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Redskins sign DB Jerome Murphy


Redskins sign DB Jerome Murphy

The Redskins have signed defensive back Jerome Murphy, according to media reports. He will take the roster spot vacated when Brandon Meriweather was put on season-ending injured reserve with a torn ACL.

We have seen Murphy already this year. He played 29 snaps at cornerback for the Saints in the season opener and had three tackles.

Murphy, 25, was a third-round draft pick of the Rams in 2010. The South Florida product played nine games for St. Louis as a rookie. He did not play in 2011.

Murphy also spent some time with the Lions earlier this year. He also has the ability to play safety. 

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Josh Norman happy with Redskins' changes in defensive scheme

Josh Norman happy with Redskins' changes in defensive scheme

RICHMOND—For the second straight year, Josh Norman will be playing in a different defensive scheme.

Last year he came to the Redskins from Carolina and had to learn Joe Barry’s defense. After the season Barry was fired and outside linebackers coach Greg Manusky took control of the defense and he has installed his philosophy. Norman likes the challenge of making the change.

“It’s pretty cool to see both sides of the spectrum, I think I only saw that one time when I was at Carolina,” said Norman. “Then coming here, we had a defensive coordinator in Joe Barry and then now, Manusky, but the thing is, he’s still in the same coaching staff as last year, he just moved up to another position. They are similar but two way-different type of schemes.

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That’s is an interesting way to phrase it and some other players have echoed Norman’s sentiment. While we won’t really know what to expect until the regular season opens—we will be treated to vanilla schemes during the preseason—it seems that while the actual scheme is not all that different Manusky will call it much more aggressively.

“I like this scheme, I enjoy this scheme,” said Norman. “This is what we do and this is our backyard . . . This one right here, like I said, it feels like it’s in my backyard. It’s going to be a fun year.”

Norman made sure to day that he also liked aspects of Barry’s scheme. But apparently he prefers the nature of what Manusky is bringing to the defense.

Along with the new coordinator came a new position coach for Norman. Perry Fewell was fired and in came Torrian Gray, the former Virginia Tech secondary coach.

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“I think he will help a lot, I really do,” said Norman. “He brings a sound technique background to what he does. His approach is pretty cool, it vibes well with the group. He’s a funny guy. I think that resonates with people when you have an energetic, funny guy. It comes off as ‘OK, we can rock with this and learn some stuff.’ I have been taking a few things of what he [does] and using them at our discretion, so it’s been pretty good.”

Of course, it’s easy to be happy about everything after the offseason program and one day of minicamp. Everybody is undefeated. We will see if things change of the team and the defense get off to a rocky start.

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Five Joshes causes confusion at Redskins training camp but not for Norman

Five Joshes causes confusion at Redskins training camp but not for Norman

One has to be careful telling a Josh to do something at the Redskins training camp.

There might be five different responses.

After spending a season as the primary Josh on the roster, Josh Norman has to get accustomed to the new Redskins life with multiple Joshes.

"We've got like five Joshes, like dude come on," Norman said. "'Josh look up' this one Josh turns, 'oh Josh Evans look up,' 'ehh another Josh.' Dude just get your guys right."

Here is a current look at all if the Joshes on the Washington Redskins:

  • #18 Josh Doctson, WR
  • #20 Josh Holsey, CB
  • #24 Josh Norman, CB
  • #39 Josh Evans, S
  • #40 Josh Harvey-Clemons, LB

"I've never been on a team with this many Joshes before," Norman said. 

This season is not going to be like 2016-17 where Norman is the main Josh on the roster. Last year there was only three Joshes with Doctson spending most of the season injury list and Evans only seeing action in two games.

On defense it makes it even more difficult this season because there are four guys practicing with the defensive unit, three in a defensive back position.

"Well I'm J-No, so I don't think they're going to confuse me. I got Torrian Gray right on that one the first day," said Norman.

Well that handles one Josh, with four remaining. According to Rich Tandler's pre-training camp roster prediction, one will join Norman on the defense with another on the bubble.

"Everybody is Joshing up this whole year, so its going to be a Josh year."

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