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Why are the Redskins moving camp to Richmond?


Why are the Redskins moving camp to Richmond?

After holding training camp at their facility in Ashburn, Virginia for 10 of the past 12 years, the Redskins are taking their act on the road.Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia announced today that the team will be holding training camp in Richmond starting in 2013. According to one report, the agreement to hold camp in Virginia capital city is for eight years.About half of the NFL teams hold training camp at their regular facilities or very near them. Why are the Redskins joining the other half?Certainly money has something to do with it. The agreement between the Redskins and Virginia contains a provision that the team will keep its facility in Ashburn. At the bottom of the governors announcement it says that the Redskins have been granted 4 million towards expansion and renovation of Redskins Park. Per WTOP radio, the total investment in the 21-year-old facility will be 30 million. The city of Richmond will subsidize the training camp move to the tune of 1.5 million and Loudoun County will kick in 500,000 towards the Redskins Park upgrades.But 6 million would not make Mike Shanahan sign off on moving training camp if he thought it was best for it to stay in Ashburn. On the day he was introduced as the teams head coach Shanahan expressed a preference for holding camp somewhere other than Redskins Park. He likes for the team to be able to get away from the distractions at home and focus on football for a few weeks.One could argue that the bonding aspect of training camp is something of an outdated idea. Earlier in Shanahans tenure as an NFL coach, the offseason program was a fraction of what it is now. Players get plenty of time to get to know each other during the conditioning, OTAs and minicamp, which start in mid-April and end in mid-June. The merit of going away so that the players can get to know each other is questionable.And they arent going away to some sleepy college town like Carlisle, Pennsylvania or Frostburg, Maryland, two places the Redskins trained before they decided to stay at home. Richmond is a medium-large city and there are plenty of ways to get into trouble there.In any case, it is hard to see it being about the money. Moving camp could well cost the Redskins more than the 4 million that the state is granting them. Moving camp also means moving a lot of complex video gear and other equipment about 115 miles down I-95 from Ashburn to Richmond.Exactly where they will practice in Richmond is to be determined. The most logical location is City Stadium, which was the off-campus home of the University of Richmond Spiders until 2010.But there would be some obstacles to overcome before an NFL team could hold camp on that site. There is only one field at City Stadium and while there might be room to build another one it would be a tight fit. Parking in the immediate vicinity is very limited and the complex, such as it is, is virtually surrounded by residential communities. The stadium opened in 1929.The University of Richmond has some nice on-campus facilities but they will be in use by the Spiders for preseason practice while the Redskins are conducting their camp.The location will be determined by a task force working with the Redskins, according to Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones.

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Oddsmakers give Kirk Cousins favorable shot at 2017 NFL MVP

Oddsmakers give Kirk Cousins favorable shot at 2017 NFL MVP

There continues to be a (ridiculous) debate on whether or not Kirk Cousins can continue to be a successful starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

In the betting industry, there is not much debate with Cousins being listed with 50/1 odds to win the NFL MVP award this upcoming season from Bovada. Among all the other players listed, he is in a tie for 14th. 

He is coming off back-to-back seasons with seven 300 yard passing games, a team record, and has an abundance of fresh, young wide receivers to compliment his passing style. Last year he was third in the league in passing yards with 4,917, trailing only Drew Brees (5,208) and Matt Ryan (4,944). 

The team may not be poised for a Super Bowl run in 2017-18, but if the team makes a post-season run, who will it be on the back of? Jordan Reed? Rob Kelley? Ryan Kerrigan?

No, it will be Kirk Cousins. 

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Entering this season at 40-years-old, and defending Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady is the overall favorite at 4/1. He is closely followed by Aaron Rodgers, and young quarterbacks Derek Carr and Dak Prescott. 


Tom Brady, NE — 4/1
Aaron Rodgers, GB — 7/1
Derek Carr, OAK — 9/1
Dak Prescott, DAL — 12/1
Ben Roethlisberger, PIT — 12/1
Russell Wilson, SEA — 12/1
Matt Ryan, ATL — 16/1
Ezekiel Elliott, DAL — 20/1
Drew Brees, NO — 25/1
Andrew Luck, IND — 25/1
Cam Newton, CAR — 25/1
David Johnson, ARI — 33/1
Marcus Mariota, TEN — 33/1
Sam Bradford, MIN — 50/1
Antonio Brown, PIT — 50/1
Kirk Cousins, WAS — 50/1
Julio Jones, ATL — 50/1
Eli Manning, NYG — 50/1
Carson Palmer, ARI — 50/1
Adrian Peterson, NO — 50/1
Philip Rivers, LAC — 50/1
Matt Stafford, DET — 50/1
Odell Beckham Jr., NYG — 66/1
Rob Gronkowski, NE — 66/1
Alex Smith, KC — 66/1
Ryan Tannehill, MIA — 66/1
J.J. Watt, HOU — 66/1
Jameis Winston, TB — 66/1
Blake Bortles, JAX — 100/1
Andy Dalton, CIN — 100/1
Joe Flacco, BAL — 100/1
T.Y. Hilton, IND — 100/1
Marshawn Lynch, OAK — 100/1
LeSean McCoy, BUF — 100/1
Von Miller, DEN — 100/1
DeMarco Murray, TEN — 100/1
Carson Wentz, PHL — 100/1

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True or False: Rob Kelley will be Redskins leading rusher

True or False: Rob Kelley will be Redskins leading rusher

Robert Kelley emerged as the Redskins top running back in 2016, an incredible story of an undrafted guy working his way to the top. Of course, Matt Jones' problems with fumbling helped push Kelley to the top. 

Redskins coach Jay Gruden speaks highly of Kelley, particularly his fluidity and vision, but the team drafted Samaje Perine in the fourth round this year to provide additional competition in the backfield.

Here's the crucial statement: Rob Kelley will lead the Redskins in rushing yards in 2017.

Finlay: True.

Kelley averaged 4.2 yards-per-carry last season and the Redskins ground game is very much centered on a "4 or more" philosophy. Washington running backs coach Randy Jordan joined the #RedskinsTalk podcast and explained that the team wants a runner it can count on for positive yards more than creating big plays. The Redskins offense, as designed by Gruden, sets up for big plays in the pass game, and the run should allow for proper use of play action. 

In just nine starts last year, Kelley gained more than 700 yards. Project that out over 16 games, and he would be over 1,000 yards rushing. Perine has much to learn about the NFL, and understanding pass protections will take time for the rookie out of Oklahoma. Chris Thompson will be a key part of the offense, but much of his yardage will come via the pass game. 

Kelley will lead this team in rush yards. He's looked great in OTAs and minicamp while the coaching staff believes Kelley is in much better shape this year than he was as a rookie. Write it down in pen. 

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Tandler: True.

After the draft and during rookie camp I was saying that there was a chance that Perine could lead the team is rushing this year. But after seeing Perine playing with the big boys in OTAs and minicamp it’s apparent that he has a long way to go to become a consistently productive running back.

One thing Kelley seems to have going in his favor is that he has a very sensible outlook on the NFL. As JP noted, Kelley showed up to Redskins Park in better shape than he did as a rookie. This indicates to me that he understands that being an NFL players is a year-round job. Staying in great shape is important in the league but at running back it’s vital. Kelley gets that and because he does, his chances of being available for 16 games are much higher.

In turn, that improves his chance of being the team’s leading rusher. I’m not sure if he’ll get 1,000 yards—Perine will get things figured out enough to take some carries before the season gets too old—but Gruden will make sure that he gets fed plenty as long as he is available. 


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