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List of Redskins rookie camp tryout players


List of Redskins rookie camp tryout players

Here is the list of 35 players who are participating in the Redskins' rookie camp on a tryout basis:

QB Hutson Mason, Georgia
P Kyle Martens, Rice
P Keith Kostol, Oregon State
K Corey Acosta, Southern Miss
QB Anthony Heyer, USC
CB Le’Vander Liggins, Louisiana Tech
CB Tajh Hasson, UNLV
CB Donovan Warren, Michigan
S LeAndre Vallot, Grambling
CB Tevaughn Campbell, Regina
CB DreQuan Hoskey, Virginia
RT Deshaudas Spence, Sacred Heart
RB Blake Sims, Alabama
S Detrick Bonner, Virginia Tech
FB Connor Laurin, South Carolina
S David Kenney, Connecticut
FB Jacquise Lockett, Kentucky
LS Grant Donovan, Louisville
LB C.J. Mizell, Akron
LB Abraham Kromah, Duke
OLB Gabe Ostrow, SUNY Courtland
OLB Isiah Corbett, Southeastern
OLB Dasman McCullum, Southern Miss
OLB James Robinson, Appalachian State
LB Alonzo Highsmith, Arkansas
G Chadwick Rives, Kentucky State
G William Ray Robinson, North Carolina A&T
OT Tovar Allen, Alabama State
DE Robert Smith, Jackson State
NT/DE J.T. Surratt, South Carolina
DE Bernard Little, Fort Valley State
DE Alfy Hill, Winston-Salem State
OLB Houston Bates, Louisiana Tech
OLB Jamil Cooks, Alcorn State
DE Daryl Waud, Western Ontario

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#RedskinsTalk Podcast Episode 40 - Seriously, when will the Redskins pick a coordinator?

#RedskinsTalk Podcast Episode 40 - Seriously, when will the Redskins pick a coordinator?

As the Redskins settle into the offseason without both an offensive and defensive coordinator, JP Finlay and Rich Tandler debate who will get the jobs, and when they will be announced. 


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Redskins defensive coordinator resume: Jason Tarver

Redskins defensive coordinator resume: Jason Tarver

The Redskins have interviewed some high-profile candidates for their open defensive coordinator position. When it was reported that they will meet with former Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver, the reaction among the fans was, “Who?”

Let’s take a look at what Tarver’s qualifications are to get the job of running the Redskins’ defense.

Before becoming a coordinator: At the age of 22, Tarver took a coaching job at West Valley College in California, and did that while earning his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Santa Clara. After that he was a graduate assistant at UCLA for three years before getting into the NFL in 2001, when the 49ers hired him as a quality control coach. Tarver worked his way up to outside linebackers coach in 2005 and did that job until 2010, when he was let go went Mike Singletary was fired as the head coach. After a year as the defensive coordinator at Stanford, Dennis Allen hired Tarver to run the Raiders defense in 2012.

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Note: If you want more complete stats on Tarver’s defenses check out his page on Pro Football Reference. DVOA stats via Football Outsiders. A negative DVOA percentage is better than a positive number. Zero is average.

For players, * designates Pro Bowl selection, + designates first-team All-Pro

2012 Raiders (4-12)

Rankings: Yards 5,672 (18th), points 443 (28th), takeaways 19 (26th), 3rd down 39.1% (20th), DVOA 12.5% 29th
Notable players: DT Richard Seymour, DE Lamarr Houston

It should be noted that Allen had a defensive background so he had a hand in these numbers. This team just wasn’t very good as indicated by the fact that Seymour, at age 33, was one of their best defensive players.

2013 Raiders (4-12)

Rankings: Yards 5,918 (22nd), points 453 (29th), takeaways 22 (21st), 3rd down 43.1% (28th), DVOA 10.3% (26th)
Notable players: S Charles Woodson

They did make an effort to shore up the defense by bringing back Woodson and drafting cornerback D.J. Hayden in the first round. But Hayden only played in eight games and Woodson could only contribute so much at age 37. The pass defense struggled, ranking 29th in DVOA.

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2014 Raiders (3-13)

Rankings: 5,721 (21st), points 452 (32nd), takeaways 14 (30th), 3rd down 38.5% (14th), DVOA 6.3% (26th)
Notable players: LB Khalil Mack, S Woodson

Allen was fired after an 0-4 start and Tony Sparano took over as interim head coach the rest of the way. Sparano has an offensive background so perhaps Tarver is more fully accountable for these results than those in other seasons. They did draft Mack with the fifth overall pick but his impact as a rookie was limited as recorded four sacks. Hayden again missed half of the season and, again, the defense was near the bottom of the NFL.

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