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What are the Redskins' options for creating more cap space?

What are the Redskins' options for creating more cap space?

The Redskins don’t have any breathing room under the NFL salary cap and Bruce Allen said that the team needs to create some.

Allen confirmed that the team has around $2 million in cap space remaining and that’s not enough. “Obviously we’re going to have some injuries during the year that will eat that up,” he said. “We’re going to make those adjustments and look at different options after the third preseason game.”

The probably need about another $2 million in cap space to cover players on injured reserve, handle any injury settlements that come along, and to pay their practice squad players. What options does the team have available? There are many ways to skin that cat; here are a few of the possibilities.

The most straightforward way to reduce you salary cap expenditures is to release a high-priced player. The player who seems to be the most likely candidate here is Stephen Bowen. Since it is after June 1, the major portion of unaccounted for bonus money on his contract would not hit the cap until 2015. Releasing Bowen, who has been battling to get off of the PUP list after undergoing microfracture surgery last year, would save $4.4 million in cap space.

Bowen could also be asked to take a reduction in his salary this year. He would have to agree to do so but the team could present options where he either takes a reduction in pay or gets released.

Yes, the NFL can be a cold, hard business. The team could soften the blow by giving Bowen an opportunity to earn back part or all of the amount of his reduction in pay by putting in some incentives.

Bowen is the only player making a significant amount of money who is not in the team’s plans as either a starter or as a top reserve. If they don’t do something with his contract there are other options.

They could also restructure a player’s contract to reduce the cap hit this year while increasing it in future years. Pierre Garçon is a possible candidate here. They could convert some of his $7.1 million salary to signing bonus and spread the cap hit out over the three remaining years on his deal.

The team could also try to negotiate a contract extension with Trent Williams, a move that could possibly reduce his cap hit of nearly $11 million this year. But that might be difficult to get done in the next couple of weeks and the cap savings could be minimal.

Allen and company will figure out a way to get it done but there are no easy choices. Perhaps they will end up creating the space with a series of smaller moves rather than with a dramatic stroke. We should find out in the next few weeks.

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Redskins Playbook: Beyond Jordan Reed, questions mount as training camp opens

Redskins Playbook: Beyond Jordan Reed, questions mount as training camp opens

RICHMOND - Everything seemed cool at the Bon Secours training facility when Jay Gruden left the podium on Wednesday, but that quickly changed when the Redskins released their  Physically Unable to Perform list a few hours later. Jordan Reed landing on the PUP list was an unexpected bomber, a big deal even if the star tight end returns to the field quickly.

On Thursday, the Redskins will take to the field for their first day of training camp. There will be plenty of questions:

  1. When and why? Reed on the PUP list for the first day of camp does not mean Redskins fans should panic, but it also doesn't mean there isn't reason for alarm. Reed has a distinct injury history and it seems the team is being smart trying to handle an injury rather than let it linger. The Washington offense is at its best with Reed on the field. Jay Gruden will be asked about Reed a lot in his Thursday press conference; perhaps their will be some clarity.
  2. D-Line questions - Rookie Jonathan Allen should immediately help the 'Skins up front defensively, but beyond that, there are no sure things in the trenches. The Redskins added Stacy McGee from the Raiders and Terrell McClain from the Cowboys in free agency, and both are expected to have a significant role right away. Those guys have had productive flashes in their past, but injuries have been an issue. The Redskins need them to be good, and healthy, right away.
  3. Time to shine - Josh Doctson hardly had a rookie season as he dealt with Achilles injuries. He played just two games in 2016. With DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon gone, the Redskins need last year's first-round draft pick to produce in 2017. A strong training camp, develping chemistry with Kirk Cousins, could help calm fears about the revamped 'Skins offense. 

Stay with CSN all day for updates from the Redskins first training camp practice of the 2017 season. Football is finally here.


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Reed on PUP is not a reason to panic, at least not yet

Reed on PUP is not a reason to panic, at least not yet

RICHMOND—Redskins fans got into a panic when the news that Jordan Reed will start the season on the PUP list with a sprained big toe. But the injury is no cause for great concern. At least not for now.

It’s not that Reed isn’t an important cog in the offense. Of course he is. He was No. 2 in our ranking of the Redskins who will have the most impact in 2017. But there is every indication that the move is precautionary. History indicates that toe injuries tend to linger. Similar to hamstring injuries, the best path often is to rest and rehab until the pain is gone and then rest and rehab a little while longer. That minimizes the chances of the injury coming back.

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The irony here is that Reed did not go to OTAs in order to work on conditioning in Miami. Most areas of his body probably are bullet proof. But there is not a lot you can do to prevent a toe injury; it’s just not one of those areas of the body you can fortify with conditioning.

We don’t yet have a timetable for Reed’s return. They will not be in any hurry. Reed knows the offense and he has good timing and rapport with Kirk Cousins. After missing OTAs he came in a dominated the two-day minicamp. The Redskins could choose to have him work on rehab and conditioning until the third preseason game one month from today. They can let him get a little tune up against the Bengals and then put him back in bubble wrap until they open the season against the Eagles on September 10.

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That sounds like a good plan but there is always the possibility of a relapse. These injuries are tricky. And while it’s too soon to panic, some great concern would be warranted if Reed still is on PUP in a month.

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