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Redskins Seahawks Live Game Blog

Redskins Seahawks Live Game Blog

They couldn't find anyone better than an ex-Mariner (Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer) to raise the 12th man flag? What, was Jim Zorn busy?

13:31—An uninspiring three and out to start things by the Redskins.

12:11—Seattle completes a couple of passes to move into Redskins territory. Bobby Engram, snags one for 18. He was their leading receiver with 94 catches for over 1,000 yards. He's one of those receivers with no discernable physical talent who just knows how to get open.

11:30—A big-time overthrow by Hasselbeck after Springs falls down kills the drive. On the previous play, they got pressure on him and nobody was open. After those first two passes, the D tightened up and the Redskins will have the ball at their own four.

11:20—From the four, time to use the power advantage.

9:42—Collins had all kinds of time on a third-down play and got the completion to Randle El for the first down out to the 20.

7:50—No advantage on the line for the Redskins on a third and one as Portis is stuffed. So far, the line of scrimmage has been a draw on both sides of the ball.

5:36—The Redskins need to tackle better than they did on a third-down carry by Morris. They had him a yard short of the first down, but let him get away. Good tackling has carried the Redskins through this streak and they will need to keep it up.

4:07—Smootie on the fumble recovery and a good return. It will be overturned on replay, though, and the Seahawks will have the ball at about the Redskins 15. In fact, it was a terrible call as Alexander had both knees down well before the ball came out.

Weaver 17 run (Brown kick)
Seahawks 7, Redskins 0

The Skins got sucked in—or, rather, sucked out—on a draw and the fullback Weaver made a nice run for the score. Seattle is doing a good job of mixing in pass-action runs.

2:07—Moss with a flat-out drop that would have converted third and 15.

1:55—Burleson isn't much of a receiver, but he's doing a good job with punt returns. He just saved about 15-20 yards by fielding a bouncing punt.

1:15—The Skins finally stop a draw with M. Washington sniffing it out and dropping Morris for a loss of three. Third and 13.

0:34—I don't quite understand that one as Hasselbeck went on a swing pass to the fullback, who had no chance of making the first down.

0:10—Another long field for the Redskins. They need to get a rushing game going.

0:10—A false start on the Seattle defense as Tapp commits a neutral zone infraction. Gotta like that.

0:00—Portis scoots five yards for the first down as the quarter ends.

End of first quarter
Seahawks 7, Redskins 0

14:53—Collins doesn't have the feel for pressure and the Skins pay as he gets blindsided and loses a fumble. It appears that Collins' arm had not yet started forward when the ball came out.

14:53—Now the referees call it an incomplete pass after talking it over. Another looks shows that it's very close. Skins keep the ball instead of Seattle having it around the 10.

13:59—OK, Antwaan, you made a catch for a big first down, but let's not act like you scored the winning TD or anything. Act like you've done it before.

12:00—The quick screen to Cooley goes for a loss. They're quick on defense and stuff like that isn't going to work.

11:25—Moss was wide open, but a hit on Collins as he throws makes it short. A big opportunity lost there.

11:17—A screen to Portis goes nowhere. The Redskins need to attack straight ahead and downfield. Still, after taking over at the two and nearly losing the ball deep in their own territory, that was a productive drive for the Redskins.

10:10—Now, that's the Marshmallow Man Alexander we've been used to seeing this year—a little hop behind the line and a fall down for a gain of one.

9:02—Another misfire on third down for Hasselbeck has Seattle trying a FG.

FG Brown 50
Seahawks 10, Redskins 0

The Redskins have not had to play from behind at all during the four-game streak. In NY and Minnesota they worked into the lead and were able to hang on. We'll see if they have the comeback dimension in them.

6:57—Another punt after Portis picks up a first down on the initial play. This game could get away from them early.

6:46—Collins has 15 passing attempts already. I was hoping he wouldn't need to throw more than 20-25 times during the whole game.

6:40—Hackett hacks Springs to prevent an interception. At least they refs flagged him and it's first and 19.

5:18—Almost a game-changer as Wilson gets a sack and strip. A Redskin had the ball momentarily, but it squirted out. Still, Seattle punts from deep and the Skins get the ball at the Seahawk 43. Time to make a move, straight ahead and downfield.

4:48—A three and out with a sack at the end squanders the good field position. When Collins has time, his receivers either aren't open or are dropping the ball. If someone is open, he's getting rushed.

3:08—A Seattle three and out after two Marshmallow Man runs and a pressure incompletion. Skins ball at their 35.

2:00—Some quick action plays—a draw and a couple of quick passes—out of a no-huddle have the Redskins on the move at the Seattle 43, right where they started that last three and out.

1:29—Fourth and one at the 43. I think they have to go for it.

1:23—Sellers did not get it, at least it doesn't look like it on the first glance.

1:21—Not even close, three plays on second and one gain about six inches. Now the defense has to step up again.

1:21—Review for a bad spot. Sellers was on the pile and still moving forward when he was called down.

1:21—The call stands. Not enough visual evidence.

0:54—The defense does its job again, with a three and out. I'm not sure how hard the Skins will go at this from their own nine with 47 seconds left. Seattle has two timeouts, so the Skins can run out the clock if they so choose.

0:07—Seattle took a timeout. The Redskins ran the play too quickly, they should have let it run out. Now Seattle can force apunt.

0:00—The Redskins get a cheap fourth-down conversion as Betts runs for a first as they try to kill the clock.

End of second quarter
Seahawks 10, Redskins 0

The Washington defense has adjusted and Seattle hasn't done much of anything in its last several series. Now the offense needs to adjust and wear down that D. It's not looking very good right now, but the Skins are far out of it.

Seattle gets the ball. A turnover would get things rolling. Yeah, you can call me Captain Obvious.

12:46—The Redskins #37, Doughty, is getting the better of Seattle's #37, Alexander.

12:05—Leigh Torrence just had a pick knocked out of his hands by Engram. Still, another chance for the Washington offense as the Seahawks will punt. Let's see how the Redskins have adjusted to give Collins a little more time to throw.

9:45—Wow, Collins is slow. It looked like he had room to run for close to a first down, but he slid after a gain of two.

9:09—At some point, the Redskins defense is going to give way if the offense can't do anything. It's real simple—the Seattle D-line is dominating the game. They're not spending enough time on the field to get worn down. A takeaway by the Redskins is moving from the "it would help" category to the "gotta get one".

8:42—Hasselbeck is getting rid of the ball quickly, negating the Skins' blitzes. Collins can't seem to do the same thing.

6:30—It looks like the refs are letting them play on the line, meaning that Seattle is getting away with holding on almost every play. They might as well keep doing it until it gets flagged.

5:00—Smootie with a game-saving tackle on an attempted Hasselbeck scramble. The Hawks get a FG, but a TD there would have been fatal.

FG Brown 33
Seahawks 13, Redskins 0

The Redskins' hopes of advancing to Dallas are hanging by a bare thread.

4:23—A penalty on K. Campbell negates a Cartwright return to near midfield. It doesn't seem to matter for the Redskins today, though. Long field, short field, they just can't sustain anything. That's what happens when your O-line is getting dominated.

3:52—A great one-hand snag by Cooley for his first positive gain gets things going.

2:19—Another nice play by Cooley as he makes a catch despite having a linebacker draped over his shoulders. Now's the time to get back into it.

0:57—Another fourth and one for the Redskins. Initial signs are that Gibbs will elect to go for it again at the 28. If he does, they need to throw the ball. They just haven't been powering them off the line and there's no reason to think that they'll start doing so now.

0:38—The call is a pass, incomplete, but a flag goes down and the Redskins keep the ball at the 11. Heck of a call, a pass to Sellers down the sideline.

0:00—Almost picked off as Collins tried to loft it to Randle El. Third and six at the seven at the start of the fourth quarter.

End of third quarter
Seahawks 13, Redskins 0

Randle El 7 pass from Collins (Suisham kick)
Seahawks 13, Redskins 7

A great job of buying time by Collins, finding ARE for the score. It's a one-score game, up to the defense to give a revived offense another shot.

13:57—The needed turnover has arrived. A huge pick by Landry gets the Skins the ball back.

12:38—Wow, did this one turn around in a hurry.

Moss 30 pass from Collins (Suisham kick)
Redskins 14, Seahawks 13

Wow, did that turn around in a hurry. Two touchdowns in less than two and a half minutes has what was a grim situation looking pretty sweet.

12:36—Wow, again on the miscue by the Seahawks on the kickoff. Mix gets a room-service bounce and it's Redskins' ball at about the 14. Time to put this one away.

11:44—After Cooley dropped a nice pass that would have set up first and goal at the two, the Skins face third and eight at the 12.

11:37—A miss from 30 by Suisham ruins the chance. Wow, again, can't have that. A big choke by Suisham, no question.

10:49—Seattle takes advantage is its second life, two passes and into Redskins territory.

10:00—A draw by Alexander has them very close to field goal range.

9:42—Landry with another pick to give the Redskins the ball back.

9:31—The first false start for the Redskins. A bad time for it, first and 14 at the five.

8:55—Third and long for the Redskins. Cooley time.

8:11—It goes through Moss' hands, it would have been a tough catch but he could have made it. Frost will punt and Seattle has it at the Washington 42. With the wind at their backs, Seattle is a first down away from FG range.

7:50—Big third down coming up here. If Seattle makes it, they'll score.

7:11—I'm going to have to eat my words about Burleson. He's made a few excellent catches.

Hackett 20 pass from Hasselbeck (Hasselbeck pass to Pollard)
Seahawks 21, Redskins 14

Obviously, a huge letdown after the missed field goal. Truth be told, I'm going to put some of the blame on Cooley as well for not hanging on to the pass on first down. Still, you have to make that kick and now the Skins need a TD to tie.

5:56—A big return by Cartwright with a flag at some point. It's on Sellers. It will be at the 46 of Washington.

5:40—What the heck was that?

Trufant 78 interception return (Brown kick)
Seahawks 28, Redskins 14

It looked like Moss went the wrong way on the pattern and then he slowed up. That gave Trufant the opening he needed to take it to the house and take Seattle to the second round of the playoffs. A bad time for Collins' first INT in a decade.

4:30—A bad time for the first sack of the half. The Skins were on the move and then Collins gets nailed for a loss of eight.

3:40—Not so fast. If the Skins can score quickly from first down at the 33 they have a small shot.

2:46—Fourth down and the season on the line.

2:41—Too high for Moss—it went through his hands but his feet would not have come down inbounds—and the offseason starts.

1:10—Todd Yoder in the game in the slot? Not exactly a deep threat.

Babineaux 57 interception return (Brown kick)
Seahawks 35, Redskins 14

It probably doesn't need to be noted that the Redskins lost by 21 points.

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Need to Know: Redskins’ Friday draft picks could be just as vital to success as first-rounder

Need to Know: Redskins’ Friday draft picks could be just as vital to success as first-rounder

Here is what you need to know on this Sunday, April 23, four days before the April 27 NFL draft.


Days until:

—Redskins rookie camp (5/12) 10
—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 31
—Training camp starts (7/27) 95
—Redskins opener vs. Eagles (9/10) 140

In search of someone, anyone, to stop the run

One of the areas the Redskins needed to improve last year was their rushing defense on first down. In 2015, they gave up a league-worse 5.0 yards per carry on first down. That was the worst performance in the league. It’s pretty tough to play defense when a handoff makes it second and five. The Saints, who had a historically bad defense that year, were second, fiving up 4.8 yards a pop.

Well, it was no better for the Redskins defense in 2016. Again, they gave up 5.0 yards per carry on first down, again the worst performance in the league.  Remember, this is on first down, when teams are most likely to run.

The Redskins’ problems on third down were well known. They were dead last in the league allowing first downs on 46.6 percent of third-down attempts. For context, an average performance on third down is allowing about 38 percent and the best teams are around 35 percent.

That doesn’t tell the whole story, however. The Redskins weren’t very good at getting teams to third down. They allowed first downs on 33.8 percent of their opponents’ second-down plays. That put them in the bottom third of the league. Again, you don’t have to look too hard to connect the dots to link that back to the five yards per rushing play on first down. Second and five is a piece of cake most of the time.

You don’t need an advanced degree in statistical analysis to figure out that the Redskins defense isn’t going to get much better if they can’t stop teams from running the ball on first down.

It’s easy to point to the defensive line, which has not been very good, and say that the problem is there. That certainly has something to do with it. But the Redskins didn’t have a very good D-line in 2014 and they allowed 4.1 yards per first-down rushing attempt, a performance that was right at the league average.

The factor that was common in 2015 and 2016 and was different in 2014 was the defensive coordinator. It’s possible that opposing teams found a flaw to exploit in Joe Barry’s scheme that wasn’t there in Jim Haslett’s (which surely had flaws in other places).

But X’s and O’s can only get you so far. The Redskins will be looking to take a defensive lineman early and perhaps use an additional pick or two at the position later in the draft. While getting one who can rush the passer would be a plus, they need a run stuffer who can take snaps on first down and bottle up the ground game.

The focus in the draft will be on the first-round pick but, as has been discussed here many times, that pick is unlikely to be a defensive lineman. There isn’t likely to be one at 17 who would represent good value. That could mean that the Redskins’ second- or third-round pick, perhaps an interior lineman like Caleb Brantley of Florida, Larry Ogunjobi of Charlotte, or Montravius Adams of Auburn, is just as important to the team’s success as the first-round pick.

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page Facebook.com/TandlerCSN and follow him on Twitter @Rich_TandlerCSN.

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Quick Links

Need to Know: The Redskins week that was—Mock drafts, cap bargains

Need to Know: The Redskins week that was—Mock drafts, cap bargains

Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, April 22, five days before the April 27 NFL draft.


Days until:

—Redskins rookie camp (5/12) 20
—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 32
—Training camp starts (7/27) 96
—Redskins opener vs. Eagles (9/10) 141

The Redskins week that was

Redskins full 2017 schedule released—Even with the Caps and Wizards in full playoff mode, the DMV stops to take a look and see when the Redskins will be playing. The Thanksgiving game was surprising. It’s another working day but I worked at various places since I was 14 and last year was the first time I’ve had to work on Thanksgiving so I can’t complain too much about working two in a row. It’s a small price to pay for having the best job in the world.

Don't count out any RB for Redskins at 17—Yeah, I know that NFL teams aren’t supposed to take running backs in the first round any more. But that is one of those trends that comes and goes. In 2013 and 2014 there were no RBs taken in the first. Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott in the last couple of years began to shift the thinking. If the Redskins think that Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey can help them win games more than any other player on the board they should pull the trigger.

Rise of Patrick Mahomes could bring big payoff for Redskins—It seems likely that quarterbacks Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky will be taken before the Redskins pick at No. 17 goes on the clock. That means that two players in whom the Redskins might be interested will be available, pushed back by the quarter backs. Could Mahomes, out of Texas Tech, push a third player back to Washington. The buzz is that a team might grab him in the first half of the first round.

The Redskins' five best salary cap bargains for 2017—When I started pulling the numbers for this post I thought I’d find more key players with salaries of under $1 million. I only found three and one of them is the kicker. This means that they don’t have very many late-round or undrafted players who are contributing a lot of value. They need more out of players like Anthony Lanier, Matt Ioannidis and Maurice Harris. That is how a team thrives in the salary cap era. A couple of Saturday picks could make or break this draft.

Redskins mock 2.0 goes offense early, defense often—There are a lot of ways the first 16 picks of this draft can work out. It seems almost certain that everyone’s favorite first-round pick, a stud defensive lineman, won’t be a realistic option on the board. This could send things in an odd direction for the Redskins. It’s fun to do a mock and I’ll do one or two more prior to draft day but there are too many variables to think that it has a high degree of accuracy. 

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page Facebook.com/TandlerCSN and follow him on Twitter @Rich_TandlerCSN.

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In case you missed it