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Redskins' available salary cap shrinks as a 2011 bill comes due

Redskins' available salary cap shrinks as a 2011 bill comes due

The Redskins had a bill become due and the team now has less cap space to work with.

The $4.5 million reduction in the team’s available salary cap caught some fans by surprise and some though that it was another salary cap penalty arbitrarily imposed by the league. But it was nothing of the sort; the Redskins knew it was coming and planned for it.

It goes back to the 2011 season. Throughout the offseason there was a lockout as the NFL players and owners fought over how much of a multi-billion dollar NFL pie each side would get. That determines the salary cap and teams had little time to plan after the lockout was settled on July 25. After the numbers were crunched it was determined that the cap would be $120 million. That was $3 million less than it was in 2009, the previous year with a cap (2010 was uncapped).

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This created a bit of panic among teams who had made contract commitments figuring that the cap would grow. So the NFL set up a system to let teams “borrow” up to $3 million in cap space in 2011 and $1.5 million in 2012. The stipulation was that the cap space would have to be repaid by 2017.

The Redskins took full advantage of the program, borrowing the available $4.5 million in cap space. They could have paid it back sooner but cap space rolls over from year to year so it really was a matter of accounting.

It should be noted that the team took heat from fans and some in the media for rolling over $15 million in cap space from 2016 to this year. Now we know that part of that rollover was included in anticipation of the need to repay this 2011-2012 debt.

The loan payment leaves the Redskins with about $11.3 million in cap space. Their prime opportunity to create more is to renegotiate DeAngelo Hall’s contract. The veteran safety, who has missed large chunks of the past three seasons with injuries, is schedule to draw a salary of $4.25 million this year. After the end of last season, Hall said that he would be amenable to taking a pay cut and trading some salary for incentives. Such a move could save the team as much as $2-$3 million in cap space.

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That $2-$3 million is about what they will need in net cap space to sign their draft picks. They also need about $5 million to give them funds to handle paying the practice squad and to pay players on injured reserve.

So if they rework Hall’s contract they will have around $6 million to work with. That may give them enough to sign free agent linebacker Zach Brown or give a contract extension to right tackle Morgan Moses.

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Rob Kelley hopes cutting out his favorite fast food restaurants means a better 2017

Rob Kelley hopes cutting out his favorite fast food restaurants means a better 2017

While his job and athletic ability separate him from most commoners, Rob Kelley is just like you and me when it comes to his diet. Well, when it came to his old diet, actually. 

Like many, the second-year Redskins running back loves him some crispy fried chicken, buttery, pillow-like biscuits and piping hot french fries. He also can get down with piles of nuggets, double cheesburgers and creamy milkshakes. 

But during this offseason, Fat Rob is looking less and less so, and that improvement is largely due to some new eating habits.


"Changed the diet up," Kelley told CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay this week at the former's youth camp (full video above). "Slowed down on the fast food and processed food and tried to eat more healthy."

When asked what places he's specifically cut out from his rotation, Kelley answered with a laugh. It wasn't a happy laugh, though — it was like one of those laughs people let out when they're feeling major pain but not trying to show it.

"Popeyes. McDonald's," he said. "Not trying to discredit those fast food places, but just, it's not working well for me."

Limiting trips to those establishments can no doubt be a difficult task (it's OK to nod your head in agreement) but it's also working for the 24-year-old. He told Finlay he thinks he's lost about six pounds since OTAs and now checks in at 229 thanks to his workouts and an increased reliance on Whole Foods, vegetables and his grill. 

But just because he's shedding pounds doesn't mean he's shedding the moniker that caught on during his rookie campaign. He may be trending closer to Svelte Rob than he is to Fat Rob these days, but No. 20 is going to keep his nickname moving forward anyway.

"It's always accurate," he said.


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Top selling jersey in Virginia and Maryland is not a Redskin or Raven

Top selling jersey in Virginia and Maryland is not a Redskin or Raven

Virginia and Maryland may be Washington Redskins/ Baltimore Ravens country, but their fans are not buying their jerseys. That is at least for the month of May. 

NFLShop.com released their top jersey sales for May 2017 on Thursday morning and the un-retired Marshawn Lynch was the top seller for the nation in the 31-day span. Even if his return does not pay off on the field for the Oakland Raiders, it paid off in terms of sales. 

In the same release, NFL Shop revealed the top jersey per state in the same month and it was not a Washington Redskin or Baltimore Raven at the top of the list for Virginia and Maryland. Instead, it was Super Bowl LI MVP Tom Brady. 

Brady, a five-time Super Bowl champion, was the top seller in 17 different states, the most of any player.

The latter is not that surprising, but Brady owning Virginia and especially Maryland is. 

In terms of the Top 25 overall, there are no Redskins or Ravens making the list. Overall Brady was No. 2, followed by Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. The first rookie, DeShaun Watson, came in at No. 5.

There may be a multitude of reasons for the Brady-love, aside from the typical bandwagon fans, but it does make one think which jersey are you confident in buying?

Other notable jersey sales:

#6 Derek Carr -- Oakland Raiders quarterback
#11 James Conner -- Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back 
#17 Colin Kaepernick -- San Francisco 49ers (currently unsigned quarterback)
#25 Adrian Peterson -- New Orleans Saints running back

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