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Mitchell Rants

Mitchell Rants

Brian Mitchell went off on Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis on Comcast Sports Net’s post game show.

Here is his central rant transcribed:

Players. . .we look and we see things. We’d try something and the coach would say ‘don’t do that’. And then the other guys do it and you let them go and then you say they’re showing favoritism. That begins to separate a football team. . .I played the game and I know how it is.

I guarantee you there are players on this team that see those guys doing their own thing and nobody is saying anything about it. I talk to a lot of people and I know things and there are people who are sick and tired of it. But they can’t say anything because people who tell them don’t say anything.

The fact is. . .I started here as a Redskin. . .When I played here we busted our butts, we had a lot of tradition and we cared about what we did. . . I’m not going to sit here and let two people come in and think that they’re going to change the whole framework of this organization.

Coach Gibbs, when I was late for a practice in 1991, he told me ‘get you a new alarm clock, you have to do things right--you’re a man now—or you’re going to be going home.’ He had that type of firmness with me and he made me a better player. He needs to the same thing with Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor. They’re not bigger than the team.

The same thing you would preach over and over again to Art Monk and all of us, that no player on that team was bigger than any other. The same thing needs to be said to these guys, or somebody on the team like myself needs to get in their faces and tell them, you’re not bigger than the team, you’re never going to be bigger than the team.

Until you do that, you’re going to have losing seasons and losing games with guys running this team who shouldn’t be.

The Blog intends to ask around to get the impressions of others close to the team on this matter. Stay tuned.

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Need to Know: Did the Redskins underachieve in 2016?

Need to Know: Did the Redskins underachieve in 2016?

Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, January 18, 99 days before the NFL draft.


Days until:
NFL franchise tag deadline 43
NFL free agency starts 51
First Sunday of 2017 season 236

The coordinator search and more

Did the Redskins underachieve this year? I know that a metric like Football Outsiders' DVOA is not the final word in the quality of a team but looking at it year after year it usually does work out that the teams with the better numbers in DVOA usually win more games than those with worse numbers. The Redskins finished 2016 eighth in DVOA. Considering that 12 teams make the playoffs, that could be considered a playoff quality team. Yet 15 teams finished with a better record than they did. I’m sure there are some holes in the formula for the stat but just looking at that it sure appears that the Redskins did leave some wins out on the field.

John Keim is reporting that the Redskins are prepared to switch to a 4-3 defense if that is what their new defensive coordinator prefers. They have been in the 3-4 since Mike Shanahan arrived in 2010. Whether it is because of the scheme or lack of draft and free agent resources spent on the line and at safety, the defense hasn’t been very good. As Keim notes, they will need to make some personnel changes if they do change but with a full load of draft picks and $62 million in cap space this may be the time to do it.

I expected the angst that was all over Twitter when word of the Rob Ryan interview got out. But it’s pretty dumb to get all worked up over an interview (with all due respect to readers here who may have been upset). It’s not a hiring. Look, somehow or another Ryan managed to stay employed as an NFL defensive coordinator for 12 straight seasons. I don’t know how to research it without going through some very time consuming and tedious steps but I’d be willing to bet that only about a few dozen men in the history of the league have been able to remain a defensive coordinator for that many season in a row. The organization can learn something from sitting down and talking to him for a few hours.

I understand that we want things to talk about in a relatively slow time. But I just don’t see why there is fear out there over the possibility that Kyle Shanahan will get hired as the coach of the 49ers and somehow steal Kirk Cousins away to be his quarterback. The Redskins can maintain his rights via the franchise tag. They could tag Cousins and trade him to the 49ers but there would be a heavy price in terms of draft picks. But while it’s possible, it’s unlikely. The chances are very, very good that Cousins will be in a Redskins uniform this year via either the tag or a long-term deal. 

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#RedskinsTalk Podcast Episode 40 - Seriously, when will the Redskins pick a coordinator?

#RedskinsTalk Podcast Episode 40 - Seriously, when will the Redskins pick a coordinator?

As the Redskins settle into the offseason without both an offensive and defensive coordinator, JP Finlay and Rich Tandler debate who will get the jobs, and when they will be announced.