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Redskins Browns 2nd quarter

Redskins Browns 2nd quarter

8:46—This game is flying by in terms of game time vs. real time but in terms of entertainment value, well, not so much. Neither team has been able to put together much of a sustained drive and it's mostly poor offense—penalties, dropped passes, etc.—as opposed to solid defense of any sort. I'm not sure what Jim Zorn's game plan is all about when it means that when you have a drive humming along you throw in an end around to Fred Davis. I guess you want to keep them honest on those runs to the left, but how about giving it to someone with some actual speed.

6:16—Just like last week when the safety #21 of the Rams was shading to Moss' side of the field, #21 of the Browns, Brodney Pool, is doing the same thing.

5:31—It's OK that Portis is getting a rest, but why are you running Rock Cartwright wide on third and three? Maybe Zorn is setting some things up for the second half, but that was a good drive and since it seems that those are going to be few and far between today, I don't understand the extremely conservative call.

4:20—Illegal contact keeps a Cleveland drive alive. Again, neither team is actually earning much offensively. We're almost to halftime and neither team has a serious scoring threat.

3:32—Stallworth had a couple of steps on Smoot and Anderson flat overthrew him. Pressure may have had a little to do with it, but I chalk it up more as another blown chance by the offense.

2:30—There was a flutter of excitement on the 11th punt of the game as Moss lined up deep. He got the Redskins what I think is their best field position of the day with a return to the 33.

2:00—I don't like that at all. Taking the snap with 2:30 left, Portis picks up seven yards and the Redskins let the clock run down to the 2:00 warning. That's another 2-3 plays they are leaving on the table.

0:35—And it continues after Portis breaks off a long run and then they go to Moss on the slip screen. That's three plays in 2:00 of clock time. They finally use a timeout.

0:04—It looked like the worst thing that could happen did as Campbell lost six yards as he stumbled away from center with the Redskins having no timeouts. Before the clock could run down, though, the Browns were called for holding down Campbell, so the clock stopped on the penalty. Suisham will get a shot at a field goal. He missed it as it hit the upright. Horrible clock management.

Redskins 0, Browns 0

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Risk vs reward when Redskins consider Alabama LB Reuben Foster in NFL Draft

Risk vs reward when Redskins consider Alabama LB Reuben Foster in NFL Draft

An undeniable talent, Reuben Foster seemed for months to be a lock for the Top 10 of the 2017 NFL Draft. The Alabama star is a sure tackler, playmaking force and winner of the 2016 Dick Butkus Award as the nation's best college linebacker.

The actual football season went great for Foster, he logged 115 tackles and was named the SEC Championship Game MVP. Since play on the field stopped, things have stalled. Foster had an unfortunate incident at the NFL Combine, where he was sent home after an altercation with a hospital worker. In the time since, it's come out Foster tested positive for a diluted urine sample and will enter the NFL in the substance abuse program. 

Still, despite a tough two months, Foster's talent is too rich to pass up for some NFL teams. And per NFL Network's Lance Zierlein, the Redskins could be that team

In his mock draft released Wednesday, Zierlein predicts Foster's draft day slide to end with Washington at the 17th pick. From NFL.com:

Foster could fall due to off-field concerns and worries about injuries, but he fits a need for the Redskins, bringing a tough playmaker into the fold.

Beyond the diluted sample and the combine altercation, Foster also has had stinger issues throughout his career at 'Bama. He has elite speed at the linebacker position and the type of athleticism defensive coordinators dream about, though some pro scouts question if he can handle the calls of a Mike linebacker in the NFL game.

The Redskins are not desperate for interior linebacker help, this season. The team added Zach Brown in free agency, re-signed 2016 defensive captain Will Compton earlier this week and Mason Foster remains under contract. All three players, however, are headed to free agency in 2018. Adding Foster would provide depth this year and a potential star in the future.


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Final Redskins seven-round mock draft: Defense first, a surprise in the third

Final Redskins seven-round mock draft: Defense first, a surprise in the third

We’re a day away from the start of the NFL draft and all the questions surrounding the Redskins’ intentions will start to get answered when they go on the clock at about 10 p.m. on Thursday.

[More Redskins: Full Redskins Seven-Round Mock Draft]

Speaking at the team’s annual pre-draft news conference, Scott Campbell, the team’s director of college scouting, stuck with the company line when he was asked about making picks based on team needs.

“I’m going to frame the answer, and the age-old answer of ‘I’m going to take the best player available,’” he said. “And if that serves your needs, that’s a bonus.”

It would be a big “bonus” for the Redskins if a defensive lineman who can rush the passer and stuff the run was the best player on the board when their first-round pick comes up at No. 17. But it doesn’t look like the board will play out that way. That’s OK because the Redskins have plenty of needs.

In fact, it’s not hard to do a mock draft for the Redskins because they have needs at virtually every position. Certainly, some needs are more urgent than others. But once you get past the first couple of rounds there is enough doubt at each position, whether it’s immediate depth or possible free agency holes in 2018, to get that need “bonus” with every pick.

Campbell said that this is a strong defensive draft and this is reflected in these mock selections, with six of the 10 picks going to defense including the top two. The first offensive pick may surprise some but the talent was just too good at that point in the draft.

Go here to see the full seven-round mock draft.

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