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A record-shattering performance by RG3


A record-shattering performance by RG3

Some notes about the Redskins 38-26 win over the Vikings today:

—We could fill this whole article with Robert Griffin III and his game-sealing 76-yard touchdown run so here is the quick version of the run: It was the longest by a QB in team history, the longest by a QB n the NFL since 1996, the longest run for any Redskins since 2009, and tied for the third-longest touchdown run in team history.

—On RG3’s total rushing yards (138 for the game, 379 for the season) and TD’s (he threw for one and ran for two today) : He has the team record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game and in a season and for touchdowns in a season and he joins Michael Vick as the only NFL QB’s since 1970 to rush for at least 130 yards and two TD’s in a game.

—Rookie running back Albert Morris scored his fifth touchdown of the season in the second quarter. He and Griffin, who now has six on the season, are the first pair of rookie teammates in NFL history to have five touchdowns in their team’s first six games.

—Morris has 538 yards rushing. In NFL history only nine other rookie running back have more yards than Morris in their teams’ first six games.

—The Redskins have now scored on interception returns on each of the last two games for the first time since Weeks 7-8 of the 1994 season.

—Rookie kicker Kai Forbath, signed just last Tuesday, was good on a 50-yard field goal on his first NFL attempt.

—The win broke the Redskins’ home losing streak at eight games. They last won at FedEx Field on Sept. 18, 2011.

—The Redskins’ 38 points scored were the most at home since they scored 52 against the 49ers in 2005.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is trying to make landlines cool again with this Redskins phone

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is trying to make landlines cool again with this Redskins phone

There was once a time in America — before cell phones became everyone's fifth limb — where people would rely on these things called landlines, which had these things called cords, which plugged into these things called walls, and they'd call each other at home. This was back during VCRs and when humans would play outside. It was a strange period.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. apparently yearns for that long-lost era, however, because the NASCAR driver just bought himself a new house phone. But this ain't your run-of-the-mill, "I bought it at the electronics store in the nearest shopping center" house phone.

No, he found himself something much better. Check this beauty out:


From now on if you call my house I'll be answering with my helmet phone. #ebaygold

A post shared by Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@dalejr) on

That's right — Earnhardt Jr., who reps the Redskins as hard as any famous person, actually took the time to go on eBay and purchase that gorgeous relic. Dare we say he made a (waits for the crowd to get quiet) good call?


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Dallas sportscaster really doesn't want you comparing the Cowboys' O-line to The Hogs

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Dallas sportscaster really doesn't want you comparing the Cowboys' O-line to The Hogs

You'd think that comparing an offensive line to The Hogs — that famous unit who played a major role in the Redskins' best days in the 1980s and '90s — would come across as a compliment.

But one Dallas sportscaster didn't take it as such when a CSN reporter tried to do so. 

On Wednesday's edition of Countdown to Training Camp, Newy Scruggs joined Chris Miller and Doc Walker to talk about the Cowboys. During that discussion, Miller asked Scruggs if the team's revered offensive line could end up as the second coming of The Hogs.

Scruggs responded by calling that thought disrespectful. Not disrespectful to The Hogs, however.

"We've already had a great wall in Dallas that won three Super Bowls, OK?" Scruggs said with a tone that was a mix of annoyed and incredulous. "Why can't they be that next version? Let's not compare them to something that's over in Washington."

To see Scruggs' full answer to Miller's question and his entire explanation for why he didn't like it, watch the video above. And for any Redskins fans who don't like the way he spoke about The Hogs, here's the man's Twitter. Now, tweet away.