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Is this why RG3 hasn't signed?


Is this why RG3 hasn't signed?

One of the more frequently asked questions around here concerns the contract of Robert Griffin III. Specifically, folks want to know what the holdup is in getting it signed.We had some footage here earlier today about both RG3 and Mike Shanahan being confident that a deal will get done in plenty of time for Griffin to make all of the team activities. The CBA pretty well dictates that the contract will be four years with a team option for a fifth and worth about 20 million. The Redskins will have no problem guaranteeing the whole deal.So, again, whats the holdup?It could be something that wont be a part of this deal and will never effect Griffin, a technicality called offset language.Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told NFL.com that offsets are why none of the top eight picks of the 2012 draft have signed yet. Thats whats probably holding everybody up, because the moneys the money, said Jones. I think everybody wants to be consistent at the end of the day. Thats whats holding everybody up.What the heck are offsets? If you have offset language in your contract, if you are released with guaranteed money on your contract, any money from a new deal with another team will be deducted from what your original club owes you. So, if the Browns release you with 2 million in guaranteed salary left on your deal and you sign with the Rams for 1 million, the Browns only owe you 1 million. So, management wants offset language.If you dont have an offset clause, you collect the 2 million from Cleveland and the other 1 million from St. Louis. Obviously, players and their agents dont want offsets.An offset is not likely to come into play with the Redskins and Griffin if only because there is is zero chance that the Redskins would release Griffin inside of four years. There just is no possibility of him getting money from another team in that time.But its not as simple as that. The Redskins may not want to set a precedent for putting offsets into rookie deals and Ben Dogra, Griffins agent, might not want to roll over in it, either.However, offsets could be holding back a Redskins-Griffin deal because the issue is holding up deals for the other picks around him. Even in the era of contracts where the CBA dictates the vast majority of the terms, agents are very reluctant to sign their clients to deals when no player drafted near them has been signed as they are afraid that a subsequent deal might make theirs look bad.So, as long as Luke Kuechly, the ninth overall pick by the Panthers, remains the highest-picked player to have signed a deal, RG3 will most likely remain unsigned. And until someone gives in on offsets, the chances are that many in the top eight will be unsigned.Its not a big deal yet and the chances are very good that as training camp approaches the logjam will break and the top picks, including RG3, will be signed in plenty of time. But it youre looking for an answer as to why it isnt already done, it could be right there.

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Redskins practice observations OTAs 05.24.17—Injured players getting back on track

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Redskins practice observations OTAs 05.24.17—Injured players getting back on track

The skies were dry but the fields were wet and that forced the Redskins into the bubble for their second OTA practice.

Here are my observations from the session:

OLB Junior Galette took a light workload but it was surprising that he did anything at all considering that he is 10 months removed from an Achilles tendon tear. He was sprinting during stretching and he took part in some team drills. It’s early but if he is healthy in September the Redskins’ pass rush could be a force.

Not present were TE Jordan Reed, OT Trent Williams, and RB Matt Jones. Jay Gruden said that Reed and Williams are working out elsewhere and he was vague about the absence of Jones, although he said that it was not unexpected.

Also in good health was TE Niles Paul. He suffered a shoulder injury in Week 8 last year and finished the season on injured reserve. The veteran appeared to be a full go in both individual and team drills.

RB Rob Kelley looks like he lost a few pounds in an effort to become more durable and maybe a little quicker. He also is sporting a new jersey number.

Rob Kelley now wearing No. 20. #Redskins

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P Tress Way is in midseason form. He lofted a punt that landed in one of the light fixtures some 100 feet above the floor of the practice bubble and stayed in it. The third-year player said that he couldn’t do that again if he tried 100 times.

RB Mack Brown faces some serious competition for his job but he is not going to give it up easily. He looked good on some runs off tackle, showing some good speed and quickness.

They rotated a lot of defensive linemen through during team drills. Undrafted rookie Ondre Pipkins got a lot of run at nose tackle and Anthony Lanier played quite a few snaps at end as did Ziggy Hood. Top draft pick Jonathan Allen’s reps were somewhat limited as were those of Phil Taylor. They likely plan to rotate  their linemen a lot throughout OTAs, minicamp, and training camp to try to find a good combination.

QB Kirk Cousins mostly kept to shorter passes but in seven on seven drills he did launch one deep down the middle that WR Maurice Harris went up and grabbed for the nicest offensive play of the day.

Rookie TE Jeremy Sprinkle dropped a pass on a short crossing pattern. As a fifth-round pick he can afford some mistakes now but he can’t drop too many in August.

QB Nate Sudfeld was shaky in the beginning, throwing a few passes at the shoe tops of his receivers. But he did get better as the practice went on, through some nice, accurate passes while rolling out.

Gruden called for a trick play at the end of on team session. Cousins threw a quick backwards pass to WR Jamison Crowder, who was on the left. RB Chris Thompson snuck out of the backfield and he was open along the right hashmark. But Crowder’s pass was underthrown, allowing ILB Zach Brown to break it up.

Brown, Will Compton, and Mason Foster rotated in and out at inside linebacker. All possible combinations of the three were on the field at various times. It will be interesting to see how the lineup settles in when the season starts.

I think that S D.J. Swearinger is going to be annoying to players and fans from other teams. After Harris caught a pass, he was jogging down the field with the ball after the whistle blew. Swearinger came up and gave the ball a bunch to try to knock it out of his grasp. It was more playful than violent but I can see how he will get under the skin of opponents.

WR Josh Doctson appears to be healthy. He turned on the jets to catch a QB Colt McCoy pass down the right sideline. Of course, it’s May and the goal is for him to be healthy in September but it looks like it’s so far, so good.

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Kirk Cousins sounded optimistic about contract talks with Redskins

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Kirk Cousins sounded optimistic about contract talks with Redskins

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins repeatedly sounded optimistic about his ongoing contract negotations with the organization, though he acknowledged the talks will probably go until the last minute.

"Deadlines do deals," Cousins said.

Speaking Wednesday to the media after an OTA session, Cousins explained that talks with the Redskins have been positive and ongoing. He also admitted that he doesn't expect a deal to get finished before the July 15th franchise tag deadline.

In 2016, conversations between the Redskins and Cousins largely broke down before the tag deadline. That seems to be a different story in 2017, and while it may only be a glimmer of hope, it's an encouraging development for Washington fans that want to keep their passer. 

"It's been very positive," he said. Of July 15th, Cousins said, "it will be a telling date, as it was last summer."

Over the last two seasons as starter, Cousins has thrown for more than 9,000 yards, twice breaking the franchise single-season passing record. In 2015, Cousins emerged in the second half of the year to play some terrific football and lead the Redskins to a division title. In 2016, Cousins never quite hit the same highs as 2015, but was much more consistent and piled up passing yards. 

Redskins team president Bruce Allen said earlier this week he remains positive about a long-term deal for Cousins. Allen maintained that talks are ongoing with Cousins' representatives, and similarly to Cousins, expects the bulk of the talks closer to July 15th.


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