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Vernon Davis USAT
Vernon Davis led the NFL in 2016 in one surprising stat
Vernon Davis played well in 2016, quite well in fact. He ended the season with nearly 600 yards to go with two touchdowns, but a stat from Pro Football Focus truly stands out. 
VIDEO: Terrelle Pryor works out with All-Pro wide receiver
Despite being four inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than the Steelers star wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor looked just as quick during a shared workout.
WRs not a top unit in 2017, but how good can they be?
Redskins depth chart preview: With the top two wide receivers from 2016 gone, how will the new group fare?
Film study: What makes Jordan Reed so great
Doc Walker and Julie Donaldson spent part of Friday's Countdown to Training Camp analyzing Jordan Reed's film and pinpointing the best parts of his skill set.
Former GM thinks Carr deal ruins chances at contract with Cousins
Charley Casserly crunched the numbers on a potential long term deal with Kirk Cousins and it doesn't look good. 
Carr deal means Cousins contract will cost big bucks
The Derek Carr contract has a bit of good news for the Redskins but not enough to save them significant money.
Charley Casserly on his doubts about Kirk Cousins
Former Redskins GM Charley Casserly joined the Junkies Friday morning to discuss whether the Redskins don't want to pay Cousins or if they are doubtful in his abilities.
Casserly breaks down how Carr's contract can impact Cousins'
Former Redskins GM Charley Casserly broke down for the Junkies how Derek Carr's contract could impact Kirk Cousins' contract.
Twitter mailbag: Surprise cuts, improvement on defense
Need to Know: Answering more fan questions on guarantees for Cousins, how much the D might improve, and more. 
Doc Walker breaks down film of Redskins defensive line
The Redskins struggled mightily stopping the run last season. Doc Walker takes a look at the game film to break down what went wrong for the Redskins.
What did Doc Walker like about the Redskins' offseason?
The Redskins didn't make any huge splashes this offseason, but Doc Walker still likes the moves the team made.
Larry Michael and Rich Tandler discuss Redskins offseason
Larry Michael and Rich Tandler discuss their Redskins OTAs observations going into the countdown for training camp.
Kirk Cousins has the 14th-best odds for NFL MVP
Washington may not have fully bought into Kirk Cousins, but popular sportsbook, Bovada has given the quarterback favorable odds as an NFL MVP contender. 
Markelle Fultz to be next DeMatha athlete heading to Philly
With DeMatha's Markelle Fultz looking to be the top pick in the NBA Draft to Philadelphia, we took a look back at other DeMatha athletes that spent time with a Philadelphia team.
True or False: Rob Kelley will be team's leading rusher
Rob Kelley emerged as the Redskins top RB in 2016, a great story of an undrafted guy getting to the top. But will he lead the team in 2017? JP Finlay and Rich Tandler debate. 
Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins
Redskins best chance at Kirk Cousins deal might be short-term
The Redskins might want a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins, but after messing up this situation for two years, maybe the team should take what they can get done. 
Picking 10 Redskins to protect in hypothetical expansion draft
With the NHL expansion into Las Vegas, the internet started thinking about a hypothetical NFL expansion draft. Here's who the Redskins should protect. 
Facebook mailbag: Media disrespect, Cousins risk
Need to Know: Answering questions from Facebook including the risk that Kirk Cousins would take if he played on the tag again. 
Ex-GM outlines potentially staggering Cousins contract
Everyone is talking about Kirk Cousins' potential new contract, but few actually come up with potential numbers. CSN's NFL analyst did, however — and they're huge.
Former NFL GM outlines possible contract for Kirk Cousins
Charley Casserly is tired of people talking about Kirk Cousins' contract without throwing out actual numbers, so he came up with some of his own.
Casserly feels bottom line for Cousins is $81.5 million
As a former GM, Charley Casserly knows what it takes to get deals done. He breaks down how much money will need to put out for a long term deal with Cousins to get done.
Why there's hope Redskins' new front office will succeed
The Redskins are moving forward with a new front office structure, and Charley Casserly is firm in his stance that the group can be successful.
Josh Norman talks DJ Swearinger's practice mentality
Josh Norman talks about leading the defense with DJ Swearinger and Swearinger's aggressive practice mentality.
Redskins' first down running still needs major work
The Redskins improved their ability to run on first downs last year but they still have a lot of room for improvement there. 
Jerry Jones meets with the Pope
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was among a group of Hall of Famers that met with Pope Francis Wednesday.
Just a rookie but big expectations for Jonathan Allen
Rookie Jonathan Allen is in a great spot. Washington needs help on the D-line, but opportunity, however, brings pressure. 
If no long term deal in 2017, would Kirk sign one in 2018?
Is the Redskins don't get a long term deal done with Kirk Cousins in 2017, do you think he would be open to a long term deal in 2018. The Junkies are split.
Redskins Playbook: Reality sets back in with Kirk Cousins contract talks
Mike Florio reported what just about every Redskins beat reporter was thinking: Until the franchise tag deadline nears don't expect much movement between Washington and Kirk Cousins on a long-term deal....
The top five quarterbacks the Redskins will face in 2017
Need to Know: The Redskins bosltered their pass defense in the offseason; here are the top QBs they will try to stop this season.
Is pressure making Cousins extension more likely?
After a report that gave 80% odds of the Redskins reaching a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins, Redskins Insider JP Finlay gave his outlook.
JP Finlay ranks top 5 receiving corps in the NFL
Redskins Insider JP Finlay gave his take on the top receiving groups in the NFL. Where does he rank the Redskins?
Gruden's nephew wins powerlifting title
Jay Gruden's nephew and current assistant strength coach Deuce Gruden is now a world champion powerlifter. 
Redskins RB Coach Randy Jordan on Rob Kelley
Redskins RB Coach Randy Jordan discusses Rob Kelley's competitive edge that will help the Redskins this season.
Larry Michael with Redskins cheerleader Heather
Larry Michael sits down with Redskins cheerleader Heather for her first appearance on Redskins Nation to discuss a recent trip to the Bahamas and a Redskins Cheerleaders calendar release party.
Redskins expect Fuller to improve in 2017
The Redskins are looking for better play out of CB Kendall Fuller this year after an injury-hampered rookie season. 
Trent Williams missed OTAs to get in 'ultimate shape'
Trent Williams caught some heat for missing the Redskins' OTAs but he wasn't taking an extended vacation.
Pressure Points: Redskins will need a lot from Pryor
If the Redskins want to make the playoffs, Terrelle Pryor needs to play a big role. For Pryor, the path to a major payday runs through a big season.
Kirk Cousins
Optimism Redskins reach deal with Cousins?
AS the calendar moves closer to the deadline, there are still those in NFL inner circles who believe the Redskins will get a deal done with Kirk Cousins. 
Why 80-percent chance for a Cousins deal feels too high
Need to Know: What is a proper level of optimism that a Redskins-Cousins deal can get done this year?
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: 5 Players that stood out during Redskins offseason
JP Finlay and Rich Tandler give their Top 5 players from OTAs and minicamp as well as latest on the Redskins rushing attack.
Doug Williams_Nate sudfeld
Doug Williams on Nate Sudfeld: 'The kid has improved'
It turns out that Doug Williams is high on all three of the Redskins' quarterbacks, even their third-string option who hasn't taken an NFL snap yet.
The 2017 Redskins will be strongest in these two areas
Shawn Springs and JP Finlay each identify the two places that the 2017 Redskins figure to be the strongest in.
What's the vibe around the Eagles in Wentz's second year?
You know plenty about the Redskins, but allow CSNPhilly's Derrick Gunn to give you the scoop on the Eagles' confidence level in Carson Wentz.
Trent Williams says missing OTAs ultimately helps Redskins
You'd think that his absence at OTAs would hurt the Redskins at least a little, but hear Trent Williams explain why he believes it'll benefit the team in the long run.
Snyder 'THRILLED' with ruling that should protect Redskins
The Redskins got a big time win on Monday, and nowhere near a football field, after a Supreme Court ruling. Redskins owner Dan Snyder was quite excited by the decision.
Supreme Court ruling has implications for Redskins name
The Supreme Court on Monday struck down part of a law that has been cited in legal challenges to the Redskins name. 
Calendar break gives Redskins more time on Cousins deal
Redskins fans may have to wait a couple extra days for Cousins deal to be done.
Redskins Playbook: What's the next contract extension?
Outside of the repeatedly botched Kirk Cousins contract situation, the Redskins have gotten smart about contract extensions with top homegrown talent. Who might be next?
Jay Gruden
Pressure Points: Focus is on Jay Gruden like never before
After two years of slight success, Jay Gruden received a contract extension this offseason. Even with the new deal, however, pressure will mount, especially with playcalling duties.
Post-minicamp Redskins 53-man roster projection, defense
Need to Know: With minicamp in the books it's time to take another shot at projecting the Redskins' 53-man roster. 
Gruden, Gray predict a much better Kendall Fuller
Fully healthy, Kendall Fuller has his coaches convinced he'll improve significantly over his rookie year.
NFC East Running Backs rankings
Ezekiel Elliott is the runaway leader among the NFC East options, but there are debates all over the place from there. Ben Standig offers his take on the top RB candidates. 
Post-minicamp 53-man roster projection, offense
Need to Know: With minicamp in the books it's time to take another shot at projecting the Redskins' 53-man roster. 
Magician makes Samaje Perine freak out over and over again
Redskins RB Samaje Perine was treated to a magic show earlier this offseason, and with each trick, he had a harder time believing what was happening.
Redskins Playbook: Jay Gruden's 'most consistent' WR might surprise fans
The stats don't show it. Fans might not love it. Jay Gruden and the Redskins coaching staff, however, know the value wide receiver Ryan Grant brings to the team. 
The five best Redskins this offseason
Which five Redskins have looked the best through OTA's and minicamp so far?
Redskins week that was: Counting on Tomsula, Carr impacts Cousins
Need to Know: The Redskins week that was looks at QB contracts, counting on a DL guru, and best of the offseason.
Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins
Should Kirk Cousins do what is best for the team?
After Doug Williams went on NFL Network Radio and asked Kirk Cousins to 'look at the big picture' and do what is best for the team, should he?
Doug Williams wants Kirk Cousins to 'look at the big picture'
Doug Williams finally got asked about Kirk Cousins' contract situation and had a simple message for the Redskins quarterback.
These are the five Redskins who've looked the best thus far
Redskins Insider JP Finlay highlights three offensive players and two defensive players that have really shined in Washington's offseason up to this point.
The biggest defensive improvement will come from where?
JP Finlay and Larry Michael had a chat at Redskins minicamp this past week in which they tried to pinpoint where the defense will really be better.
These engagement photos featuring Ryan Kerrigan are very cute
If you thought watching Ryan Kerrigan take down opposing QBs on Sundays was beautiful, wait until you see engagement photos of him and his fiancée.
Norman believes Redskins have a better attitude in 2017
The Redskins defense struggled in 2016. But Norman knows the unit can be better in 2017, because with this group, "Everything is about football."
Redskins in a no-lose situation with confident Junior Galette
Junior Galette hasn't taken a snap in two years with the Redskins so if he can contribute anything it will be a plus. 
Redskins Playbook: 3 best quotes from minicamp
The Redskins got in two full practice days and, oh yeah, made two massive front office promotions. A lot happened at Redskins Park, and we wrap up the best quotes of the week. 
Did Kirk Cousins over prepare for the Redskins' 2016 season?
Need to Know: Kirk Cousins thinks he can do more by worrying about football a little less this offseason. 
Jay Gruden is pleased with the Redskins after minicamp
With mini camp in the books, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden likes where his team is heading into the last part of the offseason.
Trent Williams paid for his own tickets to NBA Finals
Trent Williams sat courtside at Game 4 of the NBA Finals but had to pay for his ticket. 
Williams congratulated by Newsome, talks Rooney rule
Asked about the Rooney rule, new Senior VP of Player Personnel Doug Williams talked about equality of opportunity and the opportunities given to him by Joe Gibbs and Bruce Allen.
Doug Williams has eyes on another Super Bowl parade
Speaking to Sports Talk Live, Doug Williams shared the highlight of his football career to date.
Dinner with coach: Williams tells tale of Gibbs's mentorship
When Doug Williams was struggling to catch up at training camp, coach Joe Gibbs invited him to dinner to study the playbook.
Trent on hanging out with OBJ: 'I don't have to block him'
Trent Williams attended an NBA Finals game with Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., nemesis of his teammate Josh Norman. Williams didn't seem to phased by the fan reaction, though.
Franchise Tag Signing Deadline 2017
The franchise tage signing deadline is rapidly approaching and a large handful of NFL teams, including the Washington Redskins, have yet to get their deals done.
How secure is Hall's place on the roster?
DeAngelo Hall took a pay cut but is assured of a roster spot once the season starts?
After overlooking them recently, Redskins DBs focus on basics
DeAngelo Hall says that, in recent years, coaches haven't stressed the fundamentals enough to Redskins defensive backs. That trend is going to end this year, though.
Redskins D-line coach Jim Tomsula has plenty to say
Redskins D-line coach Jim Tomsula has plenty to say
One month 'til franchise deadline, two Kirk Cousins quotes stand out
While the Redskins and Kirk Cousins have voiced positivity over the last several weeks about contract talks, still, little actual movement towards a deal has transpired. 
Tomsula won't throw Allen 'to the wolves'
Redskins defensive line coach Jim Tomsula knows the NFL is very different from the college game, so he plans to bring rookie Jonathan Allen along slowly rather than "throw him to the wolves."
Redskins top pick Jonathan Allen progressing slowly, by design
Jonathan Allen wasn't one of the stars of OTAs and minicamp but that was by design. 
Sluggish offense or strong defense? Notes from Redskins minicamp
The Redskins hit the fields for the final minicamp practice on Wednesday and the defense clearly outplayed the offense. That happened plenty Wednesday,
Redskins head into a six-week break
Need to Know: The Redskins have wrapped up minicamp and they won't convene again until training camp. 
Dear President Obama, Cousins would love to golf with you
Kirk Cousins had so much fun golfing with President Donald Trump that he'd like to book tee times with other presidents, too. 
Trump asked Cousins if he'll re-sign, if LeBron is still the best
President Donald Trump golfed with Kirk Cousins over the weekend. Among the topics they discussed? Sports, of course. 
Exclusive details of Cousins' presidential round of golf
Redskins QB Kirk Cousins details to CSN Mid-Atlantic his personal round of golf with President Donald Trump this past weekend. 
Josh Norman sees improvements on defense already
In a 1-on-1 interview with JP Finlay, Josh Norman says the makeup of the 2017 Redskins defense will make the unit better than it was last year.
Kirk Cousins' ideal offseason: More relaxation, more golf
Kirk Cousins said he burned himself out last offseason, so this offseason, he plans on dialing it back a lot more.
Rich Tandler joins Redskins Nation at Wednesday's minicamp
Rich and Larry observe Redskins offensive line, tight ends and Junior Galette at Wednesday's minicamp
Grading Kirk Cousins' work so far this offseason
Rich Tandler and Chick Hernandez give a total grade for Kirk Cousins' performance throughout the offseason, and also explain what the team wants its players to accomplish in the next six weeks.
Defense picks off Cousins twice in final minicamp session
Redskins practice report: Kirk Cousins was trying to push the envelope a bit and the defense took advantage as the team wrapped up offseason practice. 
The Redskins impressed Billy Hurley with their organization
PGA Tour golfer Billy Hurley showed up at Redskins minicamp Wednesday and told Chick Hernandez what stood out most to him about it.
Jay Gruden zings Trent Williams following Wednesday minicamp
As he often does, Jay Gruden had a very funny response when asked about a comment Trent Williams made on Wednesday about this year's Redskins minicamp.
DeAngelo Hall doesn't just impact the Redskins on the field
Jay Gruden sees plenty of value in DeAngelo Hall, and that value doesn't just show up on the field, he said.
Gruden feels good about Cousins, receivers despite 2 INT day
Kirk Cousins threw two interceptions at minicamp on Wednesday, but Jay Gruden wasn't alarmed as the quarterback and new receivers work to get on the same page.
Gruden hasn't talked to Jones' agent, expects him to compete
Redskins coach Jay Gruden was asked about Matt Jones's agent advocating for his release. Gruden said he hadn't heard, but expects Jones to come in and compete.
Cousins has a plan to preserve his sleep once baby comes
Kirk Cousins's baby is due in the first week of the NFL season. But he and his wife have a game plan to try to preserve his sleep with a newborn in the house.
Cousins discusses contract talks after Williams promotion
Kirk Cousins explains that the internal promotions within the Redskins organization haven't really impacted his contract negotiations.
Redskins, Hall agree to revised contract
The Redskins and DeAngelo Hall have agreed to a contract that will give the Redskins a little more salary cap space. 
Kirk Cousins at Nationals Park
Second Cousins! Nats draft Cousins's cousin in 20th round
A second Cousins in Washington? The Nationals drafted Kirk Cousins's cousin today, making this a funny sentence to write. 
Cousins explains interceptions, says he's testing throws
Kirk Cousins threw two interceptions at Redskins minicamp Wednesday. He explained the plays saying he took more risk in the offseason to experiment with throws.
Galette somehow went up a shoe size rehabbing his Achilles
Speaking to the media after practice, Junior Galette said his Achilles injury has completely healed. His ankle is now so strong he says he's gone up a shoe size.
Norman opens foundation to help local community
Redskins star defensive back Josh Norman opens his 24Starz foundation in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. 
Matt Jones USAT
The Redskins shouldn't release Matt Jones
Matt Jones reportedly wants to be released by the Redskins, but that wouldn't be a wise move for the team. 
Redskins need plenty of work on two-minute offense
The Redskins were well below average when it came to scoring drives in the last two minutes of a half. 
The story behind Jim Tomsula shaving his mustache
Jim Tomsula struts up and down the Redskins practice field, barking orders and instruction. A hands-on coach, it sounds like Tomsula follows some orders when he is at home.
Doug Williams doesn't want to be GM, he just wants to get football players
Doug Williams came to Bruce Allen with a precise plan, and nowhere in that plan was the GM role. He explained that his desire is specific: finding good football players, 
So what do Redskins front office moves mean for Kirk Cousins?
With Doug Williams promoted to Redskins' head of player personnel, could changes come in the contract talks for Kirk Cousins?
Will Williams' elevation have affect on Cousins' contract?
With the promotion of Doug Williams to Senior VP of Player Personnel, will Williams have any say in the Kirk Cousins contract negotiations? The Junkies don't think so.
The five most impressive players of the Redskins’ offseason
Need to Know: With just one practice left in the Redskins' offseason program here are five players who have impressed the most. 
Personnel changes is just a distraction from lack of GM
Internal promotions for Doug Williams and others in the Redskins organization does not mean much to Michael Jenkins and Brian Mitchell. The team is still without a general manager.
Everybody's back: Practice notes from Redskins minicamp
No hard feelings against Trent Williams and a dominant Jordan Reed highlight day one of Redskins minicamp.
Reed looking sharp in minicamp
Tight end Jordan Reed impresses Jay Gruden and the rest of the Redskins in minicamp after missing OTAs.
Gruden not overly optimistic about Matt Jones
Redskins head coach Jay Gruden sees a tough situation for Matt Jones and the running back competition.
Redskins practice report: All hands on deck for minicamp
The Redskins had all of their healthy players on the field for the first time on Tuesday. 
The Redskins' secondary is a wild card this season
The Redskins' secondary has a lot of familiar names, but what those familiar names will do in 2017 is an X-factor. JP Finlay and Rich Tandler discuss all of the DBs here.
Matt Jones unsure about future but knows where to improve
After skipping OTAs, Redskins RB Matt Jones took the field today with his teammates for mandatory minicamp. He looked strong, but showed some of his old faults too. 
Gruden on Reed's 11 catches: 'Pretty good day'
Maybe Jordan Reed hasn't suffered from missing voluntary OTA sessions.
Jordan Reed shows zero rust at Redskins minicamp
The fear when players miss OTAs is that they'll show up to the rest of offseason work rusty. That wasn't an issue for Jordan Reed, though.
Gruden congratulates Williams, vows to 'stay in my lane'
During busy day for Redskins front office, Jay Gruden is still focused on coaching.
Redskins Kendall Fuller ready to make impact
Kendall Fuller finally seems to have recovered from an injury he suffered in college and is ready to contribute for the Redskins. 
Williams elaborates on his plan to build Redskins roster
Speaking to Redskins Nation after his promotion to Senior VP of Player Personnel, Doug Williams outlined his vision for the roster and spoke about the Kirk Cousins contract situation.
Schaffer explains 'tripod' of Redskins' leadership
On Redskins Nation today, VP of Football Operations Eric Schaffer explained how he, Jay Gruden and Doug Williams will work together.
Meet Kyle Smith, Redskins' new director of college scouting
Kyle Smith talks with Larry Michael about his new job and about some of the rookies that he helped scout and draft.
Cap guru Schaffer talks new role working with Williams
Redskins Insider JP Finlay went 1-on-1 with Eric Schaffer, who will take on more responsibility in his role of Vice President of Football Operations.
Redskins don't name a general manager—does it matter?
The Redskins have shuffled their personnel department without naming a general manager. What does that mean?
Doug Williams focused on winning for Redskins
Doug Williams has spent his whole career as a leader. He'll lean on those skills directing the player personnel department.
Bruce Allen: This was Doug Williams' plan
Bruce Allen: This was Doug Williams' plan
Redskins brass dismissive of notion around 'final say'
One question plagues the Redskins front office: Ultimately, who has the authority final authority to make personnel decisions? 
Williams walks through promotion to VP of Player Personnel
Redskins' Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams describes how he landed the second most important front office job in the organization.
Allen explains choosing Williams to lead player personnel
Bruce Allen thinks Doug Williams is the right man to lead the Redskins's player personnel department.
Redskins name Williams head of player personnel
The Redskins held a press conference Tuesday morning to name Doug Williams to a new leadership role in the personnel department. 
The Redskins' 5 most important offseason moves
Need to Know: A lot has gone on since the Redskins season ended on January 1. Here's a countdown of the top stories of the offseason. 
Major questions to ask before Redskins' announcement
The Redskins went through the offseason without a GM. Odds are that changes Tuesday. What does it mean? Let's break down the questions.
Why you shouldn't get riled up over big money for Cousins
Rob Carlin and Brian Mitchell explain, yet again, why there's a simple reason to not go crazy over Kirk Cousins potentially receiving a huge contract.
3 most interesting things to watch for at Redskins minicamp
JP Finlay gives the three things he'll be watching for at this week's Redskins minicamp, including a crowded battle for one of the defense's most crucial spots.
Matt Cavanaugh on how he'll fix Redskins' red zone issues
New Redskins offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh explains the way he'll try to cure the red zone woes that ailed the team last year.
Despite changes, Crowder still feels comfortable in offense
The Redskins offense has some different parts in 2017, but Jamison Crowder doesn't feel affected by them at all.
Josh Norman, Dez Bryant
Bryant seems worried about Cowboys' new secondary
The Cowboys lost a lot from their secondary this offseason. To fill the holes, the team heavily invested in the secondary via the draft, but Dez Bryant doesn't seem to think it's enough. 
Derek Carr situation could impact Kirk Cousins' market
Derek Carr and the Raiders are working towards a new deal. That could mean trouble for the Redskins as they work on one with Kirk Cousins. 
Redskins hoping Tomsula can maximize D-line talent
Jim Tomsula has a reputation for being a defensive line guru and the Redskins are counting on him to turn around their chronically mediocre defensive front. 
Matt Jones
Redskins Playbook: 3 questions for minicamp week
The Redskins will gather for their last week of practice before training camp, Jay Gruden will expect his team to get a lot done so the squad can hit the ground running.
Redskins by the numbers—Cousins TD's, opposing passers thrive
Need to Know: A look at some Redskins numbers including Vernond Davis' expected production and Rob Kelley's late-season issues. 
Jonathan Allen
Washington's first round pick could be a game changer
First-round pick Jonathan Allen could have a big impact on the Redskins defensive line.
Redskins offseason
Redskins spend offseason focusing on defense issues
The Redskins offense was good enough to make the postseason in 2016, but the defense needs some work.
Gruden anxious to see how Reed fits with new WRs
Gruden does not seem to be upset that TE Jordan Reed is skipping OTAs but he is anxious to see how he fits in with the Redskins' new WRs. 
Hot topics: Doctson with the twos, Cravens' adjustment
Some notes and nuggets as the Redskins prepare for their last two days of practice before training camp.
How did Redskin Fish Smithson become known as 'Fish?'
His first name is Anthony, but he's listed as Fish pretty much everywhere. So how did this undrafted rookie on the Redskins get that moniker?
No-pads, no-contact, little to judge
Everyone is anxious to know how well the Redskins' revamped defensive line is progress but there isn't much to learn during OTAs. 
Redskins Playbook: Redskins defensive line will face plenty of challenges
The Redskins ranked among the worst at stopping the run in 2016, and within their first seven games, the Redskins will face the 2nd, 4th and 6th best rushing attacks in the NFL.
The Redskins week that was—Cap crunch, bubble watch
Need to Know: A look back at the week including wide receiver rankings, players on the bubble and a salary cap crunch. 
Trent Williams sitting courtside with a rival at NBA Finals
Trent Williams was sitting courtside next to Steve Kerr and one of his fiercest rivals at the NBA Finals.
Doug Williams hosts a Redskins getaway in the Bahamas
Larry Michael and Redskins Nation joined Doug Williams down in the Bahamas, where the legendary QB hosted some of his old teammates for a beach side getaway.
Zach Brown's offseason workouts don't sound very fun
While at Redskins OTAs, Zach Brown detailed what one of his typical, grueling offseason workouts consisted of.
Swearinger feels like he's in position to fix safety issues
DJ Swearinger is next in line to try and fix the Redskins' longstanding hole at safety. Here's why the veteran thinks he's the man for the job.
Redskins must move soon if they want prime stadium location
The Redskins may have their eyes on a prime piece of Virginia land for their new stadium but they need to move fast if they want to secure it. 
2017 fantasy football: Risers to snag and fallers to avoid
Offseason moves changed roles and potential for many fantasy football notables. Ben Standig examines the 2017 forecast for several players including Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston.
Stadium Links: Golfing at FedEx Field
Stadium Links heads to FedEx Field to let you golf inside the Redskins stadium.
How Crowder plays as big as some of his taller teammates
Many of the Redskins' wide receivers tower over the 5-9 Jamison Crowder but his coach says the third-year player plays bigger than he is.
Jay Gruden explains why Josh Doctson isn't on 1st team offense
As the Redskins first team offense took the field during OTAs this week, one skill player was noticeably absent. Kirk Cousins took snaps. Josh Doctson, however, was on the sideline.
The three best quotes from the final week of OTAs
The three best quotes from the final week of Redskins OTAs include the new OC and Josh Norman explaining how he 'can be the hammer.'
Deshazor Everett USAT
Redskins on the bubble, defensive edition
Need to Know: Between the roster locks and the long shots there are the bubble dwellers, who have a shot but no assurances. 
How does Matt Cavanaugh fit as Skins' offensive coordinator?
With Jay Gruden calling plays for the Redskins this season, what is offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh's role in the offense?
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: Chances of a long-term deal for Kirk Cousins?
The #RedskinsTalk crew breaks down the chances of a new deal for Kirk Cousins before July 15th and talks about the James Comey hearings. Kinda.
Another summer Redskins won't have company in Richmond
NFL teams like to set up joint training camp practices to break up the monotony of August two-a-days. This year, for the 2nd straight summer, the Redskins will not host another team. 
Cavanaugh hints at running back by committee
Although Rob Kelley will be the Redskins' starting running back it appears that other backs will be heavily in the mix. 
Norman explains how Doctson plays like a 'Decepticon'
Josh Norman is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. But even he admits that second-year receiver Josh Doctson has some tricky moves up his sleeve. 
After struggling to learn center, Redskins' Spencer Long settling in
Jay Gruden rests easy knowing that Spencer Long now has a handle on the center position. 
La Canfora doesn't see change in Cousins' contract timetable
Amid rumors that a contract with Cousins was heading in the right direction, Jason La Canfora doesn't see much happening before the July 15th deadline.
Redskins Playbook: 2 players that stood out
The Redskins indoor practice bubble was packed on Wednesday during OTAs, though two players really stood out during the competition. 
Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins
If Redskins don't pay Cousins now, they will pay dearly later
If the reported change in outlook for the Redskins re-signing their quarterback is accurate, they need to take advantage of it now. 
Josh Norman thinks 2016 was his best season yet
Josh Norman thinks his 2016 season was his best yet in the NFL. He explains why.
Redskins' soccer skills analyzed by Christos FC
Josh Norman and Nate Sudfeld broke out a soccer ball at Redskins OTAs. Members of Christos FC stopped by CSN and had some critiques for them.
Gruden eyes particular role for Doctson among receivers
Jay Gruden sees Ryan Grant playing all over the field, and a more defined role for Josh Doctson.
Compton shares first impressions of new defensive coaches
CSN's JP Finlay talks to Redskins linebacker Will Compton about his early impressions of his new defensive coaches.
Crowder one on one with Chick Hernandez
Jamison Crowder talks about the offseason, OTA's, and his potential new role in the Redskins offense.
VIDEO: Norman, Sudfeld play soccer at OTAs
Josh Norman's love of soccer has apparently spread to other Redskins, and made it's way into a Redskins OTA session.
Chick Hernandez and JP Finlay talk Redskins OTA's
CSN's Chick Hernandez and JP Finlay have the latest from Redskins OTA's and the latest reports on Kirk Cousins's contract talks with the team.
Gruden wants Cousins long-term
Jay Gruden responds to the latest speculation about Kirk Cousins long-term contract talks with the Redskins after OTA's.
Hand shakes & head shakes: Notes from Redskins OTAs
The Redskins showed both the fun and the sad side of football during an OTA session on Wednesday. News and notes from all over the field here. 
Redskins sign local DB, waive another DB to make room
The Redskins added another local product to the roster when they signed a defensive back who played high school football at Good Counsel.
Many new faces on Redskins defensive line, including Tomsula
Jim Tomsula is a new guy leading a group of mostly new guys on the Redskins defensive line, including first-round draft pick Jonathan Allen.
Bill Callahan makes his mark on the offensive line
Larry Michael shares his observations on the offensive line from Wednesday's OTA. As seen on Redskins Nation, coach Bill Callahan guides his unit through drills & works on individual technique.
Cravens lines up at both safety spots Wednesday
The Redskins held the final OTA practice that was open to the media today; here are Tandler's observations.
Jay Gruden still hopes Kirk Cousins signs long term
In the past day, reports about Kirk Cousins's contract status have said different things. Jay Gruden addressed the situation Wednesday.
Redskins fast five: Offense ends practice on a high note
A look at notes and quotes from today's Redskins OTA practice. 
Redskins OTAs LIVE Blog: Updates, intel, photos and more
The Redskins will host the media during their final week of OTAs on Wednesday, and the CSN Redskins crew will bring you live updates from the action in Ashburn. 
Redskins Playbook: 3 team goals before OTAs end
Redskins' players will voluntarily work out together to finish off OTAs this week before minicamp begins, and there are three things the team should be sure to accomplish.
Would a deal w/ Cousins be done if there was a playoff run?
A contract with Kirk Cousins still isn't signed and the Junkies wonder if a strong playoff run would have made the difference.
Report: Snyder now involved in Cousins talks
The Redskins owner has jumped into the Kirk Cousins contract talks, according to a report. 
5 Redskins to watch during Wednesday's OTA practice
Need to Know: The Redskins hold their final open to the media OTA practice today and here are some players Tandler will be watching. 
Popular celebrities and athletes who are also Redskins fans
From Matthew McConaughey to Taraji P. Henson, the Redskins have major stars in their fanbase. Here are 20 celebrities who root for Washington.  
Report: 'No progress' or 'intense negotiation' on Cousins deal
Despite Kirk Cousins's optimism about an extension with the Redskins, the negotiations reportedly haven't been gone anywhere. 
Redskins Training Camp 2017 Schedule
Redskins Training Camp 2017: All the information you need to know including schedules, dates and times.
Offensive players on the Redskins' roster bubble
In between the locks and the long shots there are the bubble players, the ones legitimately competing for the remaining roster spots. 
Redskins pass catchers land very low in national rank
B/R ranked all of the receiving groups in the NFL, and the Redskins group landed far too low. How much higher should Washington be?
Where are the Redskins' biggest depth issues?
The Redskins added some depth this offseason but as with most NFL teams some areas remain thin. 
Defensive players, staff still going through growing pains
Greg Manusky and Jay Gruden are both excited with what they have on defense for the Redskins in 2017, but both admit there are still growing pains.
What rival jersey would you buy?
What is the one jersey a D.C. sports fan would wear if they were forced to buy a jersey of their least favorite team?
One stat that shows why Gruden likes Rob Kelley so much
As Rob Kelley emerged last year in camp, Jay Gruden clearly liked the young running back. One big reason: his ability to miss tackles.
The Redskins are running low on cap space
The Redskins have committed nearly all of the $61 million in cap space that they had coming into the 2016 season. 
Solution to the Redskins' scoring woes?
Would better running in the red zone help the Redskins make the most of their high-powered offense?
Redskins Playbook: Coverage changes for Josh Norman
Joe Barry resisted letting Josh Norman shadow the Redskins' opposition's best WR. Will that change under Greg Manusky? Looks like it, and that could be good news for Norman.
Redskins' Kelley will be able to focus on finer points, not on making the team
Need to Know: Tandler catches up after vacation including a different world for Rob Kelley and Maurice Harris and Ryan Anderson's weight. 
Should the Redskins pursue Jeremy Maclin?
The Chiefs released veteran WR Jeremy Maclin over the weekend. While receiver isn't a position of need, might it make sense for the Redskins to go after Maclin?