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Over/Under Redskins receiving totals with Santana Moss

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The Redskins week that was—Cousins talk, back end of D
Need to Know: The Redskins week that was included plenty of talk about Kirk Cousins' contract in addition to a big defensive issue. 
Over/Under Redskins receiving totals with Santana Moss
Santana Moss goes over/under with Redskins receiving options.
Matt Ryan throws some shade at Kyle Shanahan
Matt Ryan broke down what happened in the Super Bowl and throws some shade Kyle Shanahan's way.
Over/under: Redskins running backs in 2017
The Redskins' running back corps has a decidedly different look this year. How well will they produce?
#RedskinsTalk Podcast: Final refresh before 2017 season begins
Rich Tandler and JP Finlay wrap up the Redskins offseason and prepare for what will be the most intriguing and the most overplayed storylines at training camp in Richmond.
The five Redskins under the most pressure entering camp
Need to Know: Everyone is under the gun as training camp gets underway but the spotlight is brighter on some than it is for others.
Rob Kelley close up
Rob Kelley's cutting down on fast food for a better 2017
As many Americans know, dropping fast food from a diet is difficult. But Rob Kelley's doing it in hopes of becoming a better RB for the Redskins. 
VA and MD fans love Brady
No Redskins or Ravens love in Virginia or Maryland in terms of jersey sales. 
Offseason update on Rob Kelley
After hosting a youth camp at George Mason University, Robert Kelley talked with JP Finlay about his off-season. Topics included Kirk Cousins, his outlook on this season, and his nickname 'Fat Rob.'
Fabian Moreau hoping to get cleared from injury
As a third-round pick for the Washington Redskins Fabian Moreau cannot wait to get started on his NFL career. The only thing in his way from training camp is getting cleared from his injury.
RN's Larry Michael returns Martina Hingis serve
Redskins Nation host, Larry Michael is a huge D.C. sports guy. He didn't know exactly what he was signing up for when he attended a Washington Kastles match.
Over/under: Redskins pass catchers in 2017
Over/Under: The Redskins had to undergo changes in their wide receiver corps. How productive can they be in 2017?
Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden walk off the field after loss to the Cowboys
Redskins' statement was a mistake, but won't impact on the field
The Redskins provided too much information in a statement about Kirk Cousins, but once players take the field, it won't matter.
Redskins fan questions—Backup plan at center, ILB depth chart
Need to Know: Tandler answer fan questions including the backup plan at center and the depth chart at inside linebacker.
Playing over/under with key Kirk Cousins stats in 2017
How many touchdowns will Kirk Cousins throw in 2017, and what will his completion percentage end up looking like? Trevor Matich and Julie Donaldson play over/under.
Bill Callahan has been key in offensive line's growth
The Redskins offensive line has been much improved the past few seasons, and Trevor Matich explains how the man in charge of the unit has led that growth.
Maybe you can't blame either Cousins or Redskins for no deal
While guesting on Redskins Nation, Rich Tandler explains why you might not be able to blame either party in the Kirk Cousins-Redskins contract negotiations.
Josh Doctson, Jay Gruden USAT
Pressure Points: It's a big year for Josh Doctson
Kirk Cousins wants to be where he can succeed. Terrelle Pryor will help, but he's on a 1-year deal. For Cousins to stick with the Redskins long term, Josh Doctson will be important. 
Ranking the 2017 Redskins roster: 30-21
We continue to roll out our rankings of the 2017 Redskins players with those in spots 21-30.
Over/under: Redskins QB Kirk Cousins' numbers in 2017
With the contract talks now in the rearview mirror, will Kirk Cousins be able to match his gaudy 2016 passing stats?
Joe Theismann would have wanted opportunity to have suitors
Even though former Redskins QB Joe Theismann didn't play when free agency existed, he would have liked to see what other teams were interested in him.
Joe Theismann talks Kirk Cousins no response to deal
The former Redskins QB shared his thought with the Junkies about Kirk Cousins and the Redskins not agreeing to a long-term deal.
Jay Gruden isn't going to treat Kirk Cousins any differently
No deal to be had between Redskins and Kirk Cousins
The Redskins never put out a monster financial offer for Kirk Cousins. It might not have mattered anyway. 
Kirk Cousins is trying to set new trend for QB contracts
After not agreeing to a long-term deal and risking the chance of being tagged a third time, the Junkies feel Kirk Cousins is breaking the mold for QB contracts.
Redskins hot topics—Will they run more, Cousins distraction
Need to Know: A look at a few hot topics surrounding the team a week before they report for training camp. 
Cousins' name mispronunciation really bothers Brian Mitchell
Some were dismissive of Bruce Allen repeatedly calling Kirk Cousins Kurt, but Brian Mitchell finds it very disrespectful.
Mark Rypien, Joe Theismann talk pastime of golf
Mark Rypien and Joe Theismann talk playing golf as a relaxing yet competitive pastime.
Redskins Rookies: Is Jonathan Allen the next Aaron Donald?
CSN NFL analyst Trevor Matich takes a look at Redskins rookies who are expected to shine in 2017. Can Jonathan Allen become the next Aaron Donald?
What did Trevor Matich like most about Redskins offseason?
Former Redskins offensive lineman Trevor Matich is excited about the upcoming season for the burgundy and gold.
Is the franchise tag bad for the NFL?
Former Redskins offensive lineman Trevor Matich breaks down whether the franchise tag is good for business in the NFL.
Kirk Cousins has handled his contract situation with class
Despite dealing with controversies over his contract situation, Kirk Cousins handled himself with class on Tuesday.
Reporter says it a no brainer for 49ers to go after Cousins
49ers beat reporter Matt Maiocco believes it's an obvious move for San Francisco to pursue Kirk Cousins after he didn't sign a long-term contract with the Redskins.
Hoyer is trying to ignore the Cousins-49ers noise
After the Redskins and Cousins were unable to nail down a deal, many expect the QB to eventually land with the 49ers. That's a bit awkward for Hoyer, though.
Cousins: Redskins are his 'first choice' for the long term
Kirk Cousins upset a lot of the conventional wisdom by stating emphatically that he would like to remain with the Redskins for the long haul. 
Keim doesn't know why Allen keeps saying 'Kurt'
We all stumble over our words sometimes, right? John Keim tried to explain Bruce Allen's pronunciation of Kirk Cousins's name yesterday. 
Cousins explains why he's not offended by Redskins statement
Despite its controversial tone, Kirk Cousins understood why the Redskins issued their statement on Monday explaining no long-term deal. 
Tandler: The Redskins blew a chance to secure the QB position for the future
For six months the Redskins had a chance to do something to secure the most important position on the field. They blew it. 
Keim on Allen mispronouncing Kirk's name
John Keim gave his best take to the Junkies on why people feel that it sometimes sounds like Bruce Allen is saying "Kurt" instead of "Kirk"
No one can explain the reasoning behind Redskins statement
The Redskins statement regarding not coming to a long-term deal with Cousins has been viewed as a low blow. Even ESPN reporter John Keim doesn't have an answer to why they did that.
Poll: Who is to blame for a Cousins-Redskins deal not getting done?
Poll: The deadline has passed and the Redskins and Kirk Cousins did not come to a deal. Who is to blame?
The window for a Cousins trade has passed
CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora doesn't see a Cousins trade making sense at this point.
La Canfora thinks Redskins will franchise Cousins 3rd time
After the Redskins released the statement they did, CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora believes the Redskins will franchise Cousins once more.
Junkies feel Redskins offer shows what they think of Cousins
The Redskins offered Kirk Cousins a low-market offer and the Junkies feel it clearly shows how much they value their QB.
Junkies feel Redskins offer shows what they think of Cousins
The Redskins presented Kirk Cousins with a low-market offer and the Junkies feel it clearly shows how much they value their QB.
Junkies: Redskins' statement shows they know it's over
After the Redskins released a statement in regards to not coming to a long-term agreement with Kirk Cousins, the Junkies feel the organization know it's over with him.
Who's next at quarterback for the Redskins?
Need to Know: With Kirk Cousins now unsigned for 2018, who will quarterback the Redskins next year?
B. Mitch shocked by Redskins trying to publicly destroy QB
There was no shock by B. Mitch that the Redskins and Kirk Cousins did not come to a deal. What did shock the former NFL player was how the Redskins handled the aftermath during their press conference.
Matich: The big key is how much they respect you
No deal for Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins leads Trevor Matich to speculate what is holding the deal back on both sides.
No deal - initial thoughts from B. Mitch and Trevor Matich
After there was not deadline deal between the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins, two former NFL players sounded off on their initial thoughts.
Cousins smiling postgame
Cousins' agent has liked a few interesting tweets recently
Kirk Cousins and his agent, Mike McCartney, didn't respond to the Redskins' most recent contract offer. But it looks like McCartney is responding in a more subtle way.
Jenks reads fan reactions on Cousins' no deal
Jenks reads a few tweets from fans about Kirk Cousins and the Redskins not coming to a long term contract deal.
Cowboys WR's dog reportedly held for ransom
While Cowboys' WR Lucky Whitehead was out of town, someone broke into his home and stole his dog, Blitz.
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: The aftermath of Cousins' contract
In a podcast loaded with analysis, CSN breaks down the Redskins' offer to Kirk Cousins, whether it was fair and what it means for everyone involved
Redskins offer is decent but not nearly enough for Cousins
The Redskins will tell you they tried their hardest to sign Kirk Cousins. But in reality, they could've put a lot more effort into the negotiations. 
Details from inside Bruce Allen's unique Monday presser
JP Finlay was one of the only reporters present in Bruce Allen's Monday press conference, and he explains the unique scene here.
Ryan Kerrigan
Kerrigan: 'We all believe in Kirk'
Before the big NFL deadline on Monday, Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan spoke to Santana Moss on what Kirk Cousins means to the team.
Trevor Matich wonders what the Redskins locker room thinks
Trevor Matich wonders what message not locking up Kirk Cousins at quarterback sends the rest of the players on the Redskins
Trevor Matich discusses Kirk Cousins future past this season
Trevor Matich discusses whether the Redskins are even a good situation for Kirk Cousins after this contract situation has continued to be a question.
Kirk Cousins has a clear desire to be a Redskin
In an interview with Joe Theismann, Kirk Cousins was asked whether he wants to be a Redskin, and he responded with a very clear answer.
Bruce Allen describes negotiations with Kirk Cousins
Moments after the Monday contract deadline came and went without a deal for Kirk Cousins, Bruce Allen released this statement about the negotiations.
Redskins detail negotiation process with Kirk Cousins
The Redskins were unable to get a long-term deal done with Kirk Cousins. Here is what that process looked like. 
Deadline passes with no contract for Cousins
The Monday deadline passed with no contract extension in place for Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins. 
josh norman_arizona
Panthers fans are begging Josh Norman to return to Carolina
Following his former team's decision to fire their GM, Norman sent out a cryptic tweet and then saw his mentions flooded with Panthers fans asking him to return.
Panthers let go GM Gettleman
The Panthers released their general manager on Monday after four seasons of guidance, including a trip to Super Bowl LI.
Turns out Sean Doolittle grew up a Redskins fan
The Nats traded for Athletics relief pitcher Sean Doolittle on Sunday. As it turns out, Doolittle bleeds burgundy and gold. 
Even If no deal in 2017, Rapoport sees Cousins as QB in 2019
NFL Insider Ian Rapoport believes a Cousins deal in 2017 is slim to none, but he's not losing hope for one in the future.
Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott involved in bar altercation
It looks as if the Cowboys' star running back has gotten himself into another sticky situation.
Fear factor: Redskins trying to avoid cap problems
The Redskins are dealing with fear in the Kirk Cousins negotiations but it's not the same fear that most teams have. 
Ian Rapoport feels Kirk Cousins will be Redskins QB in 2019
Ian Rapoport told the Junkies Monday morning that he thinks a long-term deal with Cousins will get done eventually.
Rapoport: Redskins biggest misstep with Cousins was in 2016
NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport believes the Redskins missed out on their franchise QB last year.
Redskins Playbook: 3 things to beware of before deadline
For Redskins fans anxiously awaiting news about Kirk Cousins, here are some tips for navigating the day and not falling for fake news. 
What will happen with Kirk Cousins on franchise tag deadline day?
4 p.m. is the deadline for the Redskins and Kirk Cousins to reach a long-term deal. So what will happen? JP Finlay and Rich Tandler predict.
Transition tag would allow Cousins to see value in league
CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay feels Kirk Cousins wants to see his value in the league before signing a long-term deal.
Finlay: This thing is 99.999% that Kirk is playing on tag
CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay feels that Kirk Cousins is so close to free agency, why sign a deal now?
It's clear Redskins haven't offered Cousins top-market money
It's deadline day for Kirk Cousins and the Junkies feel the media would know by now if the Redskins presented the QB with top-market money.
Redskins-Cousins contract deadline FAQ's
Need to Know: What does the franchise tag deadline mean for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins? Tandler breaks it down.
Kirk Cousins
Gruden: Maybe we'll figure out something later on
Jay Gruden reaffirms the team's interest in keeping Cousins, but acknowledges the challenges that come along with making a deal.
Long term stability for the Redskins at quarterback?
Kirk Cousins will most likely play under the franchise tag for another year, meaning another season of instability at quarterback for Washington.
Cousins deal unlikely on Monday but possible for later in 2018
Adam Schefter reported that Kirk Cousins, while unlikely to sign by Monday afternoon, is open to a long-term deal in DC. 
10 Redskins worth grabbing for fantasy football in 2017
From their rising quarterback to their talented weapons, the Redskins have plenty of appealing fantasy options. Here are the 10 best, ranked.
Jordan Reed
Fantasy Football - Do we like the Redskins in 2017?
Our latest look at the 2017 Fantasy Football season drills down on the rankings among the Redskins. 
Pressure Points: New receivers, similar situation for Kirk Cousins
Cousins has shown over the last two seasons that he can deliver as an NFL starting quarterback. How much that should cost, though, will be debated.
What would a fair Redskins contract offer to Kirk Cousins look like?
Need to Know: What would be a fair contract offer for Kirk Cousins?
Redskins land quite low in PFT power rankings
Pro Football Talk ranked the Redskins in the bottom third of their NFL Power Rankings for 2017, yet also added Washington could again be in the playoff mix. Huh?
Cousins Scherzer Porter
How Cousins compares to other rich DC athletes
Where would Kirk Cousins stand compared to other handsomely paid D.C. athletes, with and without a new Redskins contract?  Here's a breakdown of the numbers.
Redskins week that was: Future core players, 2018 cap
Need to Know: A look at the Redskins week that was including if it's about the money, a look ahead to 2020, and the Redskins' 2018 salary cap. 
Should NFL players go on strike?
Brian Mitchell and Julie Donaldson debate whether a strike would be beneficial for the players and force the owners to pay them more money.
Other teams anxiously wait for Washington's Monday deadline
The Redskins aren't the only team with eyes on Kirk Cousins as Monday's deadline approaches.
Doc Walker doesn't see a drop off for the Redskins offense
Although the Redskins have a new-look receiving corp, Doc Walker doesn't see a drop off coming for the offense.
How does Brandon Scherff prepare for a 3-4 defense?
Redskins offensive lineman Brandon Scherff stopped by Redskins Nation and broke down how he prepares to face a 3-4 defense.
Route 89: What are DeAngelo Hall's plans after football?
Everyone knows DeAngelo Hall is a baller on the field, but he's also a cool guy off the field. Don't miss the return of Route 89 with Santana Moss on July 30th at 10:30 p.m.
3 for Finlay: Food edition
JP and Larry debate the best food in Richmond and at FedEx Field
Ranking the 2017 Redskins roster: 31-40
Ranking the Redskins: We continue to roll out our rankings of the projected 2017 Redskins with the players ranked from 31-40.
Redskins roll out two new starters on back end of defense
Redskins depth chart preview: At safety, the Redskins have two new starters and a lot of competition for roster spots. 
Redskins have plenty of 2018 cap room for possible Kirk Cousins offer
It's entirely possible that should Kirk Cousins find a major dollar offer next year in free agency, the Redskins won't match it. That doesn't mean the team can't. 
If Cousins won't sign big offer, will fans turn on him?
John Feinstein thinks Redskins fans are too savvy to hold it against Kirk Cousins if he turns down a Derek Carr-level offer from Washington.
Hellie: Skins should call Cousins's bluff, offer big money
NFL Network's Dan Hellie believes Kirk Cousins wants to be in California with one of his former offensive coordinators. So he suggests the Redskins offer Cousins a huge deal to prove they did everything...
Redskins Playbook: 2 possible paths to Kirk Cousins long-term deal
With two business days left before the end of the negotiating period, two paths to a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins remain for the Redskins.
11 predictions for the 2017 Redskins offense
Need to Know: One prediction for each projected starter on the Redskins offense
Who was the most important offseason sign for the Redskins?
JP Finlay discusses who the Redskins best offseason move was with Julie Donaldson.
Former Redskin Mark Rypien weighs in on Cousins' contract
Former Redskins QB Mark Rypien weighs in on Kirk Cousins' contract situation
Chris Miller and JP Finlay have got some BEEF
Chris Miller and JP Finlay have some beef over which fan bases should be in their top 5.
Who are the top 5 fan bases in the NFL? JP picks his top
Which NFL teams have the best fan bases? JP Finlay picks his top 5.
Fans share their thoughts on Kirk Cousins' contract
Will Kirk Cousins reach a long term deal with the Redskins? Jill Sorenson & Chris Miller read fans tweets on Cousins' contract situation
Su'a Cravens reflects on his rookie season
Redskins Safety Su'a Cravens on adjusting to life in the NFL in his rookie season
Washington Wide Receiver Jamison Crowder
Pryor, Crowder work out with all-time great
Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder worked out with future Hall of Famer, Randy Moss.
True or False: The 2017 Redskins will make the playoffs
True or False: Tandler and Finlay examine the question of the Redskins' postseason possibilities. 
7 foods you'll need to gobble up at Redskins games this season
After being a part of the Taste of FedExField tour, CSN has identified seven things you'll have to try while taking in Redskins games in 2017.
Kirk Cousins has made a 'red-flag statement,' ex-agent says
Joel Corry, an ex-agent who now works for CBS, says that Kirk Cousins claiming his negotiations aren't about the money could be a bad sign for the Redskins.
Two one-year signings for Redskins who could shine
While guesting on CSN's #RedskinsTalk podcast, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport explained why he believes two Washington signings could end up delivering far more than their contracts suggest.
Josh Norman USAT
Redskins Playbook: 2 stats that show how good Josh Norman is
Josh Norman pulled down only three interceptions last season, but that doesn't tell the full scope of his impact with the Redskins. These stats do. 
11 predictions for the 2017 Redskins defense
Need to Know: One 2017 prediction for each projected Redskins defensive starter.
STL: Countdown to Cousins' Contract Deadline
B-Mitch and Julie Donaldson talk about the upcoming contact deadline for the Redskins and Kirk Cousins
Joe Theismann: Now or never for the Redskins and Cousins
If the Redskins and Kirk Cousins can't agree to an extension, kiss the QB goodbye according to a former Super Bowl champion.
Kirk Cousins
Cousins would forgive issues with Redskins if given fair deal
On CSN's #RedskinsTalk Podcast, Ian Rapoport said that paying Kirk Cousins what he's worth would make him forget any issues with the team. 
That one time Samaje Perine lifted a car
Redskins rookie running back Samaje Perine revealed some incredible stories about his strength in an interview with ESPN. Here are a few. 
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: Ian Rapoport on Kirk Cousins' contract
NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joins JP Finlay to break down a long-term deal for Kirk Cousins and if Cousins really wants to be in D.C. This is a must listen.
diving Bryce
Upset over Bryce Harper being a Cowboys fan? Don't be
Video of Bryce Harper talking about his love for the Cowboys during an All-Star game interview shouldn't upset anyone in D.C., according to the Sports Junkies.
While focus stays on Kaepernick, RG3's jobless, too
Colin Kaepernick remains without an NFL job at least in part due to his political activism. For RG3, his lack of employment doesn't come with the same notoriety. 
Could Drew Brees' contract impact Kirk Cousins?
It's entirely possible that Kirk Cousins will not be the best quarterback on the market next season, as Drew Brees could be available as a free agent. 
How good can Rob Kelley be if he starts 16 games?
Need to Know: Rob Kelley made quite a name for himself last year while starting just over half the season. What can he do in a full season? 
Kirk Cousins and Terrelle Pryor had some fun on Twitter
Kirk Cousins and Terrelle Pryor tweeted back and forth Tuesday, but in Jenks' world, it didn't stop there.
Terrelle Pryor drill
Cousins jokes that Pryor doesn't need any more speed
Kirk Cousins sent out a tweet Tuesday that showed, when it comes to Terrelle Pryor at least, the quarterback doesn't have a need for (any more) speed.
How much will it cost to extend Cousins? Former GM predicts
What's the dollar figure it will take for the Redskins to extend Kirk Cousins? Former GM Charley Casserly gives us his best guest
Brian Mitchell football card on sale for 50 cents
A Brian Mitchell football card was recently found in a store that cost very little.
Is Kirk Cousins being greedy?
Let's make this real simple: Kirk Cousins is not being greedy. Kirk Cousins is being smart. Kirk Cousins is being savvy. But Kirk Cousins is not being greedy. 
New Falcons stadium will sell cheap food, beer
For years, fans have raged about the increased prices of food and beverages at professional sporting events. The Falcons are changing that.
Will Josh Norman return to his All-Pro form?
Depth chart preview: Josh Norman is the Redskins' top cornerback and the highest paid CB in the league. Can his play this year match his pay this year? 
Spurrier smirk
Spurrier wouldn't make the Redskins practice if it was drizzling
During an interview with the Sports Junkies on CSN Tuesday, Ross Tucker explained Steve Spurrier's extreme distaste for rainy days while he coached the Redskins.
Practicing in the rain wasn't for Steve Spurrier
Former Redskin Ross Tucker told the Sports Junkies quite the Steve Spurrier story on Tuesday on CSN.
Don't expect a hometown discount from Kirk Cousins
Don't expect Kirk Cousins to give the Redskins any breaks in contract negotiations, but there is plenty to like about playing in Washington.
Redskins' 2018 cap room not as ample as it first looks
Need to Know: The Redskins appear to have a lot of available 2018 cap space but they have a lot of spending to do. 
Men Against Breast Cancer: Gary Williams and Jay Gruden
Gary Williams and Jay Gruden talk about the Men Against Breast Cancer Golf Classic and the importance of the event.
Hometown discount for Kirk Cousins? It could be an option.
Redskins Insider, JP Finlay is not ruling out a hometown discount for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins as we get closer to the deadline.
Do fans have justification to start calling Cousins?
With contract negotiations between the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins, fans are getting sick of the hold out and blame is shifting to Cousins.
Santana Moss: Crowder will thrive in offense
Entering the 2017-18 season, Jamison Crowder is the top receiver for the Redskins. Can he adjust moving out of the slot position?
Mismatches make Jamison Crowder real dangerous
Former wide receiver Santana Moss is all in on playmaking wide receiver Jamison Crowder. Inside, outside, it does not matter where he lines up.
Redskins QB Kirk Cousins
Life is a balance, even for Kirk Cousins
In the NFL, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has always remained 100% focused on the task at hand. This off-season, Cousins has taken a new approach. Santana Moss says it is necessary.
Will going younger at WR work for the Redskins?
DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are out of Washington with new, younger replacements at the wide receiver position. Former Redskin Santa Moss thinks the Redskins did not have much of a choice.
Playing at home no added pressure for Jonathan Allen
Redskins' first-round draft pick Jonathan Allen is looking forward to playing in front of his friends and family in the DMV. But being from the area adds no pressure as he gets set to make his NFL debut.
Ranking the 2017 Redskins: 41-53
We start off our annual ranking of the Redskins who are likely to make the roster with the players ranked 41-53.
Ranking the 2017 Redskins roster: 53-21
From the rookies to the vets, and the free agents to the mainstays, here's CSN's bottom-to-top ranking of the 2017 Redskins roster.
True or False: Kirk Cousins will pass for 5,000 yards in 2017
True or False: Kirk Cousins fell just short of a major passing milestone in 2016. Can he overcome obstacles and get there this year?
Redskins QB depth chart is set in stone — for now, anyway
Redskins depth chart preview: Quarterback is one drama-free area on the depth chart. That could change if the season goes south. 
Looking ahead: The Redskins' core defensive players in 2020
Need to Know: The Redskins' defense has some young players with potential. How many will still be around in three years?
Paul Tagliabue reflects on DC Hall of Fame induction
EX-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue talked to Chick Hernandez about being inducted into the DC Sports Hall of Fame.
Looking ahead: The Redskins' core offensive players in 2020
Need to Know: Looking ahead to who the core Redskins could be on offense going into training camp in 2020.
Dak Prescott has 'no knowledge' of fake autographs
Autograph-gate won't go away. While the bogus autographed football cards 'signed' by Dak Prescott are under recall, the Cowboys QB claims to have no idea how it happened. 
The Redskins week that was—Free agent busts, 2017 predictions
Need to Know: The Redskins week that was included some pessimistic predictions, a look at how Moses earned his big contract, and the passing game.
Which NFC East QB do you want for the next three years?
If you could have one NFC East quarterback for the next three seasons, which QB would you take. Former Redskins GM Charley Casserly joined SportsTalk Live to give his answer.
Casserly expects big things from Jamison Crowder this year
Jamison Crowder is set for an expanded role this season, and former Redskins general manager Charley Casserly expects him to post big numbers.
Which defensive end will step up opposite of Ryan Kerrigan?
Former Redskins general manager Charley Casserly breaks down the team's options at defensive end to play alongside Ryan Kerrigan.
Redskins 2016 Draft Class ready to exceed expectations?
With a season under their belt, is the highly touted Redskins 2016 NFL Draft Class ready to meet and exceed expectations?
Pryor explains approach to building confidence with Cousins
Terrelle Pryor is using his valuable perspective as a former quarterback to his approach to building a relationship with Kirk Cousins.
Which Redskins receiver should fans be most excited about?
JP Finlay joined Redskins Nation to break down each of the team's key pass catchers heading into the 2017 season.
Can the Panthers bounce back to their 2015 form?
The Panthers went 15-1 in 2015, but only 6-10 last season. Countdown to Training Camp went behind enemy lines to learn more about the Panthers outlook for 2017.
#RedskinsTalk Podcast: The good and bad of training camp
In Episode 73 of the #RedskinsTalk podcast, JP Finlay and Rich Tandler discuss the good and bad of NFL training camp.
True or False: The Redskins defense will improve significantly this year
True or False: The Redskins invested a lot in their defense this offseason. Will it bear fruit come September? 
Conspiracy theories and hot takes: Reaction rolls in to Dak Prescott controversy
If there's one thing American culture likes it's a good scandal, and if it involves the Dallas Cowboys QB, that's even better. Plenty of people have plenty of opinions on Dak Prescott.
Redskins Playbook: The case that QBs are actually underpaid
Kirk Cousins made nearly $20 million last year.  Yet, CBS Sports' Joel Corry makes the case that QBs are actually underpaid, and Cousins can break that trend. 
The five Redskins with the biggest 2017 weekly paychecks
Need to Know: Who will take home the biggest paychecks when the Redskins season starts? 
Jason Campbell sounds off on time with Redskins
Rob Carlin and B-Mitch analyze what Redskins former quarterback Jason Campbell had to say on his time with the Redskins.
Doctson and Santana MOss
Something Doctson could learn from Santana Moss
Josh Doctson and Santana Moss aren't the most comparable wide receivers, but there is one thing the young pass catcher could learn from the Redskins great.
The five most important Redskins training camp battles
With training camp coming up, CSN's Doc Walker takes a look at the top five most important position battles for the Redskins. 
Cousins Manning Prescott Wentz
Need an NFC East QB for next three years? Pick Kirk Cousins
ESPN reporters agreed that Cousins would be the choice in the NFC East when looking for a QB for the next three seasons. They were absolutely right.
Top 5: Redskins training camp battles that matter most
Doc Walker selects the five most crucial training camp battles that'll mean the most to the Redskins in Richmond this summer.
It's all about Josh Doctson's attitude in his second year
Now that Josh Doctson has put his forgettable rookie season behind him, Doc Walker identifies the key for him to rebound in year two.
True or False: Zach Brown will lead the Redskins in tackles
The Redskins got an unexpected boost when the team signed Zach Brown to a one-year deal. Brown earned a Pro Bowl trip last year, but what does that mean for Washington?
Despite losses at WR, pass game still projects among NFL's best
The Redskins fielded one of the most potent passing attacks in the NFL in 2016, and though the team lost a lot at WR, the cupboard is hardly bare.
Predicting the Redskins TD leaders in 2017
Which Redskins will lead the way in touchdowns in 2017-18? Insider JP Finlay breaks it down.
A lot of competition for Redskins' ILBs
Redskins depth chart preview: The Redskins will have competition for the starting jobs and for depth position when training camp gets underway in 3 weeks.
Free agent mistakes cost Redskins significant dead cap dollars
Need to Know: The Redskins made some bad free agent decisions in 2015 and 2016 and they are paying for it this year. 
Will Terrelle Pryor eclipse 1,000 yards this season?
Terrelle Pryor had 1,000 yards with four bad quarterbacks last season, so what should fans expect with Kirk Cousins throwing him the ball this fall?
Should Redskins fans expect a Cousins deal before deadline?
Redskins insider Rich Tandler breaks down the possibility that Kirk Cousins will sign an extension before the July 17 deadline.
Cowboys' QB busted for using fake autographs
Cowboys QB Dak Prescott had a great rookie season. In fact, it was so great that maybe he got tired of signing autographs by hand. 
Pryor's productivity in Cleveland proof enough he's ready
Cleveland Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot joined Countdown to Training Camp to talk about Terrelle Pryor's growth as an elite wide receiver. His time in Cleveland was valuable, even if wins were hard to...
Moses ranks as one of NFL's top RTs
Morgan Moses graded out as one of the best right tackles in the NFL last season, but could he be the Redskins 'secret superstar'?
Fantasy football 2017: the sleepers
A look at the undervalued quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends according to Ben Standig.
The sleepers of fantasy football 2017
Everybody loves fantasy football sleepers. Ben Standig takes a look at 18 such candidates heading into the 2017 season.
A possible numbers crunch at running back for the Redskins
The running back situation could be hit by ripple effects from elsewhere on the depth chart. 
One stat explains why Redskins red zone production should improve
With new, bigger wideouts it's still possible the Redskins struggle in the red zone, but it's hard to imagine the team performs at the same level as they did in 2016.
The top five offenses the Redskins will face in 2017
Need to Know: The Redskins defense should be able to improve if the offenses they face in 2017 is any indication. 
Redskins Playbook: Scouting over analytics for 'Skins
Statistical analysis, or analytics, has taken over baseball and is moving in on the NFL. How do the Redskins use analytics? Well, it's not that much of a surprise. 
A July 4th look at how many wins for the 2017 Redskins
Need to Know: Let's celebrate the 4th by breaking out the casino chips and see how many wins the Redskins will post this year. 
brady and portis
Ex-player made quite a comparison between Pats and 'Skins
In a 2016 book written about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, there's one passage related to the Redskins in which a former player criticized Washington's culture.
Vegas doesn't expect the Redskins to make the playoffs
The Redskins won the NFC East in 2015 and came up just short of a Wild Card bid in 2016. Despite that, the Vegas wiseguys have very little faith Washington makes the playoffs. 
The Redskins can end one dubious 25-year streak this year
Need to Know: The Redskins by the numbers including late turnover issues and a long time since three straight winning seasons. 
Redskins RB Matt Jones picks up famous new agent
This time last year Matt Jones looked like the running back of the future. Now, Jones is publicly asking to be released and has signed with a heavyweight agent to help. 
The top five defenses the Redskins will face in 2017
Need to Know: The top five defenses the Redskins will face this year are the top 10 defenses in the NFL.
Bobby Bonilla and Kirk Cousins
Cousins jokes about long-term deals
Kirk Cousins is as in awe of Bobby Bonilla's contract as the rest of us.
The Redskins week that was—Who's up and down, surprising Davis stat
Need to Know: The Redskins week that was includes a receiver debate, some QB talk, and who's up and who's down.
Charley Casserly has had enough of your disrespect for The Hogs
Newy Scruggs went and upset Charley Casserly after he hated an offensive line comparison to the Redskins.
Casserly responds to Dallas sportswriter's Hogs comment
Former Washington Redskins general manager, Charley Casserly responds to Dallas sportswriter that compares former Dallas O-lines to the Washington Hogs.
Rapping career for Bashaud Breeland after football?
Redskins cornerback does not want to just be seen as a football player, but also a talented rapper.
Update: Bashaud Breeland found a home for his puppies
Blowing up social media last year with his puppies, Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland provides an update on the dogs.
Reed's health has ripple effects in Redskins' tight end group
Redskins depth chart preview: The backup tight end is more effective when the starter is healthy and on the field. 
The numbers say that Cousins is an 'upper tier passer'
Need to Know: Doug Williams recently characterized Kirk Cousins as a better than average QB. The numbers say he's better than that. 
Fatigue? Yes, but Cousins' contract remains a big deal
With the July 15 deadline approaching, have you reached Kirk Cousins fatigue? Is there frustrating? Yes, but there is no denying it is a huge deal. JP Finlay has more.
Middle LB Breakdown: Three players for two positions
Zac Brown has elite speed and is a tackling machine. But what does that mean for Will Compton and Mason Foster's playing time? JP Finlay and Michael Jenkins break it down.
New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: To talk Kirk Cousins or not to talk Kirk Cousins
Dan Steinberg joins JP Finlay to talk about the chances of a Kirk Cousins contract, the media coverage around the situation and beer. Lots of beer.
Casserly zings Dallas sportscaster who disparaged Hogs
We told you about the sportscaster who called comparisons to the Hogs disrespectful to the Cowboys offensive line. Charley Casserly just gave him the business on Twitter. 
Preston Smith Jay Gruden
Pressure Points: Bounce back from Preston Smith?
Preston Smith impressed as a rookie, finishing 2015 with 8 sacks. Throughout 2016 training camp, Smith looked poised for a breakout year. Only it didn't happen.
Jim Nantz is starting to get tired of Cousins contract talk
CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz gave his two-cents to the Junkies about Kirk Cousins' contract negotiations.
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