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Shaun Suisham 100-yard FG revealed

Shaun Suisham 100-yard FG revealed

It was a fake.

I hate to break this news to the 30% of those who commented on a DC TV station's video of a 110-yard Shaun Suisham field goal who actually believed that the Washington Redskins' kicker booted a football through the goal posts from the opposite end line.

WUSA, channel 9 in Washington, will be carrying the Skins' preseason games and the marketing department was charged with finding a way to draw attention to that fact. Late last week a video that appeared to show Suisham stepping into the ball on end line and launching a rocket that split the uprights on the far end of the field. They posted it on their website with the following paragraph:

Shaun Suisham may not look like an intimidating guy at first glance. At 6' tall and 200 lbs. Shaun is considered small when it comes to NFL players. However, when it comes to leg strength and kick accuracy, he's in a league of his own. Check out this video captured at Redskins Park and tell us what you think.

Of course, tongue was planted firmly in cheek as this was written, but perhaps many of today's web surfers need an emoticon of some sort to point out things like this.

Rich Haber, sports director of WUSA, said, "We've had a ton of e-mail on this, and about 30 percent of people think it's real, which is frightening," Haber said.

So frightening, in fact, that the WUSA marketing department decided to put out a "making of the Suisham field goal video" video.

It was a pretty simple cut and paste job. A cutout of a ball in flight was superimposed on to a shot taken by a camera that followed an imaginary 110-yard arc from end line to goal post. It probably took some tweaking to make it look realistic and, bingo, Shaun Suisham is Superkicker.

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Redskins 2017 NFL Draft preview: What you need to know about the Redskins' draft

Redskins 2017 NFL Draft preview: What you need to know about the Redskins' draft

The 2017 NFL Draft isn't officially here, but it's very near. And for the Washington Redskins, this year's NFL Draft brings with it a lot of intrigue.

The Redskins are coming off an 8-7-1 season and are in the middle of an offseason that's included a lot of change. Therefore, the team needs to ace their 2017 NFL Draft and bring in a rookie class with a lot of talent. 

How will they do that, though? Starting with pick No. 17, will the Redskins draft a player based on need or based on their board? And which prospects would be the best fits for Washington?

Scroll through CSNmidatlantic.com's 2017 Redskins draft preview for the most in-depth coverage of the team's draft you'll find before the big night.

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  • Feeling a safety? Malik Hooker and Budda Baker both figure to be in the mix when the Redskins first pick on Thursday night.


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Kirk Cousins tweets about signing an extension – but don't get your hopes up Redskins fans

Kirk Cousins tweets about signing an extension – but don't get your hopes up Redskins fans

From February to July of 2016, Redskins fans anxiously waited for news that quarterback Kirk Cousins would agree to a contract extension with the franchise. It never happened. It's late April, and Cousins and Washington are on the same track in 2017. 

While fans grow wary of the lack of movement towards a new deal, some league sources think contract talks will heat up as the calendar draws closer to the July 15 deadline. 

That doesn't mean Cousins can't have a good sense of humor about things.

To be clear, this is another year of Cousins working to promote the Holland Hospital in his hometown in Michigan. This is not an extension with the Redskins. And it gave a number of Redskins fans an outburst of excitement before a stark realization. Below are a few Twitter responses:

Considering how testy the contract talks between the 'Skins and Cousins representatives have been at times, it's good to see the club's all-time single season passing yards record holder be able to laugh about things. 

It doesn't, however, mean much about the actual negotiations between Washington and Cousins. 


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