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Wizards escape after Bradley Beal comes alive in 4th quarter of Game 2

Wizards escape after Bradley Beal comes alive in 4th quarter of Game 2

Much like Game 1, the shots were there for Bradley Beal. Actually, the Wizards' shooting guard found himself even more wide open as the Atlanta Hawks focused on getting numbers back to keep John Wall out of the paint. 

It didn't matter in the end as the Wizards took Game 2, 109-101, as Beal came alive to score 16 of his 31 points in the fourth quarter of a comeback. 

"I feel like my flow is good but my shot sucks," said Beal, who shot 12 of 27 from the field following 9-for-21 in the opener. "I've got to put the two together. I'm getting open looks. My teammates are doing a tremendous job with setting me up and creating opportunities for me but I have to knock them down."

Beal missed a three-pointer to open the game that led to Atlanta's first field goal from Dwight Howard. He struggled with his shot from that point.

Where Beal prospered was running the offense. Both of John Wall's three-point shots came from playing off the ball while Beal ran offense. The ball made its way back to him for the open looks. 

Beal's slow start led him to becoming hestiant. He bypassed open looks. He even had Mike Muscala on a switch in the corner and was indecisive in attacking the 6-11 backup center off the dribble. 

But when the Wizards had to make a final run, Beal was there. He scored 16 of his points in the fourth quarter by making 6 of 9 shots. 

His layup off a curl broke a 94-all tie. Beal also drained a fadeaway jumper and his final three with 38.1 seconds left for a 106-98 lead.

"The thing about the playoffs is you get a chance to rest and get your body together," said Beal, who shot 4-for-10 which is is regular-season average of 40% from three-point range. "But I feel good. It's all about mind over matter in the playoffs. Everybody is tried. Everybody is mentally drained and everybody is physically drained at this point of the year. ... It's just a mental challenge more than anything."

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Sources: Wizards still in pursuit of trade for Pacers superstar Paul George

Sources: Wizards still in pursuit of trade for Pacers superstar Paul George

Even though Paul George remains the longest of shots, the Wizards haven't given up pursuit, league sources tell CSNmidatlantic.com, though there's a prevailing feeling that nothing will happen before free agency opens July 1.

The Boston Celtics appear to be the favorite in working out a deal with the Indiana Pacers to land the All-Star small forward, who is guaranteed $19.5 million for 2017-18 but will opt out of his contract next summer to become an unrestricted free agent.

The Pacers haven't been able to get the deal that they want just yet, and they've called teams around the league to gauge interest in what they could get for George.

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The Wizards appear content to stand pat until the Pacers decide what to do. Keeping George, who has made it known that he wants to play for the L.A. Lakers, isn't an option for Indiana. By dealing him now, they'll at least get something for him rather than letting him walk for nothing one year from now.

Wizards point guard John Wall, who is good friends with George, is doing his best to recruit him to play in Washington with Bradley Beal to establish their own Big 3.

There's no guarantee, however, that will sustain. 

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All of the unlikely things that must happen for the Wizards to trade for Paul George

All of the unlikely things that must happen for the Wizards to trade for Paul George

The words of John Wall has resurrected the talk of Paul George playing for the Wizards in 2017-18, but nothing has changed to improve the prospects of that happening.

1) George is under contract for $19.5 million with the Indiana Pacers before he enters a player option for 2018-19 that he’ll surely exercise to become an unrestricted free agent. The Wizards have to make Indiana an offer that it’ll accept but with understanding there no promises beyond that one year of George’s services.

2) Let’s say the Wizards put forth enough in a salary match such as Marcin Gortat’s $12.8 million for this season, Tomas Satoransky ($3 million) and first-round picks, which would come with a projected cap hold to make a deal work, would the Pacers want it? This isn’t the same as Blake Griffin opting out of his deal with the Clippers to become a free agent. A team can deal directly with him in the open market (and no, the Wizards can’t afford him). With George, the Pacers are the third party and can pull the plug on anything.

3) Any deal that involves Bradley Beal, who is under contract for four more years, is a no-go. Can’t have a Big 3 without him coming off his best season as a pro. And it would probably include Otto Porter being put into the deal for George. Porter, of course, doesn’t have any incentive to do a sign-and-trade because he gets significantly less in such a deal under the new CBA rules. He’d either have to really want to do the Wizards a solid or really love the prospect of being in Indianapolis.

4) Assume that George were to end up here and wanted to stay despite all of those hurdles. The money alone makes it a salary cap nightmare with Beal’s $25.4 million, Wall’s $19.1 million and Ian Mahinmi’s $15.9 million on the books when George would command a max of his own in the summer of 2018. To keep George around beyond (and he has even made it clear to Wall he wants to be in L.A.) would require financial gymnastics that aren't plausible.

5) Having George linger all season long in Indiana knowing he’s on his way out can be toxic. It’s better for the Pacers and the player that they move and not allow this situation to drag out. Otherwise, every time George has a bad game or the team underperforms they’ll face questions. Teammates and coaches will be bombarded with a season full of inquiries about the topic. It’ll be a lost year instead of one where they hit the reset. There’s no point of delaying the inevitable. Of course, the Pacers have taken this long knowing it was in the offing and haven’t moved on George. Or they're simply waiting for the Boston Celitcs to put together a package. With their assets and plethora of picks, the Celtics can afford to take a gamble on George for a year.

As CSNmidatlantic.com reported a few weeks ago, Wall wants to see where the franchise heading before he signs an extension as early as this summer. While a player the caliber of George would wow him now, what would the Wizards look like in two years without George, Porter and a few first-round picks?

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