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Is Washington a basketball destination now?

2017 NBA Free Agency: Top 20

Top 20 NBA free agents

Here is our ranking of the top 20 players set to hit free agency. NBA free agency technically does not begin until July 6 when te...

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Is Washington a basketball destination now?
Looking at some of the players who have gotten paid playing alongside John Wall, does that make D.C. more of a destination now?
Wizards are building something special in Eastern Conference
With a young core of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter and head coach Scott Brooks the Wizards could be developing something special in the Eastern Conference.
Tony Massenburg on Wall extension, what it means for Wizards
What does John Wall mean to the Wizards now that he signed the supermax extension? How will this help him attract more free agents?
John Wall is staying to bring a championship to DC
John Wall is staying in Washington to bring a championship to the city.
Chris Miller on John Wall agreeing to his supermax extension
Chris Miller joins SportsTalk Live to discuss John Wall agreeing to the supermax extension
John Wall has a message to fans after agreeing to extension
John Wall has signed his extension and has a message for fans!
Top 5 moments of John Wall's time in Washington
Now that John Wall has been offered the supermax extension, we look back on his time in Washington.
John Wall releases message to fans after signing extension
John Wall has a message for the fans after agreeing to terms with the Wizards on a supermax extension.
The three things John Wall needs to work on this offseason
Steve Buckhantz watches John Wall as much as anybody, and the play-by-play announcer has three things he wants the point guard to develop this offseason.
John Wall Wizards
John Wall agrees to four-year supermax extension
The Washington Wizards' long-term future is now a lot clearer, as superstar point guard John Wall agreed to terms on a four-year contract.
Kelly Oubre working out with an interesting partner
Kelly Oubre has a new workout partner this summer and he's posting about it on Instagram.
Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland?
In a shocking twist, Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade out of Cleveland.
John wall bradley beal
Where does the Wizards starting five rank?
Wizards owner Ted Leonsis said he thinks the Wizards have one of the best starting fives in the NBA. So where do they rank?
Otto Porter sees Wall and Beal as examples to follow
Otto Porter got to this point in part by following John Wall and Bradley Beal's example. That will continue, he says.
John Wall's offseason consist of 'Workout World Tour'
The time is now for the Wizards, which is why John Wall is spending his offseason on a "Workout World Tour."
Minus the Warriors and Cavs, who has the best starting five?
Ted Leonsis got CSN's Rob Carlin and Doc Walker thinking, other than the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who has the best starting five in the NBA?
John Wall Wizards Otto Porter
Otto Porter not fazed by Wall's Paul George comments
Otto Porter was not offended one bit by John Wall's comments about hoping to recruit Paul George to the Wizards. 
Junkies have no doubt John Wall will sign super max deal
The Junkies have a strong feeling that John Wall will sign the super max deal the Wizards offered him, but feel he's trying to get as much leverage as possible.
Ted Leonsis predicts John Wall will sign extension
After inking Otto Porter to a max deal, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis predicted John Wall will re-sign for the long term, too.
Wizards say there is 'no urgency' in contract talks with John Wall
With Otto Porter signed, the attention now really turns to John Wall and the potential for his new deal.
Otto Porter Wizards
Re-signing Otto Porter was never a doubt for Wizards
The Wizards and Otto Porter remained confident all along they would reach agreement on a new contract.
Leonsis: Wizards have one of the best starting 5's in NBA
Ted Leonsis has no doubt in his starting five and is predicting Bradley Beal will be named an All-Star.
What did Ted Leonsis learn from the Wizards playoff loss?
Ted Leonsis talked with CSN's Chris Miller on what he took from the teams playoff loss against the Celtics and how they can improve.
How can Otto Porter improve in Ted Leonsis' eyes?
Ted Leonsis spoke with Chris Miller about what Otto Porter will be doing during the off-season to better contribute to the Wizards.
Leonsis sees success in drafting core of Wall, Beal, Porter
Wizards owner Ted Leonsis feels his team has three players that will anchor them.
Why Otto Porter re-signing is good news for the Wizards
CSN analyst Tony Massenburg details why paying Otto Porter max contract money was paramount considering what Porter brings to the table.
Did Otto Porter ever really consider leaving the Wizards?
After his contract extension press conference, Otto Porter sat down with CSN's Chris Miller to discuss whether or not he really thought about leaving the Wizards.
Otto Porter on contract: This means everything to me
Otto Porter sits down with CSN's Chris Miller after his contract extension press conference to talk about what his new contract means to his basketball passion.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - New NBA jerseys, will LeBron leave?
On the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff podcast, Chase Hughes and Chris Miller broke down the NBA's new jerseys.
Otto Porter's press conference: Everything you need to know
Click here at 11:00 a.m. ET to watch the live stream of Otto Porter's contract extension press conference. 
Wizards' concept uniforms worth a look
The NBA is making some changes to their uniform policy. As such, we thought it would be a great time to highlight these Wizards concept uniforms.
Steph Curry on his 4th place finish at the American Century
Steph Curry finished in 4th place at the American Century Tournament ending in his dad upholding his end of the bet they made.
John Wall Wizards Otto Porter
NBA making another fashion statement
The NBA is getting rid of the traditional "home" and "away" jerseys, and we could not be happier.
Projecting the Wizards' future with Otto Porter
Chris Miller and Chase Hughes discuss the Wizards' future with Otto Porter
Bradley Beal Wizards
Nike reveals new NBA jersey look
Nike has revealed a sneak peek of what the new NBA jerseys will look like on Tuesday.
Pierce signs one-day deal to retire with Boston Celtics
Paul Pierce signed a contract so he could retire with the Celtics on Monday, the team he cemented his Hall of Fame career with.
Keef and Dolph: the Wizards' odd couple
One is a 27-year-old NBA enforcer. The other is a 75-year-old retired lawyer. It's an unlikely friendship.
Polish hammer meets Duke of Cambridge
In a special event honoring Queen Elizabeth, Marcin Gortat met a member of the royal family in Poland. 
John Wall Kentucky
John Wall to get huge honor from University of Kentucky
John Wall is headed to the Hall of Fame at the University of Kentucky.
Scott Brooks John Wall Wizards
Wall and Brooks were selling points for Meeks to sign with Wizards
The Wizards' coach and point guard were big factors in Jodie Meeks' decision to sign with the Wizards.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Jodie Meeks says he's 100 percent after signing with Wizards
Jodie Meeks has had some tough injury luck in recent years, but says those problems are behind him.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Jodie Meeks thinks he and the Wizards are a 'perfect fit'
Jodie Meeks and the Wizards both found exactly what they were looking for in each other.
Avery Bradley Celtics
NBA defensive stopper reveals his toughest player to guard
Pistons defensive stopper Avery Bradley said his pick for the toughest player to guard in the NBA was not even close.
Devin Robinson Florida
5 things to know about new Wizards forward Devin Robinson
Here are five things to know about forward Devin Robinson, who signed a two-way contract with the Wizards on Friday.
Sheldon Mac Wizards
What we learned from Wizards' Summer League
The Wizards didn't win a game in Las Vegas, but that doesn't mean we didn't learn anything about their youngest prospects.
Was the Wizards' division title a big deal?
Now that you have had some time to reflect on the end of the season, was the Wizards' division title a big deal?
Wizards Best of the Best: Who wins the tournament?
We had a few upsets along the way but who will be crowned the Best of the Best for the Wizards?
Wizards Best of the Best: Phil Chenier on Phil Chenier
In the Wizards Best of the Best bracket, it's finally time to break down a matchup with one of the panelists -- Phil Chenier.
Devin Robinson Florida
Wizards sign Florida SF to two-way contract to complete roster
The Wizards gave out their second two-way contract on Friday to Devin Robinson from Florida.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - Will John Wall sign the deal?
Chase Hughes, J. Michael and Chris Miller preview CSN's 'Best of the Best' special and talk Wall's contract.
Sheldon McClellan
Wizards vs. T-Wolves Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' second summer league playoff game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Bradley Beal overcoming injury to have a breakout season
Bradley Beal had a rocky start with the Wizards being dubbed "the glass man" for his frequent injuries, but he came back better than ever in his breakout season.
Bradley Beal's rise to stardom with his start on the Wizards
From the Wizards Summer Series: Bradley Beal joins John Wall on the court with the Wizards launching his start in the NBA.
John Wall and how he took the Wizards to the next level
With the number one pick in the 2010 NBA draft, the Wizards selected John Wall and a new era for basketball in D.C. was born. From the Wizards Summer Series.
A throwback to John Wall's debut in D.C.
From the Wizards' Summer Series: John Wall, the number one pick in the NBA draft in 2010, and his debut in D.C.
On the phone with Wizards new SG Jodie Meeks
Wizards new shooting guard Jodie Meeks talks about the contract negotiation, his fit with the team, and his relationship with John Wall.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Daniel Ochefu and Kris Jenkins
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Villanova alums Daniel Ochefu and Kris Jenkins have some fun with a UNC Tar Heels fan.
Top 5 Wizards plays from Vegas
The Top 5 Wizards plays of the Las Vegas Summer League.
Expect Marcin Gortat in Wizards uniform for 2017-18
Even though Marcin Gortat floated the idea that he might need to play elsewhere, that's not likely.
NBA changes pace of play rules, trade deadline date
The NBA made some subtle changes to its rulebook that should help speed up the end of games and make moves at the trade deadline go smoother.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Sheldon Mac
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Sheldon Mac of the Wizards' Summer League team.
Sheldon Mac on the differences for him in this Summer League
Sheldon Mac on the differences for him in this Summer League compared to last year now that he has one year in the NBA under his belt.
Sheldon Mac Wizards
Evaluating Wizards' Summer League players so far
Sheldon Mac has the most NBA ready game but there's at least one other spot up for grabs.
Who should be highest paid in D.C.?
The Wizards' Otto Porter is the highest paid D.C. athlete. Chris Miles and Brian Mitchell discuss who would be in their top 5 highest paid in D.C.
Paul George suggests he could stay with OKC beyond next season
It sounds like the reports Paul George will join the Lakers after this upcoming season were way overblown.
Who is the best player in Wizards/Bullets history?
Wizards Insider J. Michael makes the case for Wes Unseld as the best player in Wizards/Bullets franchise history.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Kelly Oubre, Jr.
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Kelly Oubre, Jr. of the Wizards and what he likes off the court.
Otto Porter
Divac: Kings didn't extend max offer sheet to Otto Porter
Despite initial reports that Otto Porter was considering a max offer from Sacramento, that wasn't true said the GM.
Marcus Keene Central Michigan
Wizards vs. Bulls Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' third summer league game against the Chicago Bulls.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Wizards slot Jodie Meeks' contract differently to avoid hard cap
Jodie Meeks still gets two years for $7 million but it'll no longer be as the bi-annual exception for a salary cap reason.
Wizards Summer League is 'Sheldon McClellan's team'
Heading into the 2017 summer league, J. Micheal has the mentality that this is Sheldon McClellan's team and his chance to break through for the Wizards.
Committing entire prime in D.C. is a tough decision for Wall
Before making assumptions about John Wall's thoughts on a long-term deal, J. Michael points out that all of Wall's prime of his career would be in Washington. That would be a tough decision to make.
CSN to host watch party for Wizards 'Best of the Best' special
Watch CSN’s special to determine the best player in Wizards/Bullets franchise history along with CSN Wizards analysts and other fans.
John Wall hasn't made up mind about extension
The Wizards want to add four years to John Wall's deal to keep him in D.C. but the point guard isn't sure yet. 
John Wall talks Otto Porter, his contract future, shoe deals
John Wall goes 1-on-1 to talk Otto Porter, his contract future, and shoe deals with Chris Miller at the Wizards' Summer League game.
John Wall stands by recruitment of Paul George
Otto Porter re-signed with the Wizards for $106 million but John Wall was hoping they'd get Paul George in a trade.
Gary Williams discusses the Wizards believing in Otto Porter
At the Men Against Breast Cancer Celebrity Golf Classic, Maryland coaching legend Gary Williams discussed what the Wizards re-signing Otto Porter means toward the team's belief in the former Georgetown...
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Chris McCullough
Fastbreak with C-Mills: Get to know Wizards big man Chris McCullough from the Summer League team.
Mike Scott Hawks
Mike Scott craves fresh start with Wizards
Mike Scott wasn't sure if he'd be in the NBA after a legal matter coupled with a terrible 2016-17 season. Now he's getting another shot. 
Wizards vs. Heat Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' second summer league game against the Miami Heat.
John Wall is finally getting the attention he deserves as a superstar
Watch 'Wizards Summer Series: Inside Access with John Wall' at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 on CSN. 
J. Michael, Chris Miller on who to watch in 2nd summer game
Keep an eye on second-year players in the Wizards' second Summer League contest tomorrow night.
Daniel Ochefu Wizards
Ochefu gets his chance in summer league
Daniel Ochefu's hold on a roster spot is tenuous because his contract isn't fully guaranteed.
What Porter's extension means for Wizards and Wall's future
Chase Hughes breaks down what Otto Porter's extension means for the Wizards and John Wall's future
Chris and J. on the new-look Eastern Conference
Chris and J. on the new-look East, how the Wizards-Celtics rivalry was changed with Marcus Morris landing in Boston.
Chris Miller & J. Michael recap Wizards Summer League loss
Chris Miller & J. Michael recap Wizards Summer League loss to Grizzlies from Las Vegas.
Kelly Oubre on fashion, Marcus Morris joining the Celtics
Wizards' Kelly Oubre went 1-on-1 with CSN's Chris Miller to describe his fashion and react to Marcus Morris joining the Celtics.
Jasonn Hannibal
Hannibal's road to Summer League about as unusual as it gets
Wizards' Summer League big man Jasonn Hannibal took an unusual route to Vegas that included a stop in Iran and a family tragedy.
Otto Porter
Wizards' roster breakdown after Otto Porter's new deal
The Wizards have the maximum players contracted for the regular season, but two spots still could come open.
Scott Brooks Wizards
How Scott Brooks improved the Wizards in his first year
Watch 'Wizards Summer Series: Inside Access with Scott Brooks' at 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 on CSN. 
Otto Porter is now the highest paid athlete in D.C. sports
Otto Porter, believe it or not, is now the highest paid athlete in all of D.C. sports.
Jared Cunningham thinks Wizards need to play tougher
Wizards guard Jared Cunningham spoke with the media following the team's first summer league game in Las Vegas.
Otto Porter Wizards
Wizards match Nets' offer sheet, re-sign Otto Porter
The process was a long and arduous one but Otto Porter's restricted free agency ended with him still in Washington.
Beal on his summer, Wizards' offseason
Bradley Beal discusses his summer and the Wizards' offseason moves in a 1-on-1 interview with CSN's Chris Miller.
Bradley Beal reacts to James Harden's record-setting deal
Wizards' Bradley Beal reacts to James Harden's record-setting contract with laughter when asked by CSN's Chris Miller.
Wizards coach Chad Iske reacts to first summer league game
Following the Wizards loss in their first summer league game, assistant coach Chad Iske spoke with the media on where the team needs to improve.
Wizards' Chris McCullough goes 1-on-1 to talk Summer League
Wizards' Chris McCullough goes 1-on-1 with CSN's Chris Miller to talk Summer League and his development as a prospect.
Jared Cunningham is looking to make it back to the NBA
After playing in China last season, Wizards guard Jared Cunningham is trying to showcase his skills in the summer league to try to make it back to the NBA.
Kelly Oubre gives update on recovering from knee injury
Chris Miller caught up with Wizards guard Kelly Oubre and got an update on his recovery from the knee injury that hobbled him in the playoffs.
Sheldon Mac Wizards
Some positives in Wizards' Summer League loss to Grizzlies
The Wizards fell short in their first Summer League game after a comeback from 16 points down.
Beal sees winnable East with Celtics still a fierce rival
Some of the pieces have changed between the Wizards and Celtics but the rivialry between then should remain.
Oubre takes big step in recovery after knee procedure
The Wizards' forward had platelet-rich therapy on his right knee after the season ended.
Sheldon McClellan Wizards
Wizards vs. Grizzlies Summer League: How and what to watch
Here is all you need to know about the Wizards' first summer league game against the Memphis Grizzlies.
Different tone, different look for Danuel House
Danuel House takes a second chance to make the Wizards' roster through Las Vegas summer league.
Is the Wizards starting lineup better than the Celtics?
Now that the Celtics have signed Gordon Hayward, do the Wizards or Celtics have the better starting lineup?
Moving on from Bogdanovic 'assures' Porter re-signing
The Wizards moved on from Bojan Bogdanovic on Friday, a move that assures the team will re-sign Otto Porter, according to CSN's J. Michael.
Wizards Summer League Preview: Proving ground
CSN's Chris Miller and J. Michael preview the Las Vegas Summer League, where the young crop of Wizards players look to refine their skills and make a statement
Wizards position themselves to re-sign Porter
CSN's Chris Miller and J. Michael explain why the Wizards' Friday move assures that the team will re-sign Otto Porter.
Respecting Bojan Bogdanovic's free agency hustle
The Wizards let Bojan Bogdanovic walk. The role-playing SG wanted close to $16 per year. He didn't get it from the Wizards, and took a smaller deal elsewhere. Here's why.
Wall the only 2010 first-rounder on same team
The 2017 NBA offseason has been a wild one, and in its wake is John Wall, the only 2010 first-rounder still on the team that drafted him.
Bojan Bogdanovic Wizards
Bogdanovic leaves Wizards for Eastern Conference team
It didn't take long for Bojan Bogdanovic to find a new home in NBA free agency after being let go by the Wizards.
Wizards pull Bogdanovic's qualifying offer
Despite making him restricted to start free agency, the Wizards had to let go of him after 26 games.
Michael Young Pittsburgh
Personal connection key to forward choosing Wizards
Michael Young had multiple offers on the table but chose the Wizards for an important reason.
Report: Celtics trading Bradley to Pistons
After making a huge play to sign Gordon Hayward, the Celtics are reportedly making another major move, trading Avery Bradley to the Pistons. 
You can't let an established player like Porter walk away
John Feinstein acknowledges the need to have at least three superstars on your team to win a championship and believes the Wizards can't let an established player like Otto Porter leave.
Bradley Beal's development as a star and leader worth the wait
Watch 'Wizards Summer Series: Inside Access with Bradley Beal' at 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 on CSN. 
Making the case to let Otto Porter Jr. leave for Brooklyn
Most agree that the Wizards should match Brooklyn's offer sheet for Otto Porter Jr. Rob Carlin explains why he personally thinks Washington should not do so.
Otto Porter Wizards
Decision time: Wizards receive offer sheet from Nets on Porter
The Wizards now have until Saturday afternoon to decide whether they want to match a max contract offer sheet for Otto Porter.
Wizards still awaiting Otto Porter offer sheet from Nets
Nothing has happened to clarify Otto Porter's status with the moratorium period lifted Thursday.
Wizards linked to guard Jamal Crawford
The Wizards may not be done remaking their bench, as a new report links them to Jamal Crawford, the three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year.
A quick guide to NBA free agents
Having a hard time keeping track of all of the NBA's free agents and trades? So are we. Here's a quick and easy guide to keep track.
Nick Young Lakers
Warriors keep signing former Wizards castoffs
The Golden State Warriors added another former Wizards player aiming for a reputation boost.
Michael Young Pittsburgh
5 things to know about new Wizards forward Michael Young
Here are five things to know about new Wizards forward Michael Young from Pittsburgh.
Deveney: Wizards are backed into a corner w/ Porter contract
Sporting News NBA writer Sean Deveney feels the Wizards will re-sign Otto Porter partially to show John Wall they're committed to their core players.
Jason Bishop: 'Otto Porter Jr. makes your team better'
The Junkies are split on whether or not the Wizards should re-sign Otto Porter. Most of them feel there isn't anyone good enough to replace him.
The best strategy to keep John Wall happy?
John Wall has been offered a supermax deal. However, the star guard wants to wait and see what the Wizards front office has planned for the future.
Should the Wizards sign Otto Porter to a max contract?
The SportsTalk Live crew debates whether the Wizards should match the offer for Otto Porter and sign him to a max contract?
Otto Porter Wizards
Wizards, Otto Porter have history to consider
There is a long and detailed history for the Wizards to consider as they wait to match Otto Porter's max contract offer.
Wizards hand out first two-way contract to undrafted rookie
The 2017 CBA allows teams to sign two players to gateway contracts. The Wizards just gave out their first.
Marcus Keene Central Michigan
Wizards' Summer League roster includes some interesting backstories
The Wizards announced their 2017 Summer League roster on Wednesday. Here are some notes on the guys you may have not heard of.
Wizards announce 2017 Summer League roster
The Wizards begin their 2017 Summer League schedule on Saturday on CSN. Here is their full roster.
Michael Jordan Wizards
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Malone vs. Jordan
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 8 Moses Malone vs. No. 9 Michael Jordan.
Wizards title odds drop during free agency
While the rest of the Eastern Conference is getting reshuffled, the Wizards remain still but their odds are declining. 
Junkies: Otto Porter clearly has value to other teams
After Otto Porter agreed to sign a max offer sheet from the Nets, the Junkies feel the Wizards have to match their offer.
Nets' offer to Otto Porter gives Wizards big decision
Otto Porter is expected to sign a max offer sheet with Brooklyn Nets.
Gordon Hayward Jazz Wizards
Hayward leaves Jazz in free agency for East power
A huge domino fell in NBA free agency on Tuesday as Gordon Hayward left the Utah Jazz.
Zach Randolph Grizzlies
Kings spend themselves out of Otto Porter sweepstakes?
The Kings have only $17 million left to spend in free agency after giving deals to George Hill and Zach Randolph.
Mike Scott Hawks
5 things to know about new Wizards forward Mike Scott
Here are five things to know about new Wizards forward Mike Scott, who agreed to join them in free agency on Tuesday morning.
Wizards could go sign-and-trade route with Bojan Bogdanovic
Bojan Bogdanovic and the Wizards aren't likely to reach a deal so flipping him for an exception to be used later is the best outcome.
Wizards' next signing is forward Mike Scott
The Wizards have added another piece in free agency, signing a three-point shooting forward from Atlanta.
Wizards Tipoff podcast - Big week with Otto Porter and Jodie Meeks
Chase Hughes, J. Michael and Chris Miller go in-depth on Paul George and Chris Paul. Plus, Garrett Temple joins the show.
Kevin Durant takes pay cut in new deal
Taking less money, Kevin Durant is attempting to keep the Warriors championship roster intact. 
Bojan Bogdanovic is asking for a ton of money in free agency
Bojan Bogdanovic earned $3.7 million last season but the three-point shooting forward is thinking much bigger as a restricted free agent.
Gus Johnson Bullets
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Johnson vs. Arenas
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 7 Gus Johnson vs. No. 10 Gilbert Arenas.
Stephen A. Smith finally fires back at Morris: 'Don't ever touch me again'
Stephen A. Smith issued a warning to Markieff Morris on ESPN's First Take over a month after the famous butt-slap.
So many stars moving out West is really good for the Wizards
The better players aren't running away from the Warriors, which should benefit the Celtics, Cavs and Wizards.
Paul Millsap Markieff Morris Wizards Hawks
All-Star Paul Millsap joins Western Conference team in free agency
The East lost yet another one of its best players on Sunday as All-Star power forward Paul Millsap left the Hawks in free agency.
Earl Monroe Bullets
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Monroe vs. King
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 6 Earl Monroe vs. No. 11 Bernard King.
What would Otto Porter max offer sheet from Kings means
There are restrictions that'll be in place for a year if Otto Porter gets an $106 million offer sheet and Wizards match it.
Kings offer Otto Porter huge contract in free agency
The Kings offered small forward Otto Porter a big free agent contract. Now it's decision time for the Wizards.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Wizards' deal with Meeks offers big upside
Injuries have derailed Jodie Meeks the last three seasons, but he appears to be past his foot issues and could flourish with his three-point shooting.
Otto Porter Wizards Pelicans
Otto Porter meets with Western Conference team in free agency
Otto Porter met with a Western Conference team on Sunday as his free agency tour ramps up.
Jodie Meeks Magic
5 things to know about new Wizards guard Jodie Meeks
Here are five things to know about Jodie Meeks, the Wizards' new shooting guard they signed to a two-year free agent deal on Sunday.
Jodie Meeks Magic
Wizards agree with free agent guard on multi-year deal
The Wizards added more help to their bench on Sunday by inking a free agent shooting guard.
Rayshawn Simmons
Wizards add guard to mini-camp roster
The Wizards added another guard to their mini-camp roster, and he's a familiar face.
John Wall is the second-best player in the East
John Wall just signed a supermax deal with the Wizards and he's at the top of his game. Chris Miles explains why there's no doubt he's the second-best player in the Eastern Conference.
Tim Frazier Pelicans
'Gritty' Tim Frazier is Scott Brooks' type of guy
Tim Frazier has had to fight and claw his way into the NBA, much like his new coach did decades ago.
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Chenier vs. Jamison
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 5 Phil Chenier vs. 12 Antawn Jamison.
Otto Porter Wizards Celtics
NBA sets new salary cap: what it means for Wizards
Teams knew approximately where the cap figures would end up but now an audit of league finances is complete, 
Tony Allen Grizzlies
Best free agents available to fit Wizards' needs
With limited resources, the Wizards still can maximize with smart moves in free agency.
Michael Jenkins commentary on Wall supermax offer
Michael Jenkins offers his commentary on John Wall and his supermax offer from the Wizards
What happens now that Wall has been offered supermax extension?
With John Wall being offered a supermax contract by the Wizards, the focus now shifts to "what's next?"
Miller and Miles break down Wall supermax extension
After the news broke that John Wall had been offered a supermax four-year deal by the Wizards, Chris Miller and Chris Miles break it down.
George traded to Oklahoma City for Oladipo, Sabonis
Paul George traded to Oklahoma City for Victor Oladipo and Damontis Sabonis
Chris Miller on a potential max contract for Otto Porter
Would Chris Miller give max money to Otto Porter?
Chris Miller on what supermax extension means for Wall, Wiz
What does the John Wall supermax extension mean? What's next after Paul George was traded to the Thunder?
Paul George traded to Oklahoma City
It was a longshot for the Wizards, but the pipedream is over now that Paul George has been traded to Oklahoma City.
John Wall has been offered a supermax four-year deal
CSNMA's Chris Miller has confirmed that John Wall has been offered a supermax, four-year deal.
Wizards offer John Wall super-max extension, CSN confirms
The Wizards just offered John Wall a super-max contract extension, CSN has confirmed.
Wizards' recent history bodes well for Otto Porter's future
The Wizards appear committed to retaining Otto Porter and it's difficult to envision a scenario in which he leaves.
J. Michael separates fact from fiction ahead of free agency
Could the Wizards sign-and-trade Otto Porter? Will the re-sign him? For how much? That and more with Wizards Insider J. Michael
Paul George Pacers
One possible Wizards offer for Paul George floated in report
A sourced report from ESPN presents an offer the Wizards may be able to acquire Paul George with.
Harold Varner III fully supports Steph Curry's golf career
Competing at the Tour event in August, Steph Curry has stirred up drama among the players. World No. 129 Harold Varner has given him support and pointers.
Otto Porter Suns Wizards
Eastern Conference team seen as big threat for Otto Porter
The Wizards will have at least one Eastern Conference team in pursuit of restricted free agent Otto Porter.
J. Michael: Wizards definitely need a shooter/scorer
With NBA free agency starting Saturday, what type of position player do the Wizards need?
What happens w/Porter will affect what happens w/Bogdanović
CSN Wizards insider J. Michael say Bojan Bogdanović's future in D.C. depends on what happens with Otto Porter and Paul George.
J. Michael: Wiz can't commit to Porter on first day of FA
CSN Wizards insider J. Michael told the Junkies that Otto Porter will have to hold off on a deal with the Wizards until they know where Paul George is headed.
Price tag sends race for Paul George into holding pattern
A CSNMA report detailed where the Wizards stood in the race for Paul George. Now we know where the Celtics stand.
Isaiah Thomas Wizards Celtics
Key adjustment for Wizards: Team defense
The prolific offense was able to disguise the Wizards' biggest problem which was allowing opponents to shoot high percentages.
Tim Frazier New Orleans Pelicans
New Wizards PG Frazier excited to play with Wall, for winning team
New Wizards point guard Tim Frazier loves the situation he has found himself in after being traded to Washington.
Newest Wizard Tim Frazier is excited to be in Washington
Tim Frazier didn't expect to be traded away from New Orleans, but now that he's a member of the Wizards he's excited about the opportunity.
John Wall and Mike Conley
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Wall vs. Strickland
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 3 John Wall and No. 14 Rod Strickland.
John Wall Wizards Knicks
John Wall makes the list for most popular NBA jerseys
The list of the most popular NBA jerseys was released on Thursday, with Wizards star John Wall finding himself on the list.
Wizards Tipoff podcast: NBPA VP Garrett Temple joins the show
Chase Hughes, J. Michael and Chris Miller go in-depth on Paul George and Chris Paul. Plus, Garrett Temple joins the show.
Tim Frazier didn't think trade was in the cards for him
Even though Tim Frazier had no idea the Pelicans were considering trading him, he believes everything happens for a reason. 
Frazier is ready to take on any role Wiz need him to take on
The Wizards newest PG Tim Frazier is willing and ready to do whatever the Wizards need him to do.
Tim Frazier didn't know he was on chopping block when traded
Wizards newest PG Tim Frazier was at the gym when he got word of his trade and said he didn't know a trade was even in the cards for him.
Why duo of Wall and Beal is better than Harden and Paul
The Rockets have a star-studded backcourt of their own after adding Chris Paul. But don't list that pair ahead of John Wall and Bradley Beal yet.
If unable to land a third star, this is what Wizards must do
Chris Miller has a plan for the Wizards if Washington isn't able to find a third superstar like Paul George this offseason.
Does Harden-Paul beat Wall-Beal in top backcourt debate?
James Harden and Chris Paul are now together in Houston, which adds a twist to everyone's favorite discussion about the best backcourts in the NBA.
J.R. Smith learns of CP3 trade news on the links
On Wednesday, J.R. Smith played golf with Adam Schefter. But the NFL reporter didn't break thew news on Chris Paul's trade. Smith's caddie did. 
Bogdan, not Bojan, signs with Kings
Serbian guard Bogdan Bogdanovic signed with the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday. Twitter has mixed him up with Wizards guard Bojan Bogdanovic.
J.R. Smith helps reunite Army family of Warriors fans
J.R. Smith shared a funny and touching moment with a family that greeted their military father for the first time in four years.
Frazier talks connections to Wizards players, Celtics series
New Wizards point guard Tim Frazier already has plenty of connections to players on the roster. He also paid close attention to the Wizards-Celtics series in the playoffs.
Paul George Chris Paul Pacers Clippers
Does Chris Paul's trade to Rockets set the price for Paul George?
Chris Paul got traded to the Rockets and the deal may show what it would take to pry Paul George from the Pacers.
Chris Paul James Harden Clippers Rockets
Clippers trade superstar Chris Paul to Western Conference foe
There may be another super team forming in Houston, as on Tuesday the Rockets pulled off a deal to acquire superstar point guard Chris Paul.
Elvin Hayes Bullets
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Hayes vs. Butler
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 2 Elvin Hayes vs. No. 15 Caron Butler.
Junkies feel Wizards need four stars to win a title
Amid rumors of trading for star Paul George, the Junkies feel the Wizards need at least four stars to bring a title to D.C.
Paul George Wizards Pacers
Sources: Wizards still in pursuit of trade for Paul George
The Wizards let the Pacers know they were interested in dealing for Paul George already and remain interested until a decision is made.
Paul George Pacers
All of these unlikely things must happen to pull off George trade
Paul George to the Wizards? J. Michael examines the reasons why it's not likely to happen. 
Paul George Pacers
Why George should consider Wizards
The Paul George rumors keep dominating the NBA. John Wall is actively recruiting George to DC. Here's why he should seriously consider.
Wizards/Bullets Best of the Best: Unseld vs. Howard
In today's matchup of the Wizards/Bullets 'Best of the Best' bracket, we look at No. 1 Wes Unseld vs. No. 16 Juwan Howard.
John wall bradley beal
Key adjustment for Wizards: Backcourt backups
The lack of production behind the the starters wasn't adequate and it came to a head in a Game 7 loss to Boston.