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John Wall tired of what he says are 'BS technical fouls' after 14th in Wizards' loss

John Wall tired of what he says are 'BS technical fouls' after 14th in Wizards' loss

The NBA has the discretion to go back and look at games to rescind techincal fouls, overturn flagrants or even assess penalties that were missed in games. After getting his 14th technical in a loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, JohnWall was exasperated about the call that went against him in the third quarter.

Wall was hit with another at the four-minute mark after he was fouled by Frank Kaminsky on a drive. He went to the line a game-high 11 times, but both players were given double technicals for jawing at each other.

According to Wall, what he said didn't warrant the whistle.

"I'm just tired of these BS technical fouls that I'm getting," said Wall, who is allowed one more technical until he has to serve an automatic one-game suspension if he gets to 16. "Not really too much was said. (I) see guys cussing refs out, taking the ball from refs not getting technical fouls. They need to stop playing favoritism to certain players. If you give techs out be consistent both ways with it."

Those comments alone could fetch Wall an additional fine for criticizing game officials, but the NBA isn't as aggressive at doing that under commissioner Adam Silver as it was under David Stern who drew a hard and fast line on these kind of matters.

Wall is tied with Russell Westbrook for the second-most technical fouls this season. DeMarcus Cousins has an NBA-high 18. 

Coach Scott Brooks is optimistic that the NBA will rescind the call on review. The Wizards have 13 games left in the regular season and do not carry over to the playoffs.

"I don’t know about this last one. I’m sure the referees felt that they have to control the game because it was getting physical," Brooks said. "I’m sure that one will be wiped away once they look at it."


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A rundown of the history between rivals Wizards and Celtics ahead of their NBA playoff series

A rundown of the history between rivals Wizards and Celtics ahead of their NBA playoff series

For two teams that haven't met in the playoffs since 1984 and have no longstanding history as a rivalry, the Wizards and Celtics sure have made up for lost time. Over the last two years, many events have added up to what is arguably one of the more contentious rivalries in today's NBA. The Wizards and Celtics really, really don't like each other and it is well-documented. 

Here is a timeline to refresh your memory of why the Wizards and Celtics just don't get along...

Jan. 16, 2016 - Wittman and Crowder get into it

It's not often you see an argument between a coach and a player on the opposite team, but that's just what happened in a game in Washington when then-Wizards coach Randy Wittman and Celtics forward Jae Crowder got into a shouting match. Afterwards, Crowder claimed Wittman used obscenities.

Jan. 25, 2016 - Smart breaks Beal's nose

During a game in Boston, Celtics guard Marcus Smart elbowed Bradley Beal in the face on a layup. Beal suffered a broken nose and a concussion.

July 2, 2016 - Horford chooses Celtics over Wizards

After Horford widdles his free agent choices down to two teams, the Wizards and Celtics, he ultimately chose Boston. This was after the Wizards brass had traveled to Atlanta to meet with the All-Star forward. 

July 21, 2016 - Crowder takes shot at Wizards

Weeks after Horford signed with Boston, Crowder had this to say about the Wizards via MassLive.com: "He had Washington and some other teams looking at him, but we beat them four times this year. You don't want to go there."

It's not often you hear a player take a dig like that at another team. Marcin Gortat, for one, really didn't like it:

Nov. 9, 2016 - Wall ejected for foul on Smart

In the fourth quarter of the first meeting between the teams this season, John Wall went straight after Smart and commited a flagrant foul. The refs thought he was targeting him, so they quickly kicked Wall out of the game:

Jan. 11, 2016 - Beal and Smart get tangled up

This game is remembered for what happened after the final buzzer, but Beal and Smart had an interesting dustup during the third quarter. They collided and fell down under the hoop and after getting up, both players had some words for each other:

Jan. 11, 2016 - Wall and Crowder's postgame confrontation

Soon after that incident, Wall and Crowder had some words for each other once the game was over. They met at halfcourt and that's when Crowder touched Wall's nose, earning him a quick slap to the face. Both players were fined for their roles in the confrontation:

Jan. 24, 2016 - The Funeral Game

The teams met just two weeks later in Washington and the night before, after Beal came up with the idea, Kelly Oubre, Jr. announced through the media that the Wizards would wear all black to their game against the Celtics. It became known as the Funeral Game and it was all sorts of fun.

Celtics players derided the effort as "cute" the morning of. Then, Wizards players actually showed up in all black.

The Wizards later beat the Celtics by 15 points in what was one of their most impressive wins of the season. At the time, many said how great it would be if the two teams met each other in the playoffs. Well, here we go.

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Ian Mahinmi will miss Game 1 between Wizards and Celtics

Ian Mahinmi will miss Game 1 between Wizards and Celtics

The Wizards will be without backup center Ian Mahinmi as they begin their second round playoff series at the Celtics on Sunday, coach Scott Brooks said on Saturday evening.

Mahinmi continues to be sidelined by a left calf strain he suffered on April 10 in Detroit. He has since undergone an MRI that revealed swelling, but has not been able to work his way back to 100 percent.

Mahinmi expressed optimism just this week that he would be able to return by the end of the Wizards' first round series against the Hawks, but that was ultimately not the case.

Mahinmi, 30, miss 51 games during the regular season due to various injuries and has not appeared in the playoffs. He signed a four-year, $64 million free agent contract to join the Wizards in July.

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