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Will Scot McCloughan situation steer Kirk Cousins, free agents away from Redskins?

Will Scot McCloughan situation steer Kirk Cousins, free agents away from Redskins?

The Redskins appear to be in full-blown turmoil as they approach a very critical time of the year.

We know that general manager Scot McCloughan missed at least the start of the combine and it appears that he will miss the entire event. There are reports by 106.7 The Fan, denied by McCloughan and others, that McCloughan has been absent from Redskins Park since February 20. All of this is on the heels of reports that the power of Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen is on the rise while McCloughan’s authority is shrinking.

The perception is that the franchise is in disarray. And when it comes to players who are evaluating whether to continue being employed by the Redskins and prospective free agents from other teams who might want to come to Washington, perception is reality.


How is Kirk Cousins, who has about four months to decide whether he wants to remain with the Redskins for the long term, perceiving this? He has been with the organization for five years and there was turmoil in the beginning with the Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan battles and now there appear to be more problems brewing now. Why would he be excited about signing up for more of this?

Regarding Cousins, it should be noted that the team said to be most interested in acquiring him, the 49ers, haven’t been the model of consistency lately. Kyle Shanahan is the team’s fourth head coach in the last four seasons and they hired a TV analyst with zero front office experience to be the GM. Should he decide to leave for San Francisco, Cousins could be jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Back to the big picture, are Pierre Garçon and Chris Baker looking at this and shaking their heads? Do they want to sign up for three or four more years of this? Can they have confidence that the front office can assemble a winner so they have a shot at some success?

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And you have to wonder what potential free agent targets from other teams are thinking about all of this. Getting a player to come on board is a sales job and having a functional, stable organization can be a major selling point. If you don’t have one you need to hope that’s not high on the player’s list. The team can contact agents for players starting Tuesday morning. The team can arrange for visits and talk to players on the phone a week from today. You have to think that they will have questions about who is in charge. Will the Redskins have to pay a dysfunction premium on contracts to get players to come to Washington?


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Jay Gruden opens training camp with Kirk Cousins name joke

Jay Gruden opens training camp with Kirk Cousins name joke

On Wednesday afternoon, Jay Gruden took to the podium in Richmond, Va. to officially open the start of the Washington Redskins' training camp.

The head coach when through the particulars: injuries, conditioning, what he's expecting, etc.

But as Gruden is to do from time to time, he fired off a great zinger.

When asked by a media member about Kirk Cousins' one-year deal, Gruden asked for clarification.

"Kirk or Kurt? Kirk with a K?," he quipped in reference to the kerfuffle regarding Bruce Allen's pronunciation of Cousins' first name.


Gruden is a funny guy, a lot funnier than he propbably gets credit for.

Lets hope this continues, because recurring jokes are the best.

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A possible trade destination for Redskins RB Matt Jones?

A possible trade destination for Redskins RB Matt Jones?

RICHMOND—The Redskins reportedly have been looking to trade running back Matt Jones since just before the draft. They may be able to find a partner just up I-95.

The Baltimore Ravens are in need of a running back after Kenneth Dixon suffered a season-ending knee injury earlier this week. Terrance West, who gained 774 yards on the ground last year, is healthy and returning but the Ravens want more depth at the position.

That is where Jones could come into play. The 2015 third-round pick of the Redskins was the unquestioned starter going into last season. But fumbling and other issues prompted Jay Gruden to make him inactive the last nine games of the season. Jones further fell out of favor by skipping OTAs this year, a move he made on the advice of his now-former agent.

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Ravens coach Jim Harbaugh said last year that he liked Jones “a lot” in the 2015 draft and he could well still be intrigued by his size and speed. ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley said that Jones could be a good fit for the Ravens in their current situation.

It should be noted that Hensley seems to be engaging in informed speculation and not relaying anything he heard from the team’s decision makers. He also speaks of the possibility of Baltimore picking up Jones after the Redskins release him.

But there could be some incentive for the Ravens to talk trade with the Redskins rather than waiting for Jones to hit the waiver wire. For one thing, getting their new back in sooner rather than later would benefit the Ravens, allowing the player to get acclimated to his new quarterback and offensive line. While the Redskins are inevitably going to cut Jones, they have no incentive to do so before the final cuts just before the start of the season. Perhaps the Ravens will want to give up some minor compensation, something like a swap of sixth- and seventh-round picks, to get Jones in for the start of training camp.

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Hensley also mentions the possibility that the Ravens will look at former Redskin Alfred Morris for depth at running back. He currently is buried on the Cowboys’ depth chart behind All-Pro Ezekiel Elliott and Darren McFadden. However, there is the possibility of a domestic-violence suspension on the horizon for Elliott. While the suspension is likely to be brief the Cowboys probably don’t want to depart with any running back depth until the matter has been settled.

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