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Pacers reach out to Cavaliers about potential Paul George trade, report says

Pacers reach out to Cavaliers about potential Paul George trade, report says

The Pacers now know for sure they won't be able to keep Paul George in the long term, so they've set about trying to get value for him via trade.

And they're starting at the top of the East with the Cavaliers, according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin

Cleveland – fresh off a Finals loss to the Warriors – might seem like a team looking to add stars for a potential four-peat rematch next year. 

The Cavaliers also would be willing to deal for George without any prior assurances that he'd sign a long-term deal there, according to McMenamin, because the team feels confident its winning ways and star power would convince George to stay on.

That removes a major hurdle which could discourage many teams trading for George.

But taking a closer look at any potential trade, it becomes less clear what Cleveland could or would offer.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are the Cavaliers' major trade chips, but with both signed to multi-year deals, it might not make sense to deal either for one guaranteed year of George.

Per McMenamin:

To part with either the 25-year-old Irving or the 28-year-old Love, both coming off All-Star seasons and on relatively economical long-term deals, without any verbal commitment from George, 27, that he planned to stay in Cleveland beyond 2018 would be "hard" to agree to, one source familiar with the Cavs' thinking told ESPN.

From Indiana's side, there should be a question of whether either Irving or Love are enough to build a competitor around, or whether acquiring one of them amounts to kicking the can down the road a few more years.

Further complicating matters is the state of the Cavaliers front office, where general manager David Griffin's contract is set to expire on June 30.

The lack of resolution in Griffin's situation with the NBA draft just four days away and free agency commencing in 16 days is starting to cause some unrest within the ranks in Cleveland. "Insanity," a source told ESPN of the Cavs' front-office situation.

While the contact between the Pacers and Cavs about George is certainly worth attention, a deal seems unlikely, at least in the near term. That's probably good news for the rest of the Eastern Conference. 

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John Wall's beef with Ronnie 2K over his NBA 2K18 rating continues

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John Wall's beef with Ronnie 2K over his NBA 2K18 rating continues

John Wall made it well known he was not happy with his rating for NBA 2K18 in a series of tweets directed at Ronnie Singh, an employee of 2K Sports who has made a name for himself on social media as a guy who represents the gaming franchise under the alias 'Ronnie 2K.' 

Last month, after it was revealed that Wall would be a 90 in NBA 2K18, he blasted Ronnie 2K on Twitter, calling him "a joke." Ronnie 2K responded by assuring Wall his rating would likely rise through periodic updates the game makes throughout the course of the season.

But Ronnie didn't have his facts straight and, perhaps unexpectedly, Wall knew the specifics of where his rating began last season and where it ended. Ronnie said Wall finished as a 93, but Wall knew he topped out at 90.


Everyone saw the exchange on Twitter, but as Wall explained on Friday, the conversation then transitioned to direct messages.

"I don't really care for games. I play them for fun. He just tried to say my rating was a 93 when it ended last year. No, it wasn't. It was a 90," Wall said. "Well, so what? Then, he sent me a DM after and was like 'I'm just playing.' I was like 'don't try to be friendly with me.'"

Wall said he never hit Ronnie back with a response. 

"He said it's a joke and I didn't respond. I didn't respond to him. I knew he was going to send a DM," Wall said.

Most NBA players love Ronnie, who goes by 'Ronnie 2K,' and his social media accounts reflect that. But Wall will find motivation in whoever slights him. Currently, Ronnie 2K is the subject of that ire.



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John Wall loves fact Wizards-Celtics will be on national TV, thinks Morris twins will make it fun

John Wall loves fact Wizards-Celtics will be on national TV, thinks Morris twins will make it fun

It may be difficult for Markieff Morris to continue viewing the Boston Celtics as a bitter rival once he steps on the court and sees his twin brother Marcus wearing that green jersey. For John Wall, it will apparently be very easy.

Markieff admitted the Wizards-Celtics rivalry will be a "little bit softer" now that his brother is on the other side. But Wall has already talked to him about how it's going to be.

"I told him 'man, I know that's your brother and you do everything alike, but he's our enemy when we play them those four games.' He's cool with it," Wall said on Friday at his charity event at Rosedale Community Center in Northeast Washington.


Morris held a backpack giveaway last weekend and said he hopes the rivalry remains a contentious one, adding that "we don't like those guys and they don't like us." Wall not only has plans for that to continue, but he's excited to have all four games between the teams in 2017-18 set for national television.

"Remember what I [said] last year when we got in that little altercation? I said that every game from now on should be on TV. It wasn't. Well, now every game this year is on TV, so. I'm fine with that," he said.

That includes a matchup on Christmas Day. The Morris twins will have to play against each other in one of the NBA's best rivalries after spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together as a family.

That shouldn't be awkward at all. Nope, not one bit.

"It's kind of crazy [Marcus] got traded to the team we have a rivalry now with in this league. It should be fun," Wall said.