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Seven foods and items that you'll need to sample at Redskins games this season

Seven foods and items that you'll need to sample at Redskins games this season

Whether you'll be fed with quality football and lots of wins at FedExField this year is something that won't ultimately be determined for another few months. 

However, whether you'll be able to get your hands on some tasty stadium food while watching Redskins games in person in 2017 is something that has already been determined. And the answer is yes.

On Wednesday night, the team held their Taste of FedExField tour, in which they allowed visitors to sample menu items that'll be served when the NFL season begins. Here are some of the highlights from the event:

The Grub Tub

If you're like any other normal person in the world, then your first reaction to a new product or innovation is to say something like, "Aw, darn, why didn't I think of that?" while smiling like it's no big deal, but deep down, you actually start feeling really bitter.

Sound like you? Cool. Then prepare to be bitter again. Check out the Grub Tub, which is now an option for fans at FedExField this season:


So, instead of holding your food in one hand and your drink in the other, you can hold both things with one. You should now use that newly-free hand to point out those questionable people who wear bright orange Dan Marino jerseys to NFC East games in Washington, because they are the worst. 

Ultimate nachos

A chef on the tour said that the following bowl of nachos should be shared between three or four people. Therefore, like the Redskins will do with their running backs, it's recommended that you go with a nacho-eater-by-committee approach when handling it:

Japanese hot dog

Hungry supporters who, in the past, have been forced to decide between Japanese food and hot dogs will no longer have to make that decision (if anyone has in fact ever been forced to make that decision before, that is):

A new trend in pro football is the hybrid defender, a player who can play multiple positions in the same game. Perhaps this type of item is the new trend in pro football food?

Macaroni and cheese — with Cheetos

Like a QB sneak, this dish is exactly what its name says it is:

Pit beef sandwiches

Some concession stands have been renovated and turned into Skins Pit Beef stands. And at those Skins Pit Beef stands, they sell giant sandwiches filled with meat:

Giant sandwiches filled with meat are the best.

Crab sandwich

In case you get a hankering for something more sophisticated than a hot dog or popcorn, you can now go with a crab sandwich such as this one: 

The hope is that this acts as the inspiration to add more seafood in years to come. It's about time someone creates a bowl of Jamison Crowder chowder, after all.


Rockslide brownies

And, finally, fans would be wise to try out these luscious brownies, which would cap off a day of eating like a fourth-quarter score: 

They're a dessert worthy of a long-term deal.

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Top 5: Redskins players and positions to watch vs. Packers

Top 5: Redskins players and positions to watch vs. Packers

The Redskins stumbled out of the gate in their preseason opener after falling to the Baltimore Ravens 23-3. Washington showed very little offense as they struggled to move the ball for most of the game, while the defense suffered some key injuries.

Kirk Cousins and company look to rebound in their second preseason game as they host the Green Bay Packers this Saturday at 7:30 PM. 

CSN's Julie Donaldson and former NFL GM Charley Casserly give their top five players and positions to keep an eye on in the Redskins second preseason game.


Charley Casserly Top 5:

5. Matt Ioannidis: "I like Ioannidis. I thought he played the best of the rest of the defensive lineman. He's a high motor guy, he gives you effort, he's quick."

4. Deshazor Everett: "I thought he played well the other night. I thought he covered well, I thought he was aggressive against the run, he made good tackles."

3. Outside Linebackers: "Hey Preston Smith, this is your opportunity. This is a big year for him because hey, we drafted a guy. Anytime we draft a guy, the pressure is on."

2. Kirk Cousins: "He's got an advantage here. Green Bay is down, two of their top three corners aren't playing. This passing game should be in sync this week."

1. Offensive Line: "This offensive line did not play last week...you got to come out, dominate the line of scrimmage, control the line of scrimmage, and set the tone for the game."

Julie Donaldson's Top 5:

5. Nico Marley: "He has a lot of heart. He's making a name for himself... this guy has more to show for us than just being Bob's grandson, but I want to see can he do it again..."

4. Deshazor Everett: Cc'd: Casserly's comments

3. Samaje Perine: "There were so many expectations for him, he looked a little bit lost. I'm kinda hoping those are just nerves..."

2. Offensive Line: "If Kirk Cousins is going to have any success, or anybody that goes behind him, if that run game is going to have any success then we need to get that o-line in sync."

1. Colt McCoy: "We are one injury away from Coly McCoy taking over this team."

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Josh Doctson looks good to go, new starters at LB and other practice notes


Josh Doctson looks good to go, new starters at LB and other practice notes

Josh Doctson looked like a first-round pick in Richmond, at least, until a hamstring injury knocked him off the Richmond practice fields for a few days. On Thursday, back in Ashburn, Doctson again showed his considerable talents.

Taking the field for 11v11 drills for the first time since he injured his hamstring. Doctson made three catches from QB Kirk Cousins. He showed the same fluidity and smoothness in his routes that he flahes in Richmond. 

Leaving the field, Doctson said he felt good. After practice, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said Doctson "looked good." Gruden added the plan is to see how Doctson looks in warmups before the Packers game Saturday (6:30, CSN) night and then the team will decide if the second year wideout will play or not. 

Other notes and observations:

  • In season, the media gets to watch very little of NFL practices, especially in the time leading up to a game. Since Thursday's practice was still technically a training camp session, reporters got to stay and watch as the Redskins prepared for the Packers by running their scout team offense and defense. Cousins and the starting Redskins offense went up against the faux-Packers squad, complete with Dashaun Phillips dressed in a yellow penny playing the role of Ha-Ha Clinton Dix. It was very interesting to watch, and shows that the Redskins will be better prepared for Green Bay this week than they were for Baltimore last week. 
  • Thursday's practice also went much shorter than many of the recent sessions, another sign that the Redskins were treating the Packers game like a normal week. The team skipped the bulk of individual drills, 7v7 and cut down on special teams work. 
  • Deshazor Everett missed the practice session with a personal issue, per Gruden. The coach added that Everett is "okay."
  • Working in drills near the goal line - against the scout team - Cousins looked dialed in. He fired touchdowns to Vernon Davis and Terrelle Pryor.
  • Kendall Fuller has locked up the nickel cornerback role. It also looks like the four down linemen in nickel will start with Jon Allen, Matt Ioannidis, Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan. There will be plenty of changes and rotations among that group though.
  • Gruden announced after practice that Zach Brown and Mason Foster will start at the linebacker spots vs Green Bay. The team showed that duo in drills, which meant Will Compton got pushed to the second team. When that group was on the field, rookie Montae Nicholson tipped a pass at the goal line. Compton came up with it for the INT. 


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