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Need to Know: Kerrigan says something has to change


Need to Know: Kerrigan says something has to change

Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, November 14, three days before the Washington Redskins play the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nickel coverage

Here are five items of interest from Redskins Park:

1. Ryan Kerrigan talked about the inability of the Redskins’ pass rush to get sacks and pressures when they have the lead in the fourth quarter. “That's what's disappointing about these two weeks is that we have had teams in situations that we as pass rushers want them, that's a double-digit lead with not much time left, and we haven't been able to capitalize,” the third-year linebacker said. “That's something that has to change. I don't know if it's a mindset thing or a physical thing or both but it's got to change.”

2. Jarvis Jenkins was asked if he’d like to see the team get more aggressive in their pass rushing schemes. The third-year defensive end touched on the “coaching vs. execution” debate that often rages among fans. “I don't think we should go out of our game plan. Haz is calling great stuff, we've just got to execute more,” he said. “At the end of the day we're the players. We've got to go out there, trust our technique. We've got to do what he's telling us. He's the coach. We play what he calls. If it's not a good call we're still supposed to make the play. It's the NFL, that's why we get paid money.”

3. One of the highlights against the Vikings (you know, before the game got ugly in the second half) was Pierre Garçon taking a short pass from Robert Griffin III and mowing his way through Vikings for 32 yards. Griffin admired Garçon’s style. “He’s a running back playing receiver. Everybody saw him truck that safety against Minnesota so he does some freakish things,” he said. “He’s got a really – I say it’s a good attitude, but he’s a tempered guy out there on the field and he plays that way at receiver which you don’t see very often. If you get the ball in his hands, he can do some damage with it.”

4. Mike Shanahan first said that before he would commit to having Nick Williams active on Sunday he would first have to see how he did in practice. However, when asked what Williams’ abilities might bring to the team, Shanahan slipped a bit, saying he wanted to see how Williams would do when he “knew” he would be playing. Here’s the full quote: “First of all, maybe some guys are just returners, some guys you want not only as a returner but as a wide receiver. We’ll see how he catches punts and kickoffs this week when he knows he’s going to be playing on Sunday afternoon. And you get a chance to see guys, when they are activated, how they practice and how they do things and that’s what we’ll try to do is make that evaluation and decide what gives us the best chance to win.”

5. Eagles QB Nick Foles is not concerned that his team has a 10-game losing streak at home. He’s not sure how to explain it. “I’m excited to play at home. We have previously had a rough time winning at home, but I’m excited to get back at home,” he said. I feel like we’ve done a good job on the road, but we really need to win one at home for our fans and I expect them to be out there ready to roll and cheer us on and we’re striving to get them a win at home.”

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Stat of the day

—The game against the Vikings was the Redskins’ first one this season that they didn’t turn the ball over. They had six turnover-free games last year.


—Days until: Redskins @ Eagles 3; Monday night 49ers @ Redskins 11; Giants @ Redskins 17

—Today’s schedule: Player availability 11:15; Jim Haslett news conference 12:00; Practice 1:00; Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III news conferences after practice (approx. 3:00); news conferences streamed line on CSNwashington.com.

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Jamison Crowder's touchdown dance was better than his touchdown

Jamison Crowder's touchdown dance was better than his touchdown

Among all the darkness and depression that has followed after the Redskins' 31-23 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, one bright, shining light has emerged: Jamison Crowder's touchdown celebration.

Late in the third quarter, the second-year wideout was on the receiving end of a 26-yard Kirk Cousins strike, which put his team in the lead on the game's scoreboard by three. However, it's what he did post-catch that put his team in the lead by a far larger margin on the swagboard.

Feast your eyes on this dance, and if you've already seen it, feast your eyes on it again. And again. And AGAIN:

Do you see how much Juju he put on that beat? And did you catch how he gave the ref a little somethin'-somethin' right at the end of the sequence? Calling that flawless would be an insult to Crowder.

Apparently, Jay Gruden was heard screaming at his players in the locker room as they were processing the matchup's result Sunday night. Is it possible he was just loudly complimenting Crowder's moves?


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Redskins report card vs. Cardinals: Cousins cools off

Redskins report card vs. Cardinals: Cousins cools off

Here is my report card on various aspects of the Redskins 31-23 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. I didn't cover everything, feel free to hit on what I missed in the comments.


Week after week Pierre Garçon just leaves it out on the field. All he does is produce.

It’s getting to the point where you can say the same thing about Jamison Crowder.


After he struggled against the Cowboys, Rob Kelley was his normal self against the Cardinals. For Kelley, "normal" means getting a couple of yards more than the play was blocked for and popping off a few runs of 10-plus yards. It looks like Matt Jones will continue to be inactive and Mack Brown will continue to look for his first NFL carry. 

This may be a little high for Jay Gruden but I liked that he got angry after the game. He could be heard ripping into his players through closed doors after the game. If a coach does that after every loss the players will tune him out eventually. This was the right time for Gruden to play that card. His game strategy was OK but I might have gone for a touchdown from the one yard line in the first half instead of having Dustin Hopkins kick his second 20-yard field goal in ad many games. 


All hot streaks come to an end at some point and Kirk Cousins' run of putting up elite performance on a weekly basis ended on Sunday. Yes, he was under some degree of pressure on many of his dropbacks but even when he had time he just wasn't sharp. He did have some top-drawer passes like the 59-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson that set up the Redskins' first touchdown. But for every one of those, a couple of other throws missed the mark.


If you read much of what I write you probably know that I am much more apt to point the finger at the players for defensive problems than the coaches. But on Sunday the Cardinals were a step ahead of Joe Barry's defensive calls all day long, especially on plays involving David Johnson. Arizona had scored over 30 points just twice this season before Sunday.

The offense was bad on third down situations, converting just five of 11. The defense was worse as the Cardinals moved the chains on 10 of 16. And don’t forget that one other Arizona third-down try in the fourth quarter got them close enough to go for it on fourth down and they just about sealed up the game on David Johnson’s run. Just not a good day on either side.