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Paul George tells Pacers he plans to leave in free agency, likely join Lakers

Paul George tells Pacers he plans to leave in free agency, likely join Lakers

What many expected about Paul George’s future has been confirmed in a new report by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. The Pacers superstar not only plans to test free agency when he is eligible to opt out next summer, but ideally join his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. 

George, 27, has even informed the Pacers of his plans. They can either trade him or risk losing him in free agency and that appears to be a real risk at this point. It looks like they have no choice.

George made his fourth All-Star team this past season while averaging 23.7 points, 6.6 rebounds and 5. 8 assists per game. He also shot a career-high 46.1 percent from the field. A three-time All-Defensive team selection, George is one of the best two-way players in the NBA.

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The Pacers did make the playoffs this past season and boast a talented young player in Myles Turner, but their season was largely a disappointment. That said, Indiana still offers George a better opportunity to win than the Lakers do.

The Lakers have some nice young players like Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell, plus whoever they take in Thursday’s draft. They have the second overall pick once again and could select Lonzo Ball or Josh Jackson or another potential star.

That could form a solid core, but the Warriors appear to have a stranglehold on the Western Conference for the foreseeable future. George is 27 years old. He could be competing with a Golden State super team for the rest of his prime.

It seems like staying in the East, whether it’s in Indiana or elsewhere, gives George his best chance to win. George is so versatile, he could fit with many teams. The question is which teams can pull off a trade to acquire him.

Will teams like the Celtics with many assets show interest, or will they be scared off by his plans to join the Lakers? The Wizards could use a third star, but do they have the pieces to pull off such a deal? Few teams probably do.

Regardless, the NBA offseason just got more interesting.

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John Wall's beef with Ronnie 2K over his NBA 2K18 rating continues

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John Wall's beef with Ronnie 2K over his NBA 2K18 rating continues

John Wall made it well known he was not happy with his rating for NBA 2K18 in a series of tweets directed at Ronnie Singh, an employee of 2K Sports who has made a name for himself on social media as a guy who represents the gaming franchise under the alias 'Ronnie 2K.' 

Last month, after it was revealed that Wall would be a 90 in NBA 2K18, he blasted Ronnie 2K on Twitter, calling him "a joke." Ronnie 2K responded by assuring Wall his rating would likely rise through periodic updates the game makes throughout the course of the season.

But Ronnie didn't have his facts straight and, perhaps unexpectedly, Wall knew the specifics of where his rating began last season and where it ended. Ronnie said Wall finished as a 93, but Wall knew he topped out at 90.


Everyone saw the exchange on Twitter, but as Wall explained on Friday, the conversation then transitioned to direct messages.

"I don't really care for games. I play them for fun. He just tried to say my rating was a 93 when it ended last year. No, it wasn't. It was a 90," Wall said. "Well, so what? Then, he sent me a DM after and was like 'I'm just playing.' I was like 'don't try to be friendly with me.'"

Wall said he never hit Ronnie back with a response. 

"He said it's a joke and I didn't respond. I didn't respond to him. I knew he was going to send a DM," Wall said.

Most NBA players love Ronnie, who goes by 'Ronnie 2K,' and his social media accounts reflect that. But Wall will find motivation in whoever slights him. Currently, Ronnie 2K is the subject of that ire.



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John Wall loves fact Wizards-Celtics will be on national TV, thinks Morris twins will make it fun

John Wall loves fact Wizards-Celtics will be on national TV, thinks Morris twins will make it fun

It may be difficult for Markieff Morris to continue viewing the Boston Celtics as a bitter rival once he steps on the court and sees his twin brother Marcus wearing that green jersey. For John Wall, it will apparently be very easy.

Markieff admitted the Wizards-Celtics rivalry will be a "little bit softer" now that his brother is on the other side. But Wall has already talked to him about how it's going to be.

"I told him 'man, I know that's your brother and you do everything alike, but he's our enemy when we play them those four games.' He's cool with it," Wall said on Friday at his charity event at Rosedale Community Center in Northeast Washington.


Morris held a backpack giveaway last weekend and said he hopes the rivalry remains a contentious one, adding that "we don't like those guys and they don't like us." Wall not only has plans for that to continue, but he's excited to have all four games between the teams in 2017-18 set for national television.

"Remember what I [said] last year when we got in that little altercation? I said that every game from now on should be on TV. It wasn't. Well, now every game this year is on TV, so. I'm fine with that," he said.

That includes a matchup on Christmas Day. The Morris twins will have to play against each other in one of the NBA's best rivalries after spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together as a family.

That shouldn't be awkward at all. Nope, not one bit.

"It's kind of crazy [Marcus] got traded to the team we have a rivalry now with in this league. It should be fun," Wall said.