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This just in: Williams will coach who is there

This just in: Williams will coach who is there

Mike Wise had a good column about Andre Carter in Thursday’s Post. The part worthy of discussion, though, came in the opening of the piece when Wise talked about Gregg Williams and showed that he (Wise) doesn’t quite get it:

There was a telling moment Tuesday in Ashburn when Gregg Williams was asked whether he had worried Andre Carter might choose Denver over Washington during free agency. He could easily have said that not acquiring a pass-rusher of Carter's ilk might hurt the defense. But Williams couldn't let his prideful self go there.

"Had he made a choice to go somewhere else, good riddance," he said, sneering. "That's fine."

What a nurturing way to let players know where they stand, no?

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about this coaching staff is that they don’t worry about players who aren’t there. I remember talking to Greg Blache last year when his defensive line was going through a major rash of injuries. He said, “I can only coach the players who are here. If a player’s here, I’ll coach him. If he’s not, I can’t coach him.” Williams expressed similar sentiments.

If the coaches aren’t going to worry about players who aren’t there, why in the world would they worry about players that they never signed in the first place.

It appears from the article that Carter’s father, former NFL defensive lineman and Redskins coach Ruben Carter, gave him plenty of nurturing. If he came to the Redskins, or any other NFL team for that matter, in search of it he came to the wrong place.

Wise is starting to grow on me as a columnist, except when he has wimpy, Alan Alda type moments such as this one.

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Report: One more potential defensive coordinator is off the market for the Redskins

Report: One more potential defensive coordinator is off the market for the Redskins

Well it looks like the name many considered to be the Redskins top choice at defensive coordinator is off the market. Adam Schefter broke the news of Gus Bradley to the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Redskins interviewed Bradley early in their process of selecting a new defensive coordinator. His latest gig ended poorly after he was fired as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Bradley's best success came as defensive coordinator with the Seattle Seahawks.

When he served in that role with Seattle, Bradley worked with Scot McCloughan. And prior to his coaching stint in Seattle, Bradley coached in Tampa, where he worked with both Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden.

Those connections, and his success in Seattle, had many fans hoping Bradley would take over for Joe Barry, who Washington dismissed more than two weeks ago.

The connection between Bradley and the Chargers comes as no surprise, and it leaves    Washington still in need of a defensive boss.

Mike Pettine probably jumps to the top of the ranks of other coaches the Redskins have interviewed, but it still seems internal candidate Greg Manusky could be in position to move up to coordinator. Manusky spent the 2016 season as outside linebackers coach and has prior coordinator experience.

The Skins have also interviewed Dennis Thurman, last of Buffalo, Jason Tarver, last of San Francisco, Rob Ryan, also last in Buffalo, and John Pagano, last with the Chargers.


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Report: Kevin O’Connell to be hired as Redskins QB coach, possibly signaling future moves

Report: Kevin O’Connell to be hired as Redskins QB coach, possibly signaling future moves

The Redskins are reported to have a new quarterbacks coach. Normally that is not news that moves the needle much but if the report proves to be accurate the move has some big implications for the Redskins coaching staff. 

First, about the coach. Kevin O’Connell was most recently an offensive assistant with the 49ers. Prior to that he was a quarterback who spent time with the Patriots, who drafted him out of San Diego State in the third round in 2008, Lions, Jets, Dolphins, and Chargers. He only saw the field the Patriots and he attempted just six passes. His addition as the Redskins’ quarterbacks coach was reported by Fox Sports.

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The thing is, the Redskins don’t officially have an opening for a quarterbacks coach. The job is held by Matt Cavanaugh. However, the Redskins do need an offensive coordinator since Sean McVay left last week to become the head coach of the Rams. Moving Cavanaugh, who played quarterback in the NFL for 13 seasons before starting a 23-year career in coaching, to offensive coordinator, seems to be the logical move to make to many. 

If O’Connell’s addition to the staff does indeed become a reality, that would all but confirm that Cavanaugh is getting the promotion. Nothing is official until it’s official but this seems to be the way things are heading. 

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