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Redskins ready for Schiano's tactics


Redskins ready for Schiano's tactics

Bucs coach Greg Schiano, fresh out of Rutgers, has made a name for himself just three games into his NFL coaching career. And not in a good way.After his team blew a 14-point fourth-quarter lead against the Giants, Schiano had his team fire out on Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants offense when New York was kneeling down to kill the remaining seconds on the clock. Manning was knocked down and a scrum involving some pushing and maybe some punches ensued.In the NFL, there is an unspoken agreement that teams take it easy in such situations in the interest of safety. Schiano said that his team will have a play through the final whistle mentality and wont honor that agreement. (Some suggested that it would have been a better idea for Schiano to have his team play defense in the first 14 and a half minutes of the fourth quarter.)His philosophy earned him a tongue lashing from Giants coach Tom Coughlin during the postgame handshake and scorn from many corners of the NFL world.That did not deter Schiano, who used the same tactic when the Cowboys were killing the clock in Tampa Bays 16-10 loss to the Cowboys last week.This week, it is the Redskins who are hoping to be in a position to take a knee in victory formation. They will be ready for it.Thats who he Schiano is so you cant be upset with him when you know what somebodys going to do, said Lorenzo Alexander.I really dont understand it, said Stephen Bowen. Its usually just an honor system. The games over, theres no point in really doing anything.Bowen and Alexander, of course, are not in a position where they will have to deal with a victory-formation play from an offensive standpoint. That task will fall primarily to the offensive line.Will Montgomery was very matter of fact about the possibility of Schianos tactics.If thats the way they do that, thats fine and well be ready for it, said the center.Guard Kory Lichtensteiger was a bit more expansive on the subject, suggesting that two can play the unexpected roughness game.We know theres no brother in law treatment in victory formation from those guys, he said. Weve just got to be ready to attack it like its a goal line play, not being the ones pushed back, take the tempo to them.Its just a college mentality, I guess. Maybe hell learn to adjust later on. Its kind of setting yourself up for bad things.It was then that Lichtensteiger suggested that the Redskins might bring on some of those bad things.Thats why they invented the cut block right? So they can expect that if they want to bring it.

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Jordan Reed one of four Redskins to begin training camp on PUP list

Jordan Reed one of four Redskins to begin training camp on PUP list

RICHMOND - Jordan Reed will start Redskins training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list. 

The team's PR informed the media that Reed is experiencing pain and soreness in one of his big toes. The move to PUP was characterized as precautionary and they want to ensure that issues don't linger into the regular season. 

DeAngelo Hall, Houston Bates, and practice squadder Kendal Thompson will join Reed on the PUP list. 


For Reed, an integral part of the Redskins offense, there is a long history of injuries. In 2016, he missed time with a separated shoulder and a concussion.

Before Redskins fans freak out, remember Reed took part in minicamp and looked dominant. The PUP list also allows the Redskins to activate Reed once he's capable of practicing. 

Reed did not take part in voluntary OTAs with the Redskins in May, but was a full participant with the team at June's minicamp. 

Asked about injured players taking part in practice during Wednesday's press conference, head coach Jay Gruden opened up:

I think the injured guys are injured guys. We’re never going to change how we treat them. It’s the trainers’ job to tell us when they can go. I’m not going to keep a guy out of practice just because I think he might be injured. It’s up to the trainers and up to that player to let me know whether they can go or not. But like you said, we do have a luxury of having 88 or 87 healthy bodies where we can practice and function without somebody who is injured. That’s the trainers’ job​.

Expect much more on this development.


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Expectations won't change for Kirk Cousins, regardless of contract status

Expectations won't change for Kirk Cousins, regardless of contract status

RICHMOND - Jay Gruden expects the same effort and production from Kirk Cousins, regardless of the now two-year long contract saga between the quarterback and the Redskins.

"The thing about Kirk is you’re never worried about his preparation. It’s not going to vary from day in to day out," the coach said. "He’s not going to come in and be a different guy every day. He’s the same guy every day. [He’s] a great competitor, wants to get better."

Talks between Cousins' represenatives and the Redskins seemed more congenial this offseason, though the result remained the same. Cousins will be paid $24 million this year on the franchise tag, after making $20 million in 2016 on the same tag. 

ROSTER BATTLES: Left guard | Tight end Nickel cornerback  | Inside linebacker | Running back

Redskins team president Bruce Allen explained in a statment that his organization made an offer to Cousins that included $53 million guaranteed. Considering the funny money nature of NFL deals, the offer really only guaranteed another season at about $28 million for Cousins before a series of advantageous terms for the franchise. The deal had no chance of completion considering Cousins' leverage.

Still, Gruden thinks his quarterback will deliver. 

"He has a lot of room for improvement and he wants to be coached and it’s fun to coach him."

If Gruden sounds confident in Cousins' ability to compartmentalize, he should. The quarterback did just that last season, passing for nearly 5,000 yards with 25 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. 

The Redskins, and Cousins, struggled in the red zone in 2016, and that's something Gruden wants to see improved. 

"The contract status will take care of itself eventually, hopefully, but right now it is what it is and we’re happy to have him for 2017."

Long-term deal, or not, it's time for Gruden to coach and Cousins to quarterback.


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