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Point-counter point: Redskins vs. Giants

Point-counter point: Redskins vs. Giants

I invited my friend John Fennelly of blogNYG.com, one of the most lively and active Giants blogs out there, to exchange out thoughts on the game. His thoughts are first, mine follow. I'll be going with a full-blown bold prediction tomorrow but here is my trash-talking version for the benefit of the Giants fans on blogNYG.com.

Ton Coughlin

How the Giants will win.....

The Giants are getting no respect in the passing game. That is just fine with head coach Tom Coughlin. He's basically daring teams to stack the box.

New York will surprise opponents through the air. They have seven capable wideouts and three very good receiving tight end options

The defensive line rotation is basically unstoppable. Jason Campbell will be under siege for 60 minutes. They will force at least two turnovers and many more hurries and sacks.

The offense will employ deep routes with several different receivers as well as trap the Redskins in the box with screen passes out of nowhere.

The Giants will control the field position game and win by a score of 24-10.

How the Redskins will win…..

From what I can tell, Giants fans are operating under a few illusions and I'd like to straighten them out. One misconception is that the Redskins' offensive line is in shambles and the vaunted D-line of the G-men will feast on them. While it's true that this unit won't make anyone forget the Hogs, as long as the starters are intact it's not a bad unit. While the edge certainly goes to the Giants in the matchup, there will be some holes for Clinton Portis and Jason Campbell will find some time to throw.

Another Giant delusion is that all is well offensively in the absence of Plaxico Burress. Maybe someday Hakeem Nicks will be a stud and Steve Smith will have defensive coordinators game planning to stop him but, well, show me. Even if they are capable, the Redskins have one of the best cornerback duos in the NFC in DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers. Sure, snicker at the now-departed "MeAngelo" all you want; he'll laugh right back while he's returning a pick for six.

And, yes, in junior high Albert Haynesworth did weigh as much as Brandon Jacobs does now. I know that everyone in New Jersey revels over the picture of Jacobs rolling over LaRon Landry last year. This year Jacobs will not be able to find his way to Landry thanks to the presence of a road block wearing #92.

This is going to be a close, hard-hitting affair. Points will be at a premium. Turnovers always are crucial and that will go double in this game. Redskins 13, Giants 10.

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One stat that should make DeSean Jackson very dangerous against Eagles

One stat that should make DeSean Jackson very dangerous against Eagles

The Eagles defense is on a big-play streak, but not one that defensive coordinators will like very much, and it could be very good news for the Redskins and DeSean Jackson. 

At this stage of his career, Jackson is a well-known deep threat. While much of the 2016 season has been disappointing for Jackson, in back-to-back weeks, the vertical passing attack has worked. In Arizona last Sunday, Jackson only caught one pass, but it went for 59 yards. On Thanksgiving in Dallas, Jackson hauled in a 67-yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins as part of his season-high 118 receiving yards.

"What he brings to this football team, he brings something that not a lot of people can bring, and that’s obviously the speed and the big play ability," 'Skins head coach Jay Gruden said of Jackson.

The last two games moved Jackson's yards-per-catch average back in normal range with the rest of his career at 16.5. Halfway through this season, Jackson was averaging below 14 YPC, which would have been by far the worst of his career.

"A lot of people think that we haven’t utilized his speed quite like we should, but I think he has had a major impact on this football team," Gruden said. "His deep threat has an impact on the defense. It opens up areas for Jordan Reed and Jamison Crowder and the backs sometimes. He’s been a major influence for this football team in a good way."

Beyond just the big plays, the Eagles defense has given up 645 passing yards in their last two games. Cousins has historically played well in Philadelphia, and should be in good position to do the same this weekend.

And based on the Eagles' past six games, expect Jackson to have another big game at Lincoln Financial Field. 

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