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Markieff Morris Wizards
PHOTO: Hawks fans brought Morris 'crybaby' signs to Game 4
Atlanta Hawks fans are getting creative in their quest to get in Markieff Morris' head for Game 4.
Bradley Beal 1-on-1 with Chris Miller before Game 4
Bradley Beal goes 1-on-1 with Chris Miller to discuss his slump and trash talking ahead of Game 4.
Marcin Gortat defends Hawks' Dwight Howard
Brooks irked by FT discrepancy between Wiz and Hawks
Three of the starting five for Washington have taken a total of eight free throws after three games.
Bradley Beal loves his teammates and Hawks trash talking
Bradley Beal may be one of the quieter Wizards, but when he sees Markieff Morris and Paul Millsap going back and forth.
Scott Brooks has some complaints about free throw chances
The Wizards head coach made it clear he's simply stating facts, but among its needed adjustments, more free throw trips is a must.
Will John Wall work out with Dennis Schroder this summer?
Before the Wizards-Hawks Game 4, Dennis Schroder said he asked John Wall to work out with him during the offseason.
John Wall: Wizards need to be more physical, like MMA
John Wall and head coach Scott Brooks talk about what has changed against the Hawks since the first two games and what adjustments the Wizards need to make.
Buckhantz expects the Wizards to turn around in Game 4
Steve Buckhantz, Wizards play-by-play announcer, expects them to come back against the Hawks in Game 4.
What's going on with Bogdanovic and Porter?
Wizards play-by-play announcer Steve Buckhantz on what is going on with Bojan Bogdanovic and Otto Porter.
Buckhantz on Millsap drama
Wizards play-by-play announcer Steve Buckhantz on the drama between the Wizards and Paul Millsap.
John Wall Brandon Jennings Wizards
Jennings explains 'John with the shades' to CSN
Brandon Jennings reads excerpts from his letter explaining why John Wall should be the MVP.
Defense dominates Wizards' focus for Game 4
For some players it was bad individual team defense but Bradley Beal took himself to task for failing to provide proper help in a Game 3 loss.
'John with the shades' - Jennings makes Wall's case for MVP
'John with the shades' - Brandon Jennings makes Wall's case for MVP and reads excerpts from his article in the Players' Tribune.
John Wall Wizards Hawks
Wizards vs. Hawks Game 4: How and what to watch
The Wizards battle the Hawks in Game 4 of their first round series on Monday night. Here's all you need to know.
John Wall Dennis Schroder Wizards Hawks
Despite ward of words, Schroder wants to train with Wall
Dennis Schroder wants to work out with John Wall in the offseason, according to several reports out of Atlanta.
Otto Porter making progress after injury in Game 3
After an injury scare in Game 3, Otto Porter is feeling better ahead of Monday's Game 4.
Taurean Prince Wizards Hawks
Hawks' player got away with a blatant travel against Wizards in Game 3
Hawks rookie Taurean Prince got away with one of the more blatant travels you will see in Game 3 against the Wizards on Saturday night.
Scott Brooks discusses the Wizards' Game 3 loss
Scott Brooks talked to the media after the Wizards' Game 3 loss to Atlanta
John Wall Wizards Dennis Schroder Hawks
Wall says Schroder guarding him full court doesn't matter
Dennis Schroder tried guarding John Wall full-court on Saturday and afterwards Wall gave his reaction to that ploy.
Dennis Schroder Wizards Hawks
Wizards' defensive principles go on hiatus for Game 3
The offense for Bradley Beal and company will come easier if they do a better job defending.
John Wall still confident in Wizards after Game 3 loss
John Wall still confident in Wizards after Game 3 blowout loss to Hawks.
Where do you rank John Wall among Top 5 PGs?
The Wizards Overtime crew ranks the top five point guards in the NBA and debates whether or not John Wall is one.
Paul Millsap reacts to Morris' 'crybaby' comment on live TV
Paul Millsap reacts to Markieff Morris' 'crybaby' comment on live television
VIDEO: Millsap reacts to Morris' crybaby comment on live TV
Paul Millsap was told Markieff Morris' quote that he is a "crybaby" on live television. His reaction was great.
Jason Smith: Wizards need to flush this one down the toilet
Jason Smith: Wizards need to flush this loss in Game 3 down the toilet and move on
Beal: 'We spent the whole game playing catchup'
Bradley Beal on Wizards loss in Game 3: 'We spent the whole game playing catchup'
Wizards Markieff Morris
Markieff Morris: Paul Millsap is 'a crybaby'
Wizards' Markieff Morris says Hawks' Paul Millsap is 'a crybaby'
VIDEO: Morris on Hawks' Paul Millsap: 'He's a crybaby'
More shots have been fired by Markieff Morris at Paul Millsap. 
Wizards didn't pressure Hawks enough in Game 3
Phil Chenier says the Wizards didn't put enough pressure on the Hawks, allowing them to take the win.
10 must-see moments from Wizards' Game 3 loss to Hawks
Here are 10 plays or moments from the Wizards' loss to the Hawks in Game 3 that are worth revisiting.
Playoffs are 'a marathon, not a sprint'
J Michael gives his takeaways following Wizards Game 3 loss to the Hawks.
Kent Bazemore Wizards Hawks
Takeaways from Wizards' Game 3 blowout loss to Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks were in control from the opening tip in Game 3 on Saturday to make it a 2-1 series.
Porter leaves Wizards-Hawks Game 3 with injury
Otto Porter was ruled out after leaving Game 3 against the Hawks with a neck injury.
John Wall hits circus shot in 1st half vs. Hawks
John Wall hits circus shot in 1st half of Game 3 vs. Atlanta Hawks
Wall goes behind the back, throws down huge dunk vs. Hawks
John Wall brought the ball behind his back, then threw down a huge dunk against the Hawks on Saturday night.
John Wall USAT
Wall hits crazy three to beat buzzer vs. Hawks
John Wall hit an amazing shot to end the 1st quarter of Game 3 against the Hawks.
Wall hits crazy three to beat buzzer at end of 1st vs. Hawks
John Wall hits a buzzer beater from behind the three-point line at end of 1st against the Hawks.
John Wall Dunk
John Wall throws down left-handed slam vs. Hawks
John Wall throws down left-handed slam in 1st quarter of Game 3 vs. Hawks
Jennings on fitting in with Wizards, defending teammates
Brandon Jennings on fitting in with the Wizards after signing as a free agent and defending his teammates
Wizards Tipoff podcast, Ep. 9 - Wiz-Hawks a fun 1st round series
On the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff podcast presented by Commuter Connections, we recap a fun series so far.
Brooks' daughter will scold him for technicals
Scott Brooks' daughter will scold him for technical fouls
Wizards handle Hawks' adjustments well
The Hawks like their small-ball lineup, but they haven't had much success against the Wizards.
Howard sounds like he's studying actual MMA fighters
MMA talk is still alive in the Wizards-Hawks series, with Dwight Howard now identifying things MMA fighters do that he would like to see his team emulate.
Dennis Schroder Kawhi Leonard Spurs Hawks
Hawks coach doesn't like Schroder and Wall trash talking
Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer has some specific advice for his point guard Dennis Schroder in dealing with Wizards star John Wall.
John Wall Dennis Schroder Wizards Hawks
Wall, Schroder had history ahead of dunk and staredown
John Wall's dunk and staredown on Dennis Schroder may have not been an isolated incident.
John Wall Wizards Hawks
Wizards vs. Hawks Game 3: How and what to watch
The Wizards are looking to come back from a huge halftime deficit against the Hawks. Watch the game NOW on CSN.
Rondo's injury could alter NBA playoffs
The Bulls have announced that point guard Rajon Rondo is out indefinitely with a thumb injury. Here's what his absence means for the NBA playoffs. 
Oubre fined by NBA for kicking ball into stands
Second-year forward Kelly Oubre, Jr. was docked $25,000 by the NBA on Friday for kicking the basketball into the stands.
Mahinmi likely to miss even more games after re-evaluation
Ian Mahinmi now could miss the rest of the Wizards' series vs. the Hawks with a calf injury.
Wizards smother Hawks' 3-point shooting
The Wizards have been able to eliminate a big threat from the Hawks' bench so far in their playoff series.
Jason Smith on Wizards' plan for game 3
Wizards' forward Jason Smith talked with the Junkies Friday ahead of their game Saturday against the Hawks and discussed their plan for game 3.
Jason Smith on what makes Scott Brooks a great coach
Wizards' forward Jason Smith on what makes Scott Brooks such a great coach for the Wizards.
Smith says Wizards want to make sure they're the aggressors
The aggressiveness of the game has been a big topic of discussion throughout their series against the Hawks and Wizards' Jason Smith says they want to make sure they are the aggressors.
Jason Smith has an interesting routine during each game
Wizards' Jason Smith joined the Junkies Friday and E.B. asked him about his interesting routine he has during every TV timeout.
Quinn Cook: The Wizards can make it to the Finals
DeMatha product and current Pelicans point guard Quinn Cook thinks the Wizards are good enough to make it to the NBA Finals.
What was it like for Quinn Cook to get advice from LeBron?
What was it like for DeMatha product Quinn Cook to get basketball advice from LeBron James?
Marcin Gortat Wizards Hawks
Marcin Gortat's rebirth huge for Wizards vs. Hawks in playoffs
After losing time to Ian Mahinmi post-All-Star break, Marcin Gortat has been a rock in the middle for the Wizards.
Brandon Jennings Wizards
Wizards must fix Brandon Jennings' defense ASAP
Brandon Jennings' defense is a major reason behind the second unit's struggles in series with Hawks.
Millsap on Hawks vs. Wizards: 'Our small-ball is better than theirs'
Paul Millsap is confident in his Hawks in part because he thinks they play better small-ball than the Wizards do.
Jennings helps Wizard's 4th quarter turnaround in Game 2
Brandon Jennings became an unlikely hero for the Wizards in Game 2 vs. the Hawks.
Bradley Beal Wizards
Wizards escape after Beal comes alive in Game 2
Bradley Beal still hasn't found his shooting touch through two games but he came through in the fourth. 
Hawks Paul Millsap Wizards
Millsap on Wizards' 2-0 lead on Hawks: 'It's 0-0 to us'
Hawks forward Paul Millsap is taking a glass half-full approach to being down 2-0 to the Wizards.
Howard answers almost every question with 'I don't know'
Dwight Howard was a man of few words in the locker room after the Hawks lost Game 2 to the Wizards.
John Wall Wizards
10 must-see moments from Wizards' Game 2 win over Hawks
Here are 10 plays or moments from the Wizards' 109-101 win over the Hawks in Game 2 that are worth revisiting.
Dwight Howard has no idea, so stop asking
Dwight Howard gave the same answer to almost every question after the Hawks' Game 2 loss to the Wizards. 
WATCH: Oubre Jr. puts up extra shots after Game 2 win
While most of Washington, D.C. was celebrating the Wizards' Game 2 victory over the Hawks, Kelly Oubre Jr. was putting in extra work inside Verizon Center.
Otto Porter Jr. diving for the ball after causing a turnover against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2017 NBA Playoffs
Wizards' defensive effort is making Scott Brooks proud
The Wizards have won their first two playoff games against the Hawks, and their head coach is pleased with their effort on the defensive end.
Wall says Hawks complained that Wiz got all the calls. LOL.
Here's a funny story: Hawks players complained that too many calls went the Wizards' way in Game 2.
Brandon Jennings Wizards
Jennings wanted to steal Atlanta's momentum in Game 2
Brandon Jennings' fourth-quarter takeover was a huge factor in Washington's Game 2 win, and he explained how he turned things around to CSN's Chris Miller.
Kelly Oubre Jr. puts up postgame jumpers after Game 2
Winning Game 2 wasn't enough for Kelly Oubre Jr., who decided to put in some extra work Wednesday night after Verizon Center emptied out.
Wall incredulous Hawks complained about calls in Game 2
The Wizards dealt with serious foul trouble all of Game 2 against the Hawks. After the win, John Wall revealed to Chris Miller that Atlanta players were actually complaining that calls weren't going their...
John Wall caps exciting sequence with two-hand flush
One of the top moments in Washington's Game 2 win was this two-handed slam by John Wall in the final minutes.
John Wall drains midrange jumper after flashy spin move
Most midrange jumpers are boring, but John Wall sure knows how to spice them up, which he definitely did in this fourth-quarter sequence.
John Wall Wizards Hawks
Takeaways from Wizards' Game 2 win over Hawks
The Wizards trailed entering the third quarter, but John Wall and company imposed their will to take a 2-0 series lead.
Wall fired up after and-1 bank shot in fourth quarter
John Wall leaped to his feet pumping his fists after drawing a foul for an and-1 in the fourth quarter.
Wizardry! Jennings dishes it to Smith for the slam
The Wizards got much-needed bench points on this sequence from Brandon Jennings and Jason Smith.
John Wall Wizards
VIDEO: John Wall dunks on Dennis Schroder, stares him down
John Wall gave Dennis Schroder a mean stare after dunking on him in Game 2 vs. the Hawks.
Wall stares down Schroder after steal and dunk
If looks could kill, the Hawks would have to call the paramedics for Dennis Schroder.
VIDEO: Wiz crowd goes wild for Caps goal
Fans at Verizon Center were doing double-duty on Wednesday night: They were rooting for the Wizards on the court and the Caps on the video board. 
Oubre steal, Jennings put-back lay-up against Hawks
In a pretty second-quarter sequence, Kelly Oubre came up with a key steal. Brandon Jennings' put-back layup gave Wizards the bucket on the other end.
Gortat's back-to-back blocks lead to buckets for Wizards
Marcin Gortat came up with two huge blocks on consecutive possessions, setting up buckets for the Wizards on the other end.
Scott Brooks on the edge Markieff Morris brings to Wizards
Scott Brooks on the edge Markieff Morris brings to Wizards in a 1-on1- interview with Chris Miller.
Below the Rim: Best 'forgot he's still in the NBA' players?
Below the Rim: Best 'forgot he's still in the NBA' players left in playoffs? Chase Hughes, Nick Ashooh and Daniel Martin give their picks.
Below the Rim: Which playoff team could use Carmelo Anthony?
Below the Rim: Which playoff team could most use Carmelo Anthony? Chase Hughes, Nick Ashooh and Daniel Martin give their picks.
Wizards like to have Morris, 'an enforcer' on their side
Wizards players love having Markieff Morris as their teammate, as he embraces the enforcer role.
Markieff Morris is ready to be even more physical in Game 2
Wizards forward Markieff Morris embraced the team's physicality in the team's win over the Atlanta Hawks in Game One. Morris says the Wizards will be even tougher in Game Two.
Morris ready for Millsap with 'Double MMA'
There was plenty of talk about MMA by the Wizards at Wednesday morning shootaround.
Bojan Bogdanovic
Bogdanovic searching for rhythm as defenses adjust
The shooting rhythm Bojan Bogdnavic had for weeks after the Wizards acquired him at the trade deadline has been missing in recent games.
Scott Brooks Wizards
Wizards appear to take on personality of coach Brooks
Players are avoiding all the chatter and social media about the series with the Hawks, which pleases Scott Brooks. 
Scott Brooks reflects on Wizards' road to the playoffs
Wizards coach Scott Brooks sat down with Chris Miller to reflect on the journey the team took to get to the playoffs this year.
Marcin Gortat has a lot of respect for Hawks' Dwight Howard
The Wizards' Marcin Gortat says he has a lot of respect for the Hawks' Dwight Howard, even as they go at it in the first round of these playoffs.
Kelly Oubre USAT
Who are the Wizards' X-factors for Hawks series and beyond?
J. Michael details who the Wizards' X-factors could be for the remainder of the Hawks series and possibly beyond should they advance further along in the postseason.
John Wall USAT
Will John Wall finally start getting national attention?
John Wall was praised for his big performance in the Wizards' Game 1 win over the Hawks. J. Michael, Rob Carlin and Brian Mitchell discuss if he can maintain that national spotlight moving forward.
Markieff Morris USAT
How have the Wizards exploited the Hawks' frontcourt?
J. Michael explains what the Wizards did right against the Hawks' frontcourt in their Game 1 victory.
Wizards vs. Hawks Game 2: How and what to watch
The Wizards host the Atlanta Hawks in Game 2 of their first round series in the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Here's all you need to know.
Chick Hernandez John Feinstein
Is physicality necessary for Wizards to take down Hawks?
Chick Hernandez asks John Feinstein if it's necessary for the Wizards to play with a lot of physicality in order for them to beat the Hawks in their first-round series.
Bradley Beal
Beal: Both John Wall and I 'understand what's at stake'
Bradley Beal said Tuesday that he and John Wall "understand what's at stake" as the Wizards head into Game 2 on Wednesday against the Atlanta Hawks.
NBA Draft
2017 NBA Draft order officially set
The draft order for the 2017 NBA Draft was officially set on Tuesday. Here is what we know.
Jason Smith Wizards Hornets
Wizards get good news on Smith, Oubre for Game 2 vs. Hawks
An off-day was enough to get Jason Smith and Kelly Oubre back on the floor Wednesday.
Mahinmi staying on bench for now
Ian Mahinmi still has to undergo evaluation but the Wizards now know when they could have their big man back on the court. 
Windhorst on potential Wizards matchup against Cavaliers
ESPN NBA writer Brian Windhorst joined the Junkies Tuesday to discuss a potential Wizards, Cavaliers matchup.
Marcin Gortat Dwight Howard Wizards Hawks
Gortat respects Dwight Howard: 'He made me a better player'
Foes Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat have a lengthy history as teammates and their private battles were more physical then.
Paul Millsap's comments should make the Wizards grin
Tony Massenburg explains why Paul Millsap's "MMA" comments after Game 1 should make the Wizards feel good about the rest of the series.
Otto Porter Wizards Hawks
Otto Porter contributes in important way for Wizards
Otto Porter isn't hitting threes like he was earlier this season, but he's helping out in a very important way against the Hawks.
Josh Jackson Kansas
Projected top 5 pick declares for NBA Draft
One of the best college basketball players in the country has declared for the 2017 NBA Draft.
Paul Millsap Markieff Morris Wizards Hawks
Wizards not buying Paul Millsap's MMA remark
The Hawks shot 19 more free throws than the Wizards in Game 1 but the Hawks' lone All-Star didn't like how it was called.
Jason Smith Wizards Hawks
Game 2 injury updates and Wizards making adjustments
How healthy will the Wizards be for Game 2 on Tuesday? J. Michael and Chris Miller talk injuries and adjustments.
Smith, Oubre, sit out Wizards' practice with injuries
No further testing was needed on the knees of the forwards after a Game 1 win over Atlanta.
Paul Millsap Markieff Morris Wizards Hawks
Millsap sees Morris, Wizards' trash talking as a trap
Hawks forward Paul Millsap thinks his team shouldn't fall for what the Wizards are trying to do with trash talking and physical play.
Film study: Where the Wizards have the Hawks beat
The Wizards stiffled the Hawks in Game 1, but a couple quick adjustments could change everything for Atlanta.
Chris Miller on officiating during Wizards game 1
Wizards beat reporter Chris Miller on how the Wizards game could have gone differently based on the officiating.
Is Markieff Morris going to be a star in the playoffs?
With teammates like John Wall and Bradley Beal, is Markieff Morris going to step up to the plate during the playoffs? Wizards beat reporter Chris Miller weighs in.
Miller on Wizards win against the Hawks
Wizards beat reporter Chris Miller joined the Junkies Monday to talk the Wizards win against the Hawks.
Bradley Beal Wizards Hawks
No panic for Beal in Game 1 after slow start
Bradley Beal didn't let an early slump persist in Game 1, another sign in his development as a player.
Markieff Morris Wizards
Wizards 'unstoppable' if this is Markieff Morris' NBA playoff form
Until the Hawks can come up with another way to use Paul Millsap, Markieff Morris chances of repeating Game 1 look good.
Morris showed off versatility in Wizards' Game 1 win
The Wizards Extra crew said Markieff Morris was the X-factor in Washington's Game 1 win over the Hawks. He showed off his versatility on both ends of the floor, including blocking shots.
Bradley Beal Markieff Morris Wizards
10 must-see moments from Wizards' win over Hawks in Game 1
Here are 10 plays or moments from the Wizards' 114-107 win over the Hawks in Game 1 on Sunday that are worth revisiting.
Paul Millsap Markieff Morris Wizards Hawks
Oubre on Morris vs. Millsap: 'Keef is better than him'
Paul Millsap has four All-Star nods on his resume, but Kelly Oubre, Jr. says Markieff Morris is better.
John Wall Wizards Hawks
John Wall took over vs. Hawks, kicked offense into high gear
Even when the numbers said the Wizards didn't have the advantage in transtion, John Wall made it so in Game 1. 
Jason Smith Kelly Oubre Wizards
Smith, Oubre banged up in Wizards-Hawks Game 1
The Wizards are dealing with a few minor injuries following their 114-107 win over the Hawks in Game 1 of their first round playoff series.
Game 1 Highlights: Morris and Wall power Wiz by Hawks
Markieff Morris was sensational in his playoff debut and John Wall scored a career playoff high in Washington's win over Atlanta.
Brooks impressed by Wall and Beal in Game 1 against Hawks
Scott Brooks coached his first playoff game with the Wizards on Sunday. He was impressed with the attitudes of both of his star guards in their Game 1 victory.
Paul Millsap Otto Porter Wizards Hawks
Hawks' Millsap on Wizards: 'They were playing MMA'
Hawks forward Paul Millsap was not happy with how physical the Wizards played in Game 1.
Wall, Morris reflect on Wizards' intensity in Game 1
Playoff basketball is a different level of intensity. Both John Wall and Markieff Morris said the Wizards' willingness to be aggressive was key to the win.
Gortat talks Game 1, including technical foul after dunk
Needless to say, Marcin Gortat doesn't think he really deserved that technical foul after dunking on Paul Millsap and making his signature hammer gesture.
Morris: We have to protect home court
After a big Game 1, Markieff Morris talked about how important the Wizards' win is going forward.
VIDEO: Gortat drops the hammer on Millsap, literally
Marcin Gortat dunked in Paul Millsap's face, then went full Polish Hammer after the play. It earned him a technical. 
Gortat posterizes Millsap, gets technical vs. Hawks
Marcin Gortat posterizes Millsap, and gets a technical immediately afterward
Markieff Morris Wizards Hawks
Takeaways from Wizards' Game 1 win over Hawks
Markieff Morris set the tone, while John Wall and Bradley Beal took over in the second half to secure a Game 1 win over the Hawks.
Bradley Beal nails pull up jumper, gets the and-1
Bradley Beal hits the jumper and gets called for a foul, making the three point play.
VIDEO: Morris with huge dunks on back-to-back plays
Markieff Morris threw down two monster dunks on back-to-back plays vs. the Hawks on Sunday.
Morris throws down two huge back-to-back dunks
Markieff Morris had two huge dunks on back-to-back plays vs. Hawks
Wall hits another circus shot with reverse layup
John Wall continues to make ridiculous shots, this time a reverse layup in the third quarter of Game 1 against the Hawks.
Morris and Millsap clash repeatedly in Game 1
Markieff Morris and Paul Millsap have been going at each other all of Game 1. Their tempers bubbled to the surface right before the half. 
Markieff Morris and Paul Millsap get chippy before halftime
Markieff Morris and Paul Millsap exchanged words right before the first half ended on Sunday afternoon.
VIDEO: Morris blocks two Hawks players back-to-back
Markieff Morris blocked Ersan Ilyasova and Dwight Howard on the same play vs. the Hawks in Game 1.
Markieff Morris blocks two shots back-to-back vs. Hawks
Markieff Morris showed off his strength, blocking back-to-back shots against Atlanta
Oubre comes up with steal and slam at the other end
Kelly Oubre's tenacity forced a Hawks turnover, taking it down court for a slam on the other end.
Wall doesn't wait long for 1st chase-down block of playoffs
John Wall's first chase-down block of the playoffs came in the first quarter of Game 1 against the Hawks.
Morris throws down demoralizing dunk in first quarter
Markieff Morris is not messing around. He gave the rim all it could handle with this thunderous dunk.
Double take: Two Markieff Morrises at the Wizards game?
Wait, why is Markieff Morris sitting courtside at the Wizards game?
John Wall, Bradley Beal talk development at mural unveiling
John Wall and Bradley Beal talk their development as players at mural unveiling on side of Ben's Chili Bowl.
Look back at the Wizards-Hawks regular season series
Look back at the Wizards-Hawks regular season series ahead of 1st round playoff matchup.
Wizards prepared to put Dwight Howard on the foul line
The Wizards are not afraid to employ the hack-a-Howard strategy and put Hawks big man Dwight Howard on the free throw line.
John Wall Bradley Beal Wizards
Wall, Beal are back home in playoffs, seeking revenge vs. Hawks
John Wall and Bradley Beal detail the long wait of two years to get back to the NBA Playoffs.
Markieff Morris Wizards Paul Millsap Hawks
Most important areas and matchups in Wizards-Hawks series
The first-round series that begins at Verizon Center will hinge on these important matchups and players.
49 reasons how Wizards got back to playoffs as 4th seed
A 49-33 season was a pleasant surprise, but a lot of things had to happen to get them to Game 1 today vs. Atlanta. 
NBA star loses sister on eve of playoffs
The sister of Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas was killed in a car crash in Washington early morning Saturday.
John Wall and Bradley Beal on rebounding from the slow start
John Wall and Bradley Beal discuss the rebound the Wizards had from the 2-8 start and how they managed to turn the season around.
Scott Brooks on what the playoffs mean to the city
The city was a little slow, but the city has rallied around the Wizards as they prepare for the playoffs
Do not call Markieff Morris a 'stretch four'
Markieff Morris doesn't want you to call him a stretch four and would appreciate you leave that for Paul Millsap
John Wall Hawks Wizards Tim Hardaway, Jr.
Wizards vs. Hawks Game 1: How and what to watch
The Wizards begin their first round playoff series vs. the Hawks. Here's the TV, live stream and radio info, tip-off time, plus three things to watch.
Grayson Allen, Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz
NBA Draft 2017 Early Entry List
NBA Draft-eligible players have until April 23 to make their decision. Here's the list of who is staying and who is going.
Markieff Morris Wizards
Wizards' Morris: Don't call me a stretch four
The label "stretch" annoys Markieff Morris, but he has the skills of one which is why the Wizards have an answer for Paul Millsap.
Tim Hardaway, jr. Wizards Hawks
Son of former NBA great will be big focus of Wizards vs. Hawks
The Wizards hope to contain Hawks shooting guard Tim Hardaway, Jr. who has enjoyed a breakout season.
Jason Smith Wizards Hawks
How do Wizards view 1st-round series with Hawks?
The Wizards have all the pieces to match whatever the Hawks throw at them, but they'll have to be disciplined.
Kristaps Porzingis has had enough of Phil Jackson?
President Phil Jackson has turned off more than Carmelo Anthony as their next best player has had enough, too, according to a report.
Phil Jackson says Carmelo 'would be better off somewhere else'
Knicks president Phil Jackson admitted on Friday that Carmelo Anthony would be better off if he left New York.
Wizards Tipoff podcast, Ep. 8 - Gortat 1-on-1, playoff preview
On the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff podcast presented by Commuter Connections, Marcin Gortat joins the show for a playoff preview.
Will Jason Smith dance in the playoffs?
Will Wizards forward Jason Smith start dancing in the playoffs?
Washington Wizards guard John Wall (2) dribbles the ball as Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) defends
John Wall doesn't see himself as true MVP candidate
John Wall may be in the MVP conversation, but he thinks it should come down to two players.
Previewing the Wizards-Hawks series
Chris Miller, J. Michael and Tony Massenburg preview the Hawks-Wizards series.
John Wall Wizards Scott Brooks
Wall, Brooks tell younger Wizards players what NBA Playoffs are like
Head coach Scott Brooks and point guard John Wall had some advice for the Wizards who have never been to the playoffs before.
Sheldon McClellan Wizards
Wizards rookie injured after kick by NBA player with black belt
A Wizards rookie is now hurt after being kicked by a Heat player who has a black belt in martial arts.
Gortat's history with Howard makes him Wizards' X-Factor
There are two major reasons why Marcin Gortat will be the Wizards' most important player in their playoff series vs. the Hawks.
What did Wall and Beal tell Oubre about playoff preparation?
With Kelly Oubre set to make his NBA Playoff debut, what words of wisdom did the second-year player get from team leaders John Wall and Bradley Beal?
Markieff Morris Wizards
With Mahinmi out, will Morris assume new role?
Ian Mahinmi's injury means the Wizards frontcourt will be a bit thin vs. the Hawks. What will Markieff Morris do to adjust to the change?
John Wall Wizards Hawks
Wizards' Morris not worried about lack of playoff experience
The Wizards enter the 2017 NBA Playoffs with a bevy of players with little to know playoff experience. But Markieff Morris isn't concerned. He tells Tony Massenburg and Chris Miller why.
Tony Massenburg on Wizards' top priority vs. hawks
CSN analyst Tony Massenburg details what the biggest focal point of the Wizards game plan needs to be when they begin their playoff series against the hawks,
Eagle:'Washington is viewed as true test for Cavaliers'
Play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle discussed with the Junkies Friday the explosive Wizards offense and how the Wizards are viewed around the league as a threat.
Is John Wall getting the national respect he deserves?
Play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle on whether John Wall gets the national recognition he deserves.
John Wall Wizards Celtics Marcus Smart
How does trash talking in the NBA compare to other sports?
Many athletes gave their take on trash talking in this day and age and whether it is prevalent in their sport.
Bradley Beal Wizards Pistons
'Playoff' Beal born vs. Hawks
The max contract the Wizards eventually gave Bradley Beal was partly based on how dominant he looked in the 2015 East semis.
John Wall and Bradley Beal visit new mural, talk playoffs
John Wall and Bradley Beal were in D.C. on Thursday to take a look at the new Ben's Chili Bowl mural that features their likeness.
Wiz-Hawks have plenty of playoff history
Here is a look back at the last time the Wizards and Hawks met in the NBA Playoffs.
CSN's complete schedule of Wizards playoff games
CSN Mid-Atlantic will provide comprehensive multiplatform coverage of the Washington Wizards’ 2017 first-round playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks, highlighted by live coverage of the first six potentia
The Wizards will be focusing on playoff games one at a time
Wizards HC Scott Brooks told the Junkies that the team will be focusing on their playoff games one at a time.
What challenges does Brooks anticipate against the Hawks?
Wizards HC Scott Brooks on their playoff matchup between the Hawks.
Scott Brooks on his decision to rest players
Wizards HC Scott Brooks on why he decided to rest starting players during their final regular season game.
John Wall Wizards Hawks
What Wizards will need to beat Hawks in playoffs
There's a history between these teams, but the Hawks play a similar style of basketball that should make an easier scout. 
LeBron James Steph Curry Kevin Durant Cavs Warriors
2017 NBA Playoffs first round matchups, schedule and TV info
The NBA Playoffs are set to begin this weekend on Saturday. Here is a full breakdown of the schedules for each series.
Wizards vs. Hawks playoff series schedule announced
We now know the schedule for the Wizards vs. Hawks first round series in the NBA Playoffs, including many games on CSN.
Kelly Oubre, Jr. Wizards Heat
5 must-see moments from Wizards' loss to Heat
Here are five plays or moments from the Wizards' loss to the Heat on Wednesday night that are worth revisiting.
How will Wizards-Hawks series end? The Gametime crew debates
How will the Wizards-Hawks series end? The Wizards Gametime crew debates along with the CSN live vote.
Brooks on losing to the Heat, facing the Hawks
Scott Brooks on losing to the Heat, facing the Hawks in the playoffs
Trey Burke scores 27 vs. Heat, ready for Hawks in playoffs
Trey Burke on scoring 27 vs. Heat, facing Atlanta Hawks in NBA playoffs
Below the Rim: Best NBA team ever to not win a title?
Below the Rim: Best NBA team ever to not win a title? Chase Hughes, Nick Ashooh and Chris Miles debate.
Trey Burke Wizards Cavaliers
Did Trey Burke do enough to earn playoff minutes?
Did Trey Burke do enough to earn playoff minutes? Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier weigh in.
Steve Buckhantz gives emotional thank you to Phil Chenier
After their final game together as an announcing duo, Steve Buckhantz thanked Phil Chenier for all he's done for the Wizards.
Tomas Satoransky Wizards heat
Takeaways from Wizards' loss to Miami Heat
The Wizards closed the regular season in Miami in a game that meant nothing to them in terms of playoff position.
Gortat rolls in and-1 over Whiteside vs. Heat
Marcin Gortat rolls in and-1 over tough shotblocker Hassan Whiteside vs. Heat
C-Mills: there's funny business with the Cavs in playoffs
Chris Miller has a conspiracy theory about LeBron James and the Cavs in the playoffs
The Wizards had the Hawks' number during regular season
The Wizards won three of their four meetings with the Hawks during the regular season. Now, they meet in the playoffs.
Ian Mahinmi to miss games for Wizards vs. Hawks
The Wizards revealed some bad news about Ian Mahinimi's injury status heading into their first round playoff series.
Wall, Beal among many Wizards out vs. Heat
With nothing to play for in their regular season finale on Wednesday night, [1] the Wizards will be without many of their regulars, [1]
Brandon Jennings recounts the first time he met John Wall
Wizards point guard Brandon Jennings vividly remembers the first time he played against John Wall. 
Kelly Oubre Wizards Heat
Wizards at Heat: How and what to watch
The Wizards battle the Heat on Wednesday night. Here's the TV, live stream and radio info, tip-off time, plus three things to watch.
Markieff Morris Wizards
Wizards' Markieff Morris performs better on rest
The shooting accuracy of Markieff Morris skyrockets when he has multiple days' rest. 
2017 NBA Playoffs bracket projection: Wizards get Hawks
We found out our first official playoff matchup in the East on Tuesday night.
Tony Romo suits up with Mavs, is not bad at basketball
The Mavericks weren't kidding when they said Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo would suit up in uniform on Tuesday night.
Wizards' opponent set for first round of NBA Playoffs
The Wizards now know who they will face in the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs and it just so happens to be a team they have history with.
Sheldon McClellan
Wizards recall rookie from NBA D-League
The Wizards have recalled a rookie from the NBA D-League just in time for their final regular season game.