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Markieff Morris says Wizards-Celtics rivalry should continue even though his brother Marcus is on Boston

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Markieff Morris says Wizards-Celtics rivalry should continue even though his brother Marcus is on Boston

Wizards power forward Markieff Morris was asleep at his home in Philadelphia one morning the first week of July when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. It was 8 a.m. and his brother Marcus was imploring him to wake up.

The fact Marcus, his idential twin, had knocked was unusual. Markieff was immediately thrown off.

"Usually he would just come right in, he would just come in and tell me," Markieff said. "I knew when he asked me to come out the room, I knew there was something wrong."

Nothing truly bad had happened, but what Marcus needed to tell Markieff was very important: Marcus, also an NBA forward, had been traded and not just to any team. In a deal that sent guard Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons, Marcus was heading to the Boston Celtics, the team that knocked the Wizards out of the second round of the playoffs in May and the franchise that has firmly established itself as Washington's biggest rival. 

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Due to many incidents over the past two seasons, the Wizards and Celtics have a stated disdain for each other. Markieff has become a central figure in all of it between sparring with Al Horford, who injured him in Game 1 of the playoff series, to blasting the Celtics through comments in the media. 

Markieff represents the Wizards-Celtics' rivalry as much as anyone and he thinks the beef should continue even with one Morris twin on each side.

"Honestly, I don't think it will change it. I don't think it will mess it up," Markieff said. "I just think it's gonna be a little bit softer than it was, just a little bit. But I think we'll still have our rivalry because we don't like those guys and they don't like us. I don't think that should change with my brother on the team."

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Ultimately, Markieff wants what is best for his brother and he thinks Boston is a great situation. The Celtics were the top seed in the East last season and made the Eastern Conference Finals. Marcus' Pistons didn't qualify for the playoffs this spring. Now both Morris twins are on winning teams.

"I'm happy for him," Markieff said. "I think that was the best move for him, honestly. He gets to play for an organization like Boston. That's once in a lifetime."

The Wizards' full schedule has not been released, but we do know one of the Wizards-Celtics games on tap. They will play at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas Day, the NBA's biggest regular season stage. The Morris family is already talking about their plans, how they will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together in Boston.

Markieff described the Celtics getting his brother as "a super big move" and added he would rather have Marcus playing with him in Washington. But having his brother be a part of the Wizards-Celtics rivalry is something he is looking forward to.

"I really can't wait until that Christmas game," he said. "Playing against my brother is always fun. It's always special."

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Wizards 2017-18 roster outlook: Can Daniel Ochefu earn playing time in a crowded frontcourt?

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Wizards 2017-18 roster outlook: Can Daniel Ochefu earn playing time in a crowded frontcourt?

As part of CSN's preview for the 2017-18 season, we are looking at each player on the Wizards' roster. Today, we preview Daniel Ochefu's season...

Player: Daniel Ochefu

Position: Center

Age: 23

2016-17 stats: 19 G, 3.9 mpg, 1.3 ppg, 0.2 apg, 1.2 rpg, 0.1 spg, 0.0 bpg, 44.4 FG%, 00.0 3P%, 00.0 FT%, 44.4 eFG%, 91 ORtg, 108 DRtg

2017-18 storyline: Ochefu was no different than the other Wizards' rookies in that he didn't get much playing time at all in 2016-17. Even with Ian Mahinmi missing 51 games, Ochefu rarely saw the floor. Head coach Scott Brooks instead opted for Jason Smith to play extensive minutes in Mahinmi's absence and relied on Marcin Gortat to carry the load.

Injuries or not, that was to be expected for Ochefu, who signed with the Wizards as an undrafted free agent out of Villanova. After holding no picks in the 2016 draft, the Wizards saw enough promise in Ochefu to sign him and stash him on the back of their roster as a prospect.


The Wizards see potential in Ochefu especially on the defensive end. He was never a big scorer in college, but was essential to Villanova's national championship team as a rebounder and rim protector.

Ochefu will probably have a hard time seeing the floor again this season with the same frontcourt returning. If Mahinmi plays more this year, that even further soldifies Ochefu's role as a third or fourth string guy. And like Sheldon Mac, Ochefu's contract isn't fully guaranteed unless he's still on the roster in January.

Potential to improve: Rim protection, post moves, consistency.


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Holding back tears, John Wall thanks his mom in Kentucky HOF speech

Holding back tears, John Wall thanks his mom in Kentucky HOF speech

On Friday evening, John Wall was inducted to the Kentucky Hall-of-Fame, but it was not the memories of Wall's historic time at the University of Kentucky that was the theme of the night.

Rather it was Wall's speech and when he gave a tear-jerking section of it talking about his mom. 

“And last but not least – can you stand up – can ya’ll give recognition to my mom, Frances Pully.”

**pauses for applause**

“I hope she don’t cry and I told her I wouldn’t cry but it might get a little difficult tonight. Ummm, I just want to thank yo-“ pasues to hold back tears. “I want to say thank you for being my mom.

"I know it’s tough growing up with me and my two sisters, seeing my dad go to jail at a young age. You sacrificing everything. I’ve seen you pick me up to school, take me to school, and only pick me up from school. I always wondered what it feel like to be able to do things for my mom, I never had the chance. You know uh, you always told me, when I was sixteen you said, you know Iwas a hard-headed kid, I know you used to hate when I was in kindergarten. You had to sit in the parking a lot of the time because I could never stay in school for more than in 30 minutes, I was always getting kicked out. And she had to drive 45 minutes to take me to school.”

“Then all of a sudden, I started playing AAU basketball. I meet one of my close friends D.J., we call him Grizzly, and she would miss a lot tournaments but she would sacrifice sometimes not paying the light bill just so I could to go play basketball. Then when I was sixteen-years-old, I kept getting in trouble, she took basketball away from me.  She said, ‘you could go down the same road as your daddy, your brothers or you could be somebody special and change our families lives.’ And that is when I want to thank Coach Cal. My senior year I got a breaking and entering charge, just doing some dumb stuff to a kid that had an opportunity to go college. And one of the first people that came down there in 24 hours was Coach Cal. And he said, ‘listen you’re coming to school, I’m getting you away from here.’ And a lot of coaches would have ran from that they wouldn’t have believed on me, they would have gave up on me. And see what I did, see what I accomplished, and the person I have became, I couldn’t thank nobody else.”

“I want to thank you mom for being who you are, being a strong, powerful woman, having that gritty attitude that some people look at me and see in my face and they say ‘Well John Wall is not approachable.’ Well I get it from my mom. And I’m cool with that because when you really get to know me I’m really a loyal person, I’m a family person. And I just want to thank you for being my mom. I wouldn’t ask for nobody else in this world to be my mom. I hope whoever I marry, whoever the mom to my kid, they can be just as strong as you is [sic] and just as powerful."

To see this section of his speech, click the video at the top of the page.


Once Wall's moment was over, he broke out his legendary Kentucky jersey, a little tighter than from eight years ago.

"It feels good to put this back on one more time too."

Before he left the stage and the night was done, he entertained with his famous, arm-flexing John Wall dance.