyane Wade Chicago Bulls
Bulls could buy out Dwyane Wade's contract
There could be a big name hitting the NBA free agent market, as a new report has the Bulls looking to part ways with Dwyane Wade.
John Wall's NBA MVP odds need to be much higher
Chris Miller is fine with the top of Vegas' NBA MVP odds, but it's where John Wall lands on the list that he thinks needs some adjusting.
Wizards Tipoff podcast: Markieff Morris' comments on Celtics
Wizards Tipoff podcast: Chase Hughes and Chris Miller react to Markieff Morris' comments on Celtics
Wizards Tipoff podcast - NBA video games preview
Game Informer managing editor Matt Bertz joined the show to discuss the upcoming release of the NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18 video games.
Sportsbook lukewarm on Wall, Beal's MVP odds
The latest MVP odds from Bovada seem to have John Wall a little lower than he should be.
LeBron James Kyrie Irving Cavaliers
Cavs looking to trade Irving with LeBron's exit in mind
The Cleveland Cavaliers appear intent on shoring up their long-term future in case LeBron James leaves in free agency.
Top 5 teams in the East: Can Wiz topple Cavs?
The Wizards are trending in the right direction. Does that direction lead to the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference?
Top 5 teams in the East: Is it the Wizards' time at the top?
With the NBA schedule being released, CSN's Chris Miller and Rob Carlin rank the top five teams in the Eastern Conference. Are the Wizards the team to dethrone the Cavaliers?
Below the Rim: Biggest takeaways from Wizards' schedule
Below the Rim: Best matchups, biggest takeaways from Wizards' 2017-18 regular season schedule
Wizards' 2017-18 schedule, by the numbers
Here are some notes and numbers on the Wizards' 2017-18 regular season schedule, which was released on Monday.
10 must-see games from the Wizards' new schedule
The Wizards' new 2017-18 regular season schedule was announced on Monday. Here is an early ranking of their 10 best games.
John Wall Wizards Celtics
10 must-see games from the Wizards' new schedule
The Wizards' 2017-18 schedule was announced on Monday. Here is an early ranking of their 10 best games.
The Wizards earned all of their nationally-televised games
Chris Miller and Brian Mitchell are pretty shocked that the Wizards have so many nationally-televised games this year, but they also understand why that's the case.
Ranking the Top 5 games on the Wizards schedule
The Wizards' 2017-18 schedule has been released and it's time to take a look at the five best games to mark on your calendars.
Four thoughts on Wizards' 2017-18 schedule
Here are four points of analysis on the Wizards' regular season schedule, which was released Monday, including a look at all of their nationally-televised games.
The top five games on the Wizards' newly-released schedule
Now that the full NBA schedule is released, Chris Miller gives you the five must-see matchups the Wizards will be involved in this year.
John Wall Wizards Hawks
Wizards' 2017-18 regular season schedule released
The 2017-18 schedule is out for the Washington Wizards. It all begins on Oct. 18 against the Sixers at home.
Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, L.A. Lakers
Shaq says Wizards are smart for valuing continuity
NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal thinks the Wizards are smart by keeping their core players together and valuing continuity.
Wall worked out with LeBron, nailed 3 in Kyrie's face
John Wall has been busy in Miami — just as Kyrie Irving and LeBron James (separately). 
Kyrie Irving Markieff Morris
Morris sees Irving's situation with Cavs as 'unfortunate'
Like his teammate John Wall, Wizards forward Markieff Morris wonders why Kyrie Irving isn't happy with what he has.
Morris says Celtics rivalry should continue, even with his brother
Markieff Morris says the Wizards-Celtics rivalry won't change too much with his brother on the other side.
John Wall Wizards Celtics
Wall, Brooks look back on Game 7 loss to Celtics with no regrets
John Wall and Scott Brooks are at peace with the effort they gave in Game 7 against the Celtics.
Ray Lewis says Michael Jordan regretted leaving Chicago
While discussing the future of Aaron Rodgers, Ray Lewis dropped a nugget about Michael Jordan.
Who should be on the Wizards/Bullets all-time NBA 2K18 roster?
NBA 2K18 will have an all-time rosters mode. Who should start and play for the Wizards?
Wizards players take their NBA 2K18 ratings quite seriously
Some Wizards love their 2K rating, some hate it and some don't even want to know what it is.
Shaquille O'Neal thinks Otto Porter signed with Sacramento
Shaquille O'Neal was apparently thrown off by the conflicting reports involving Otto Porter last month.
VIDEO: John Wall's career timeline with the Wizards
From the day he was drafted to the 2017 NBA Playoffs, here is a look back at John Wall's career timeline.
2017 NBA Christmas Day schedule announced
The NBA's 2017 Christmas Day schedule is finally here and it features five games NBA fans will salivate over. 
John wall bradley beal
Wizards season opener, Christmas Day game announced
The Wizards will begin the season against the Sixers at home and play the Celtics on Christmas.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - Shaquille O'Neal on the Wizards
NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal joined the podcast to discuss the Wizards and their offseason.
Wizards will host the Cavs in 2017 NBA preseason
The Wizards will host LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the preseason, we learned on Thursday.
LeBron James Cavaliers Carmelo Anthony Knicks
Carmelo is holding up trades to several good teams
A new report suggests the only person holding up a trade of Carmelo Anthony to other good teams is Carmelo himself.
Flashback: John Wall's career timeline with the Wizards
Flashback: John Wall's career timeline with the Washington Wizards since he was picked 1st overall in 2010.
The Wizards had some good years at the 'Verizon Center'
Yes, they aren't moving buildings. But here are some notes to consider about the Wizards' time playing at the Verizon Center.
Below the Rim: Should Cavs trade Kyrie for Isaiah Thomas?
Below the Rim: Should Cavs trade Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas? Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes debate.
What to watch for the rest of the Wizards' offseason
Chase Hughes gives you four thing to watch for the rest of the Wizards' offseason until the regular season begins.
NBA changes details to schedule
NBA issued a memo to NBA team outlining the changes they've made to their scheduling process, hoping to prevent healthy players from resting like in the past.
Kyrie Irving Cavaliers
Former Cavs GM adds fuel to rumors of Kyrie to the Celtics
The rumors linking Kyrie Irving to the Celtics just got a lot more legitimate.
John Wall Wizards Hornets
John Wall likes where Wizards stand in East
John Wall thinks the Wizards can improve in several ways in a new-look Eastern Conference.
VIDEO: John Wall throws insane passes in workout drill
John Wall is apparently working on some new passes that we've never seen before.
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas says he deserves a max contract
Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics is one year away from free agency, but he believes he is in good shape to earn a max contract.
Wall on his workout and social media-heavy offseason
John Wall has made news on social media with several videos this summer. Here are his goals this offseason.
Kelly Oubre Wizards Hornet
Is Oubre next Wizards player to earn big contract?
If Kelly Oubre, Jr. follows the same track as Otto Porter and commands a big deal in two years, the Wizards won't complain.
John Wall shares big goals for him and Wizards
John Wall is dreaming big after signing his new supermax contract with the Wizards.
Dave Johnson on what John Wall means to Washington D.C.
Wizards play-by-play voice Dave Johnson joined SportsTalk Live to break down the significance of John Wall signing a new contract with the Wizards.
Wall wasn't happy with NBA 2K rating, called out Ronnie 2K
John Wall's overall rating in NBA 2K18 is 90. He wasn't satisfied with it, so he called out the game's digital marketing director on Twitter. 
Wall reacts to Kyrie Irving's situation in Cleveland
John Wall can see both sides of the situation with Kyrie Irving and the Cavs in Cleveland.
Wall on Kyrie's situation: 'I didn't even know. Too bad'
At his Friday press conference, John Wall weighed in on the current situation involving Cleveland's Kyrie Irving, who reportedly wants to be traded from the Cavaliers
Wall says extension with Wizards was never in doubt
John Wall issued a message to fans who may have been worried he wouldn't sign a new deal.
Wizards' Mahinmi had surgery on knee
Ian Mahinmi had a minor procedure on his knee soon after the 2016-17 season, Wizards coach Scott Brooks revealed on Friday.
John Wall's suit game has thankfully improved over the years
John Wall's suit game has gone from 0-100 and we're all happy about it.
John Wall reflects on the last seven years as a Wizard
John Wall plans on being a Wizard for years to come but can't forget how much he's grown.
John Wall on getting into the UK Hall of Fame
John Wall spent one year at Kentucky and made it into the University's Hall of Fame. He spoke with Chris Miller about how much of a blessing it is.
Jenkins and Massenburg sum up John Wall's press conference
Drive and service to others; Michael Jenkins and Tony Massenburg talk what they got out of John Walls contract press conference.
Wizards hold press conference for John Wall's new contract
The Wizards touted continuity and their long-term plan while discussing John Wall's new supermax contract.
John Wall on how important it is for him to give back
John Wall understands he is in the position to give back to the community and shares just how important it is to him.
John Wall: '[D.C.] is my second home'
During his contract press conference, John Wall spoke on why staying in D.C. was an easy choice.
Wall: 'This is the only team I wanted to be with'
John Wall told Wizards fans there was no need to panic when he took a little bit of time to sign his supermax deal.
Loyalty, commitment is why Leonsis knew Wall would be back
Ted Leonsis knows just how valuable of a player he has on his team.
Scott Brooks: [John Wall] makes players and coaches better
Scott Brooks spoke on how much of a leader John Wall is for the Wizards
Is Washington a basketball destination now?
Looking at some of the players who have gotten paid playing alongside John Wall, does that make D.C. more of a destination now?
Flashback: John Wall's top 5 moments
Flashback: John Wall's top 5 moments in his decorated Wizards career.
How to watch John Wall's press conference
Click here at 11:30 a.m. ET to watch the live stream of John Wall's contract extension press conference. 
WNBA mode included in video game for first time
NBA Live is back with a new version after a one-year hiatus and EA Sports has added a brand new feature that is quite cool.
Flashback: John Wall's workout in 2010
Flashback: John Wall's workout in 2010, the summer he was drafted first overall by the Washington Wizards.
Flashback: John Wall on his first contract extension
Flashback: John Wall on his first contract extension with the Wizards and how much it mean to him to stay in Washington.
Flashback: John Wall and his mother have a strong bond
Flashback: Wizards' John Wall and his mother have a strong bond, CSN's Chris Miller takes a look at the Wall Star's family ties.
Flashback: John Wall introduced to Wizards fans
Flashback: John Wall introduced to Wizards fans for first time after getting drafted
PHOTOS: Wizards unveil new Nike uniforms
The Wizards released pictures of their new uniforms on Thursday after the NBA switched their apparel deal to Nike.
A history of Wizards/Bullets jerseys
For the first time in 11 years, there will be a new brand to carry the NBA jerseys. Nike jumps on board for the association, replacing Adidas, starting the 2017-18 season. Instead of the traditional 'home...
Wall straight embarrassed a guy with a man bun
John Wall is participating in the Miami Pro League and this week he pulled off a move he has never done in the NBA before.
Michael Jordan says LeBron isn't quite Kobe
LeBron James is the best player of his generation, but he hasn't quite caught up to Kobe Bryant if you ask Michael Jordan.
CSN to broadcast and stream John Wall's press conference
The Wizards will hold a press conference to announce John Wall's new contract on Friday at 11:30 a.m. at the Verizon Center.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - Jason Smith joins the show
On the latest episode, Chase Hughes and Chris Miller were joined by Wizards big man Jason Smith for a lengthy conversation.
Calvin Booth
Former Wizards player named Nuggets assistant GM
Former Wizards player Calvin Booth has joined the front office of the Denver Nuggets as their assistant general manager.
Melo Trimble signs with the 'Wolves
Moving away from the Philadelphia 76ers, Melo Trimble finds himself a contract for a second NBA team. 
Wizards hope talk about contracts will end
The Wizards hope talk about their team no longer deals with contracts but wins instead.
Below the Rim: Kyrie and Steph's video takes shots at LeBron
Below the Rim: Kyrie and Steph's video taking shots at LeBron could make Irving's time in Cleveland all but done.
4 potential trades for Kyrie Irving and the Cavs
Here are four potential trades for Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers where the salaries match up.
Where should Cavs trade Kyrie Irving? 4 ideas to consider
Where should the Cavs trade Kyrie Irving? Chase Hughes gives 4 potential trades to consider
Carmelo Anthony won't accept trade to Cavs
Carmelo Anthony has a no-trade clause and he is reportedly using it to stay away from Cleveland.
Wall is filming his offseason workouts for a documentary
There is a documentary about John Wall's offseason and it includes some boxing.
Brandon Jennings Wizards Hornets
There's beef between former Wizards Pierce and Jennings
It turns out former Wizards Paul Pierce and Brandon Jennings have a low-key beef with each other.
Otto Porter
What Otto Porter plans to improve after his new contract
Otto Porter has some specific areas of his game he'd like to improve now that he got a new contract.
Ted Leonsis Scott Brooks Wizards
Wizards are fine with breaching luxury tax for Porter
The Wizards feel comfortable breaching the luxury tax for the right players and Otto Porter is one of them.
Brandon Jennings' best moments with Wizards
Brandon Jennings didn't spend much time with the Wizards, but it was memorable. Here are his 5 best moments.
Brandon Jennings Wizards
Former Wizards guard Jennings to play overseas
After a brief stint with the Wizards, point guard Brandon Jennings' next stop will be overseas.
VIDEO: Beal coaches up his AAU team
Bradley Beal's offseason has included some coaching, as this video shows.
Latest Kyrie rumor would shake up East, affect Wizards
The latest Kyrie Irving rumor from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is a fun one to dissect.
Kyrie Irving Cavaliers
One team rising, another falling in Kyrie sweepstakes
It appears one of Kyrie Irving's preferred teams is fading out of the mix while another is gaining steam.
Below the Rim: Smart or dumb for Kyrie to leave the Cavs?
Below the Rim: Smart or dumb for Kyrie Irving to leave the Cavs? Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes debate.
With Wizards, Porter stays in his 'hometown'
Otto Porter has been in D.C. long enough to call it his hometown. It's a deep connection.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - Wall's deal, Cavs crumbling?
John Wall's new contract, plus are the Cavs are finally opening the door for the Wizards to break through in the East?
Wall's new contract official: 'It was an easy decision'
With his signature now on paper, John Wall's new contract with the Wizards is official.
Otto Porter John Wall Bradley Beal
Continuity was key in Wizards' decision to retain Otto Porter
The Wizards brought back Otto Porter in large part because they think chemistry and continuity are important.
Jamal Crawford Clippers
Jamal Crawford twice almost signed with the Wizards
It sounds like Jamal Crawford and the Wizards have been close to joining forces twice in the past.
John Wall Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving sees Wall's role with Wizards as a model to follow
Apparently what Kyrie Irving wants in his next team is a lot of what John Wall currently has in Washington.
Jason Smith announces arrival of baby boy
Wizards forward Jason Smith didn't receive a max contract or anything, but he did get something better: the arrival of his newborn baby
Kyrie Irving Wizards
What should Cavs do with Kyrie Irving? Not an easy call
What the Cavaliers do with Kyrie Irving will determine plenty for the Wizards and other teams in the East.
John Wall's new contract with Wizards, by the numbers
Here is a look at John Wall's new contract with the Wizards by the numbers.
D-Rose agrees to join Cavs
The Kyrie Irving - Cleveland Cavaliers saga continues to build after the team decides to add another point guard to their roster
BTR: Reactions and overreactions from NBA Summer League
With Summer League in the rear view mirror, the Below the Rim crew shares their reactions and overreactions to all the headlines.
Ted Leonsis
Timeline of the Wizards' creation of a G-League team
Here is a look at the timeline the Wizards have in mind for assembling their G-League team.
With core three, Junkies feel Wiz have shot at championship
With all of the offseason moves in the NBA, the Junkies feel the Wizards have a shot at being the top in the East in years to come.
John Wall Wizards Stephen Curry Warriors
Can the Wizards to make it to the NBA Finals?
Glenn Consor talks how the Wizards can improve to win the Eastern Conference.
John Wall
John Wall's journey from good to elite
Wizards fans have loved the last seven years of John Wall, and now they have several more years to look forward to.
John Wall and Mike Conley
John Wall's new contract makes Wizards' future clear
With John Wall in the fold for the next six years, the Wizards' future is much clearer than most teams.
Wall and Wizards' union is a display of commitment rarely seen
The commitment John Wall and the Wizards have made with his new contract is rarer than you think.
John Wall agrees to four-year supermax extension
The Washington Wizards' long-term future is now a lot clearer, as superstar point guard John Wall agreed to terms on a four-year contract.
NBA reacts to John Wall's new contract
Players around the NBA were quick to react on social media to John Wall's new contract. 
John Wall and the balance of power
John Wall's new deal with the Wizards speaks volumes about his commitment to DC.
Wizards are building something special in Eastern Conference
With a young core of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter and head coach Scott Brooks the Wizards could be developing something special in the Eastern Conference.
Tony Massenburg on Wall extension, what it means for Wizards
What does John Wall mean to the Wizards now that he signed the supermax extension? How will this help him attract more free agents?
John Wall is staying to bring a championship to DC
John Wall is staying in Washington to bring a championship to the city.
Chris Miller on John Wall agreeing to his supermax extension
Chris Miller joins SportsTalk Live to discuss John Wall agreeing to the supermax extension
John Wall has a message to fans after agreeing to extension
John Wall has signed his extension and has a message for fans!
Top 5 moments of John Wall's time in Washington
Now that John Wall has been offered the supermax extension, we look back on his time in Washington.
John Wall releases message to fans after signing extension
John Wall has a message for the fans after agreeing to terms with the Wizards on a supermax extension.
The three things John Wall needs to work on this offseason
Steve Buckhantz watches John Wall as much as anybody, and the play-by-play announcer has three things he wants the point guard to develop this offseason.
Kelly Oubre working out with an interesting partner
Kelly Oubre has a new workout partner this summer and he's posting about it on Instagram.
Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland?
In a shocking twist, Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade out of Cleveland.
John wall bradley beal
Where does the Wizards starting five rank?
Wizards owner Ted Leonsis said he thinks the Wizards have one of the best starting fives in the NBA. So where do they rank?
Otto Porter sees Wall and Beal as examples to follow
Otto Porter got to this point in part by following John Wall and Bradley Beal's example. That will continue, he says.
John Wall's offseason consist of 'Workout World Tour'
The time is now for the Wizards, which is why John Wall is spending his offseason on a "Workout World Tour."
Minus the Warriors and Cavs, who has the best starting five?
Ted Leonsis got CSN's Rob Carlin and Doc Walker thinking, other than the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who has the best starting five in the NBA?
John Wall Wizards Otto Porter
Otto Porter not fazed by Wall's Paul George comments
Otto Porter was not offended one bit by John Wall's comments about hoping to recruit Paul George to the Wizards. 
Junkies have no doubt John Wall will sign super max deal
The Junkies have a strong feeling that John Wall will sign the super max deal the Wizards offered him, but feel he's trying to get as much leverage as possible.
Ted Leonsis predicts John Wall will sign extension
After inking Otto Porter to a max deal, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis predicted John Wall will re-sign for the long term, too.
Wizards say there is 'no urgency' in contract talks with John Wall
With Otto Porter signed, the attention now really turns to John Wall and the potential for his new deal.
Otto Porter Wizards
Re-signing Otto Porter was never a doubt for Wizards
The Wizards and Otto Porter remained confident all along they would reach agreement on a new contract.
Leonsis: Wizards have one of the best starting 5's in NBA
Ted Leonsis has no doubt in his starting five and is predicting Bradley Beal will be named an All-Star.
What did Ted Leonsis learn from the Wizards playoff loss?
Ted Leonsis talked with CSN's Chris Miller on what he took from the teams playoff loss against the Celtics and how they can improve.
How can Otto Porter improve in Ted Leonsis' eyes?
Ted Leonsis spoke with Chris Miller about what Otto Porter will be doing during the off-season to better contribute to the Wizards.
Leonsis sees success in drafting core of Wall, Beal, Porter
Wizards owner Ted Leonsis feels his team has three players that will anchor them.
Why Otto Porter re-signing is good news for the Wizards
CSN analyst Tony Massenburg details why paying Otto Porter max contract money was paramount considering what Porter brings to the table.
Did Otto Porter ever really consider leaving the Wizards?
After his contract extension press conference, Otto Porter sat down with CSN's Chris Miller to discuss whether or not he really thought about leaving the Wizards.
Otto Porter on contract: This means everything to me
Otto Porter sits down with CSN's Chris Miller after his contract extension press conference to talk about what his new contract means to his basketball passion.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - New NBA jerseys, will LeBron leave?
On the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff podcast, Chase Hughes and Chris Miller broke down the NBA's new jerseys.
Otto Porter's press conference: Everything you need to know
Click here at 11:00 a.m. ET to watch the live stream of Otto Porter's contract extension press conference. 
Wizards' concept uniforms worth a look
The NBA is making some changes to their uniform policy. As such, we thought it would be a great time to highlight these Wizards concept uniforms.
Steph Curry on his 4th place finish at the American Century
Steph Curry finished in 4th place at the American Century Tournament ending in his dad upholding his end of the bet they made.
John Wall Wizards Otto Porter
NBA making another fashion statement
The NBA is getting rid of the traditional "home" and "away" jerseys, and we could not be happier.
Projecting the Wizards' future with Otto Porter
Chris Miller and Chase Hughes discuss the Wizards' future with Otto Porter
Bradley Beal Wizards
Nike reveals new NBA jersey look
Nike has revealed a sneak peek of what the new NBA jerseys will look like on Tuesday.
Pierce signs one-day deal to retire with Boston Celtics
Paul Pierce signed a contract so he could retire with the Celtics on Monday, the team he cemented his Hall of Fame career with.
Keef and Dolph: the Wizards' odd couple
One is a 27-year-old NBA enforcer. The other is a 75-year-old retired lawyer. It's an unlikely friendship.
Polish hammer meets Duke of Cambridge
In a special event honoring Queen Elizabeth, Marcin Gortat met a member of the royal family in Poland. 
John Wall Kentucky
John Wall to get huge honor from University of Kentucky
John Wall is headed to the Hall of Fame at the University of Kentucky.
Scott Brooks John Wall Wizards
Wall and Brooks were selling points for Meeks to sign with Wizards
The Wizards' coach and point guard were big factors in Jodie Meeks' decision to sign with the Wizards.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Jodie Meeks says he's 100 percent after signing with Wizards
Jodie Meeks has had some tough injury luck in recent years, but says those problems are behind him.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Jodie Meeks thinks he and the Wizards are a 'perfect fit'
Jodie Meeks and the Wizards both found exactly what they were looking for in each other.
Avery Bradley Celtics
NBA defensive stopper reveals his toughest player to guard
Pistons defensive stopper Avery Bradley said his pick for the toughest player to guard in the NBA was not even close.
Devin Robinson Florida
5 things to know about new Wizards forward Devin Robinson
Here are five things to know about forward Devin Robinson, who signed a two-way contract with the Wizards on Friday.
Sheldon Mac Wizards
What we learned from Wizards' Summer League
The Wizards didn't win a game in Las Vegas, but that doesn't mean we didn't learn anything about their youngest prospects.
Was the Wizards' division title a big deal?
Now that you have had some time to reflect on the end of the season, was the Wizards' division title a big deal?
Wizards Best of the Best: Who wins the tournament?
We had a few upsets along the way but who will be crowned the Best of the Best for the Wizards?
Wizards Best of the Best: Phil Chenier on Phil Chenier
In the Wizards Best of the Best bracket, it's finally time to break down a matchup with one of the panelists -- Phil Chenier.
Devin Robinson Florida
Wizards sign Florida SF to two-way contract to complete roster
The Wizards gave out their second two-way contract on Friday to Devin Robinson from Florida.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - Will John Wall sign the deal?
Chase Hughes, J. Michael and Chris Miller preview CSN's 'Best of the Best' special and talk Wall's contract.
Sheldon McClellan
Wizards vs. T-Wolves Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' second summer league playoff game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Bradley Beal overcoming injury to have a breakout season
Bradley Beal had a rocky start with the Wizards being dubbed "the glass man" for his frequent injuries, but he came back better than ever in his breakout season.
Bradley Beal's rise to stardom with his start on the Wizards
From the Wizards Summer Series: Bradley Beal joins John Wall on the court with the Wizards launching his start in the NBA.
John Wall and how he took the Wizards to the next level
With the number one pick in the 2010 NBA draft, the Wizards selected John Wall and a new era for basketball in D.C. was born. From the Wizards Summer Series.
A throwback to John Wall's debut in D.C.
From the Wizards' Summer Series: John Wall, the number one pick in the NBA draft in 2010, and his debut in D.C.
On the phone with Wizards new SG Jodie Meeks
Wizards new shooting guard Jodie Meeks talks about the contract negotiation, his fit with the team, and his relationship with John Wall.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Daniel Ochefu and Kris Jenkins
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Villanova alums Daniel Ochefu and Kris Jenkins have some fun with a UNC Tar Heels fan.
Top 5 Wizards plays from Vegas
The Top 5 Wizards plays of the Las Vegas Summer League.
Expect Marcin Gortat in Wizards uniform for 2017-18
Even though Marcin Gortat floated the idea that he might need to play elsewhere, that's not likely.
NBA changes pace of play rules, trade deadline date
The NBA made some subtle changes to its rulebook that should help speed up the end of games and make moves at the trade deadline go smoother.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Sheldon Mac
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Sheldon Mac of the Wizards' Summer League team.
Sheldon Mac on the differences for him in this Summer League
Sheldon Mac on the differences for him in this Summer League compared to last year now that he has one year in the NBA under his belt.
Sheldon Mac Wizards
Evaluating Wizards' Summer League players so far
Sheldon Mac has the most NBA ready game but there's at least one other spot up for grabs.
Who should be highest paid in D.C.?
The Wizards' Otto Porter is the highest paid D.C. athlete. Chris Miles and Brian Mitchell discuss who would be in their top 5 highest paid in D.C.
Paul George suggests he could stay with OKC beyond next season
It sounds like the reports Paul George will join the Lakers after this upcoming season were way overblown.
Who is the best player in Wizards/Bullets history?
Wizards Insider J. Michael makes the case for Wes Unseld as the best player in Wizards/Bullets franchise history.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Kelly Oubre, Jr.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Kelly Oubre, Jr. of the Wizards and what he likes off the court.
Otto Porter
Divac: Kings didn't extend max offer sheet to Otto Porter
Despite initial reports that Otto Porter was considering a max offer from Sacramento, that wasn't true said the GM.
Marcus Keene Central Michigan
Wizards vs. Bulls Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' third summer league game against the Chicago Bulls.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Wizards slot Jodie Meeks' contract differently to avoid hard cap
Jodie Meeks still gets two years for $7 million but it'll no longer be as the bi-annual exception for a salary cap reason.
Wizards Summer League is 'Sheldon McClellan's team'
Heading into the 2017 summer league, J. Micheal has the mentality that this is Sheldon McClellan's team and his chance to break through for the Wizards.
Committing entire prime in D.C. is a tough decision for Wall
Before making assumptions about John Wall's thoughts on a long-term deal, J. Michael points out that all of Wall's prime of his career would be in Washington. That would be a tough decision to make.
CSN to host watch party for Wizards 'Best of the Best' special
Watch CSN’s special to determine the best player in Wizards/Bullets franchise history along with CSN Wizards analysts and other fans.
John Wall hasn't made up mind about extension
The Wizards want to add four years to John Wall's deal to keep him in D.C. but the point guard isn't sure yet. 
John Wall talks Otto Porter, his contract future, shoe deals
John Wall goes 1-on-1 to talk Otto Porter, his contract future, and shoe deals with Chris Miller at the Wizards' Summer League game.
John Wall stands by recruitment of Paul George
Otto Porter re-signed with the Wizards for $106 million but John Wall was hoping they'd get Paul George in a trade.
Gary Williams discusses the Wizards believing in Otto Porter
At the Men Against Breast Cancer Celebrity Golf Classic, Maryland coaching legend Gary Williams discussed what the Wizards re-signing Otto Porter means toward the team's belief in the former Georgetown...
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Chris McCullough
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Wizards big man Chris McCullough from the Summer League team.
Mike Scott Hawks
Mike Scott craves fresh start with Wizards
Mike Scott wasn't sure if he'd be in the NBA after a legal matter coupled with a terrible 2016-17 season. Now he's getting another shot. 
Wizards vs. Heat Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' second summer league game against the Miami Heat.
John Wall is finally getting the attention he deserves as a superstar
Watch 'Wizards Summer Series: Inside Access with John Wall' at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 on CSN.