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Washington Redskins use incentives to limit Terrelle Pryor's salary cap hit

Washington Redskins use incentives to limit Terrelle Pryor's salary cap hit

The Redskins structured Terrelle Pryor’s one-year contract to transform $8 million into $6 million in 2017 salary cap space.

The basics of the deal are simple. Pryor gets a $3 million signing bonus and a $3 million guaranteed salary for 2017. Those two items account for the $6 million salary cap hit.

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Then it gets a little tricky. There are $2 million in incentives that Pro Football Talk characterized as “readily achievable”. However, in order to have them not count against the current year cap those incentives have to defined as “unlikely to be earned”. The definition of that is straightforward. If the player did not achieve the statistical level needed to trigger the incentive the previous season, the bonus is unlikely to be earned. If he did, the incentive is considered to be likely to be earned and it would count against the current year’s cap.

Let’s say that the Redskins wanted to do a $500,000 incentive for receptions. Pryor had 77 catches last year. An incentive that called for him to receive the bonus would have to be for 78 receptions or more for it to be unlikely to be earned. If 77 catches or fewer triggers the extra payment then it’s likely to be earned and the $500,000 would count against the current cap.

The incentives can carry over to the next year. If a player earns a bonus that is unlikely, it counts against the next year’s cap. And if the player does not collect on a likely to be earned bonus, the money is credited to the following season.

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The details of Pryor’s incentives are unavailable. But if they are based on standard statistics he has to have a pretty good year for the Redskins to collect. In addition to the 77 receptions, Pryor had 1,007 yards and four touchdowns. If Pryor can exceed any or all of those numbers, the team would be more than happy to write out the check for the $2 million in incentives.

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Bruce Allen goes full Belichick when talking about Snapchat

Bruce Allen goes full Belichick when talking about Snapchat

When it comes to incorrectly identifying the names of social media platforms, Bill Belichick is the standard-bearer and industry leader. Examples of terms recently uttered by the head coach include gems like "MyFace" and "Yearbook," as the football icon has demonstrated he's somewhat aware of the sites and apps yet doesn't really care about them.

Bruce Allen, though, may have just laid claim to Belichick's crown. In a 1-on-1 interview with CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay, Allen discussed how he's not involved at all on social media and then proceeded to give Snapchat a glorious new name.

"I don't get to pay attention to everything," Allen told Finlay when asked if the team president keeps up with the constant rumors surrounding Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins.

"You're not on Twitter all the time?" Finlay interjected.

"No, I don't have Twitter," Allen answered, laughing, "and I'm not on Snapper-chapper or whatever it's called."

Allen was in the neighborhood by starting off with "Snap," but the rest of his attempt showed he's not exactly on the right street. Fortunately, unlike Belichick, Jay Gruden has gotten Snapchat's name right in the past, and could likely help Allen get used to the app if Allen ever decides to start using it.


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What has Bruce Allen noticed so far about Jim Tomsula? His snot

What has Bruce Allen noticed so far about Jim Tomsula? His snot

By signing free agents Stacy McGee and Terrell McClain, Bruce Allen handed new Redskins defensive line coach Jim Tomsula two pieces that the assistant apparently had his eyes on.

"He gave us specific instructions of the type of defensive lineman he was looking for and who he thought could fit our new defensive scheme," Allen told CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay in a lengthy 1-on-1 interview at the owner's meetings in Phoenix.

So, after crossing those two names off of Tomsula's shopping list, what should Allen buy now for Tomsula? Well, after hearing the next part of Allen and Finlay's conversation, it sounds like a bunch of tissues would be appropriate.


"Have you seen any of the Tomsula clips from the Combine?" Finlay asked Washington's team president, referring to the drills that Tomsula led in very intense fashion. "He's got some scary looking eyes."

"I saw it from watching on the field," Allen responded. "If there's a close-up of him, I'm sure they saw some live snot somewhere in there."

Tomsula has been a part of the Redskins organization for barely more than two months, and he's already intentionally collided with one draft prospect and also impressed/shocked/worried one of his bosses with the amount of mucus his nose produces.

Long live Jim Tomsula.

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