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Need to Know: Five free agents who won't become Redskins


Need to Know: Five free agents who won't become Redskins

Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, March 4, six days before the Washington Redskins and the rest of the NFL start free agency.

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Here are five NFL free agents who won’t be playing for the Redskins in 2015.

DT Ndamukong Suh—Despite reports that the Redskins are “interested” in Suh, there is little chance that a contract that makes any sense at all for them could be worked out with Suh. He is likely to get a deal that averages some $17 million per year and the Redskins could buy a lot of help at a lot of positions with that money. That’s a move for a “we think we’re one player away” team like the Dolphins or a “we have money to burn” team like the Raiders. The Redskins are in neither one of those categories.

DE Greg Hardy—He’s only 27 and he had 15 sacks in 2013 and 11 the year before that. Let’s say for a minute that the Redskins were willing to take a chance on his recent troubles involving domestic violence charges and perhaps obtain the damaged goods at a reduced rate. But Hardy is strictly a 4-3 end and he is just not a scheme fit in the Redskins’ defense.

S Devin McCourty—He’s a perfect need fit and filling needs is that free agency is all about. But even if the Redskins are interested it seems very unlikely that he will get away from the Patriots. Bill Belichick would not have slapped the franchise tag on kicker Stephen Gostkowski if he was not exceptionally confident that the Pats could get a deal done with McCourty.

G Mike Iupati—Although he fits the "big guy" description that Scot McCloughan likes that doesn't mean that the Redskins' GM will be willing to pay $6 to $7 million per year for a guard to gave up seven sacks last year.

WR Andre Johnson—He’s not a free agent yet but it looks like he will be soon. You can put him in the “no” column along with others who are well north of the age of 30. “We’re not going to have to go out to other organizations and bring in 32 and 33 year olds who have different plans,” McCloughan said at his introductory presser.


—It’s been 66 days since the Redskins played a game. It will be about 193 days until they play another one.

Days until: NFL free agency starts 6; Redskins offseason workouts start 47; 2015 NFL Draft 57

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A possible trade destination for Redskins RB Matt Jones?

A possible trade destination for Redskins RB Matt Jones?

RICHMOND—The Redskins reportedly have been looking to trade running back Matt Jones since just before the draft. They may be able to find a partner just up I-95.

The Baltimore Ravens are in need of a running back after Kenneth Dixon suffered a season-ending knee injury earlier this week. Terrance West, who gained 774 yards on the ground last year, is healthy and returning but the Ravens want more depth at the position.

That is where Jones could come into play. The 2015 third-round pick of the Redskins was the unquestioned starter going into last season. But fumbling and other issues prompted Jay Gruden to make him inactive the last nine games of the season. Jones further fell out of favor by skipping OTAs this year, a move he made on the advice of his now-former agent.

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Ravens coach Jim Harbaugh said last year that he liked Jones “a lot” in the 2015 draft and he could well still be intrigued by his size and speed. ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley said that Jones could be a good fit for the Ravens in their current situation.

It should be noted that Hensley seems to be engaging in informed speculation and not relaying anything he heard from the team’s decision makers. He also speaks of the possibility of Baltimore picking up Jones after the Redskins release him.

But there could be some incentive for the Ravens to talk trade with the Redskins rather than waiting for Jones to hit the waiver wire. For one thing, getting their new back in sooner rather than later would benefit the Ravens, allowing the player to get acclimated to his new quarterback and offensive line. While the Redskins are inevitably going to cut Jones, they have no incentive to do so before the final cuts just before the start of the season. Perhaps the Ravens will want to give up some minor compensation, something like a swap of sixth- and seventh-round picks, to get Jones in for the start of training camp.

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Hensley also mentions the possibility that the Ravens will look at former Redskin Alfred Morris for depth at running back. He currently is buried on the Cowboys’ depth chart behind All-Pro Ezekiel Elliott and Darren McFadden. However, there is the possibility of a domestic-violence suspension on the horizon for Elliott. While the suspension is likely to be brief the Cowboys probably don’t want to depart with any running back depth until the matter has been settled.

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Ranking the 2017 Redskins roster, the final update: 1-10

Ranking the 2017 Redskins roster, the final update: 1-10

At CSNmidatlantic.com we projected the Redskins’ 53-man roster (offense, defense) right after minicamp. Now we are taking it one step further and ranking the 53 players we think will make the team.

The rankings are determined by who we think will have the most impact on the 2017 Redskins. No consideration was given for past performance or for what a particular player might do down the road. We’ll be revealing the rankings over the next few weeks.

Today we’re updating the list with the players we ranked from 1-10. Here are some of the players in our latest update:

—A 2016 free agent who needs to make more big plays.

—A rookie expected to bolster one of the weakest units on the team.   

—Each of the five highest-paid players on the team.

—What you won’t find: Any players who will be over the age of 29 in Week 1.     

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Stay up to date on the Redskins! Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page Facebook.com/TandlerCSN and follow him on Twitter @Rich_TandlerCSN.