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The Draft--A Different Angle on Tiebreakers

The Draft--A Different Angle on Tiebreakers

Well, last week it was playoff scenarios. We now go quickly to looking at where the Redskins might draft.

Unlike playoff tiebreakers, which tries to identify factors that indicate that one team with the same record as another was inferior, the draft tiebreakers try to identify the worse of the tied teams. The NFL does that by positioning tied teams in inverse order of their strength of schedule. In other words, the team that played the weaker schedule will get to draft ahead of a team with the same record that had a weaker strength of schedule. Things like head to head and conference or division record have no bearing on deciding draft order

Thanks again to Kevin Mac on WarpathInsiders.com for doing the nitty-gritty work to come up with the following information:

Team Wins SOS* Next week

  • 1 SanFran 2 113 Patriots
  • 2 Cleveland 3 140 Houston
  • 3 Tennessee 4 124 Detroit
  • 4 Miami 4 130 Baltimore
  • 5 Arizona 5 108 Tampa
  • 6 Tampa 5 113 Arizona
  • 7 Chicago 5 113 Packers
  • 8 Wash 5 115 Vikings
  • 9 Giants 5 124 Dallas
  • 10 Oakland 5 138 Jags
  • 11 Detroit 6 120 Titans
  • 12 Dallas 6 121 Giants

Sorry that this doesn't come up very clearly, but the sites that this blog appears on just don't handle tables well. Still, you can see the draft position if the season ended today, the team name, the number of wins it has, the number of combined wins its opponents has (note that this was done before the Monday night game between Philly and the Rams) and its opponent on Sunday.

If the Redskins lose on Sunday, it's possible but unlikely that they will draft third, depending on if Miami and Tennessee both win and how the opponents of the other teams that finish in the five-win pool do. A position in the six hole is more likely.

If Redskins win on Sunday they probably will draft somewhere in the 8 to 10 range as it's unlikely that the SOS for Detroit and Dallas will drop enough to get to be more favorable than that of the Redskins and some other teams will five losses will also win, getting the Redskins into the mix with those teams as well.

No official "root for" list for this game, but I just wanted to make you aware of the situation.

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Redskins plan to 'spy' Cardinals' David Johnson with rookie Su'a Cravens, per source

Redskins plan to 'spy' Cardinals' David Johnson with rookie Su'a Cravens, per source

Facing one of the NFL's best running backs in Arizona's David Johnson, the Redskins plan to use rookie linebacker Su'a Cravens as a spy in nickel coverage to slow down the Cardinals' threat, per a source close to the team.

Johnson ranks third in the NFL with 921 rushing yards, but it's the variety of ways the Arizona offense uses their second-year running back that makes him so difficult to handle for opposing defenses. Johnson also has 55 catches for 613 yards, and that's just through 11 games.

Cravens comes into the game with momentum as perhaps the Redskins most dynamic defensive threat. With size to play linebacker and enough speed to play coverage, the 6-foot-1, 220 lbs. rookie out of USC will be put in a tough position covering Johnson. The reality of his assignment is to try and contain Johnson as the Cardinals offense is so reliant on the runner that he will get a number of chances.

In their last two games, Johnson has gone for more than 150 total yards in each contest and scored multiple touchdowns. For his part, Cravens has proved a playmaker in his rookie season. To go with 29 tackles in nine games, his stat sheet has sacks and an interception listed.

Getting to Carson Palmer is the best path for the Redskins defense - especially considering the Cardinals' offensive line woes - but using Cravens to try and limit Johnson is a smart course of action for the 'Skins.

One member of the Washington defense explained that Johnson is "going to make plays" but that the key is to limit the damage. If the running back catches a ball out of the backfield, Joe Barry's defense will be focused on making a stop after a five-yard gain, instead of a 20-yard gain.

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Redskins vs. Cardinals inactives: Reed out as expected

Redskins vs. Cardinals inactives: Reed out as expected

GLENDALE, AZ—As expected, the Redskins will be without star tight end Jordan Reed today against the Cardinals.

He is inactive due to a third-degree AC joint sprain in his left shoulder.

Reed gutted it out and played the second half on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas after being injured in the first but during the week he didn’t practice at all couldn’t regain the range of motion needed to play today.

Coach Jay Gruden said on Friday that the team is planning on having Reed play next week against the Eagles.

For this week, Vernon Davis will step into the starting role.

Also inactive is reserve defensive lineman Anthony Lanier, who was kicked in the lower leg in Dallas. Gruden said that the swelling was still too severe for him to be able to play.


The Redskins’ other inactive players today:

  • QB Nate Sudfeld
  • DL AJ Francis
  • RB Matt Jones
  • WR Rashad Ross
  • DB Dashaun Phillips