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Wilson says players, not coaches, at fault for secondary struggles


Wilson says players, not coaches, at fault for secondary struggles

Josh Wilson acknowledged Wednesday that he probably should have jammed Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz near the line on Sunday's decisive touchdown.

“I wish I had got something on him to slow him down,” the veteran cornerback said. “But I don’t know how realistic [that was or] how much it would have made a difference.”

With the Redskins protecting a three point lead in the waning moments at MetLife Stadium, Wilson lined up to cover the speedy Cruz in the slot. But when the receiver burst off the line, he sprinted unimpeded between Wilson and safety Madieu Williams. 

“Getting a jam on a guy is a lot easier to sit here and talk about,” Wilson said. “It’s great to say, ‘Yeah, I’m going to get a jam on the guy every time. It’s great to say getting a jam is going to make a difference on that play.’”

While that may be up for debate, this is not: Cruz's 77-yard scoring reception marked the sixth time the Redskins have yielded a passing touchdown of 30 or more yards and the second time the given up a passing touchdown of 70 or more yards.

For the season, the Redskins have permitted more passing yards (2,299) than any other team and are tied for the most passing touchdowns yielded (16). 

“Right now, the big plays are really costing us,” Wilson said. “We weren’t allowing [those plays] last year.”

Asked whom shoulder the blame for the repeated breakdowns, Wilson said it shouldn't be the coaches.

“It has nothing to do with scheme,” he said. “We’re not stopping the big play.” 

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The Redskins now have three of the top 12 players from the 2013 Rivals recruiting class

The Redskins now have three of the top 12 players from the 2013 Rivals recruiting class

If you're trying to predict who the Redskins are going to take next in the 2017 NFL Draft, you may want to put some money down on Alvin Kamara.

That's because Washington is apparently trying to assemble as much talent as possible from the 2013 Rivals Top 100 recruiting class. After taking Jonathan Allen in Round 1 of the event, the Redskins are now home to three of the top 12 players from that list:

Allen joins Su'a Cravens and Kendall Fuller on a defense that is starting to collect some serious young players. And while many members of the 2013 Top 100 class have already been drafted this year or in previous years, Kamara, a running back out of Tennessee who was No. 45, is still available. Could he be the next 2013 prospect to land with the Burgundy and Gold?


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How playing at Alabama may have actually hurt Jonathan Allen's draft stock

How playing at Alabama may have actually hurt Jonathan Allen's draft stock

For the past few seasons, Jonathan Allen was a stud at the heart of Alabama's defense. He was far from the only stud, however, and that might be another factor in why he slipped to the Redskins at pick No. 17 on Thursday night.

The chief concern about Allen is the health of his shoulders, but there's also the question of how he'll do when he's no longer with Nick Saban's star-laden unit. It's easy to succeed when you're a part of a loaded ensemble cast, the thinking might've gone when it came to Allen, but how will you do on your solo project?

In addition to Allen, the Crimson Tide featured Marlon Humphrey (who went 16th to the Ravens), Reuben Foster (who went 31st to the 49ers) and others, like Tim Williams, Dalvin Tomlinson and Ryan Anderson, all of whom could go in Friday's second and third rounds. Together, that's a tremendous defense, but in the NFL, they'll be striking out on their own.


That's another possible explanation for why the Redskins were able to nab what was almost a consensus top-five prospect so late in the event.

"He's a really talented pass rusher but he's always been surrounded by enough talent that it's been hard for offenses to game plan their protection for him," one NFC director of player personnel told NFL.com.

Now, it's not like Allen is joining a bunch of nobodies in Washington. Ryan Kerrigan, Preston Smith and Zach Brown will also be lining up with him in Greg Manusky's front-seven. Oh, and Allen is no slouch either — the list of his strengths in this particular scouting report contains words like "superior," "proficient," "consistent" and "excellent."

But it is probably fair to say that, comparatively speaking, the rookie won't be amongst as many skilled guys as he was in college. By rushing to the podium to snag him, however, the Redskins clearly expect him to handle the NFL transition just fine.