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Moving Towards Getting a GM?

Moving Towards Getting a GM?

A good article by Len Shapiro in this morning's Post takes a look at what's wrong with the Redskins. I particularly liked it because one of the themes presented is that the team needs a strong general manager. "To me, their big issue is player acquisition,' said a longtime AFC personnel executive who is assigned to follow the Redskins, among other teams. 'I've never been able to figure out who's in charge there."

A defensive coordinator from another team agreed:

"And in this league, anytime you think you individually are the main reason they'll succeed, you're wrong," said the official, who like others, spoke on condition of anonymity. "Back when they were successful, Joe had Bobby Beathard getting the players, then Casserly. Joe needs help. Every head coach needs help, and I'm not sure the way they're set up that he's getting all the help he needs."

I don't remember if Gibbs himself has ever commented on the possiblility of the team getting a real GM, but he indicated that he wouldn't have a problem with it. (Gibbs) said he is open to the idea of hiring a general manager.

"I kind of look at it as I have no problem with that. I've worked with GMs before who were really good. I don't know if it's as much the title and everything as it is the working relationship," Gibbs said. "Our working relationship here is very similar to what we had here before with Bobby responsible for the talent and I was responsible for saying, 'Okay, these are the guys that will stay.' There is no change in that really.

Now, that doesn't make it seem like he's going to take my advice, which is to march in to Snyder's office the day after the season ends and demand that Snyder hire the best general manager that money can buy. He is, however, moving in the right direction and there is a month left to convince him.

Snyder himself would not comment for the story but his spokesman Karl Swanson had something slightly disconcerting to say about the situation:

"Joe is the president. He sets the direction of the team. If he's satisfied with the way things are working, then that's the way they'll stay."

Let's parse this statement. Now, if Joe thinks everything's OK, then that's fine. But what if he wants to make major structural changes such as hire a GM with full control over personnel? As team president, does he have the option to change the organizational structure just by wanting to make it so? Or would that have to go through Snyder, who has been reluctant to cede such control in the past? Stay tuned.

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Josh Norman once again brings his soccer skills to training camp


Josh Norman once again brings his soccer skills to training camp

The Redskins reported to Richmond, Va. on Wednesday to begin 2017 training camp.

While walkthroughs and practices don't begin until Thursday, the team had closed conditioning on Wednesday, followed by an introductory press conference from Jay Gruden.

After the press conference ended, the players weren't exactly itching to get back to their accommodations.

Josh Norman and Will Blackmon stayed behind to partake in one of Josh Norman's favorite non-football activities: Futbol.

With Josh Norman back on the field, the soccer ball is not far behind.


Norman, as you may remember, is a huge soccer fan, and is close friends with French international star Paul Pogba.

Perhaps Pogba will make a stop in Richmond while his Manchester United side is in America on their summer tour. Not that Norman needs much help, though. 

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Full Redskins PUP list not announced but rookie CB Moreau won't be on it

Full Redskins PUP list not announced but rookie CB Moreau won't be on it

RICHMOND—In his press conference to start training camp, Redskins coach Jay Gruden confirmed two players who will start training camp on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list but he was not ready to announce the full list.

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Earlier it was reported that safety DeAngelo Hall and outside linebacker Houston Bates would begin camp on PUP. Both suffered from torn ACLs last season.

Gruden said that there will be “probably a couple more” players on the list when it is announced before practice starts on Thursday.

There was some good injury news. Gruden said that third-round pick CB Fabian Moreau, who did not participate in the offseason program after he suffered a torn pectoral muscle prior to the draft, will start camp on the active list.

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“I think he’ll be limited,” said Gruden. “He can do some individual stuff and walkthroughs . . . He’ll be limited as far as contact.”

This is good news for Moreau. If he was deemed unable to participate he would fall further behind and his prospects for being able to contribute when the season starts would be dim.

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