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Landry will play both safety spots

Landry will play both safety spots

Will LaRon Landry be the Washington Redskins' free safety this year, the position where he played his best ball after moving in after the loss of Sean Taylor?

Or will he play strong safety, the position he was drafted to play?

During this week's OTA's, we got the answer.


According to Steve Jackson, Landry will line up in the deep center of the field on passing downs. When the situation has the defense looking for the run, Landry will assume the traditional strong safety position, lining up in the box and coming on a blitz.

Playing such a swing role is something that not too many players can do. "Some guys are better suited for strong. Some are better suited for free," Jackson said. "He's one of the few guys who can play both."

Dave Elfin's article does not address who would be in the game along with Landry in those various situations. But it's not hard to read the tea leaves and speculate.

When Landry is in the deep center field role, Reed Doughty, who became a starter when Landry moved over last year, would play the strong safety spot. When Landry is up close to the line, Stu Schweigert, a natural free safety, would go into the game.

Landry's skill set gives Jackson and Greg Blache some other options. Schweigert and Landry could split the field in a cover two scheme on third and long. Landry and Doughty both might line up close to the line of scrimmage on short-yardage and goal line situations.

So, the where-to-play-Landry dilemma turns out to be no problem at all. Just put him where the action is going to be and fit the other players around him.

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The Redskins newest coach has a rap video in his honor

The Redskins newest coach has a rap video in his honor

On Monday morning, the Redskins made several new coaching hires official, including Jim Tomsula as the new defensive line coach.

Tomsula was out of football in 2016 after serving as the 49ers head coach for the 2015 season in which the team finished 5-11.

Despite struggling as a head coach, Tomsula gained an odd, if not heavy cult following. It made little sense considering he has the look and demeanor of someone who was put on this earth to coach football and coach football only. But through the glories of the internet came this:

The Jimmy Tomsula rap song.


It's just a demo, and I suppose the full version could be out there somewhere since this song is over a year old. But there's something hypnotizing about 60 consecutive seconds of "Open up my shirt like im Jimmy Tom-Sula."

How long before we begin hearing this song at FedEx Field on Sundays?

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New #RedskinsTalk Podcast - With coordinators in house, all eyes on Kirk Cousins

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New #RedskinsTalk Podcast - With coordinators in house, all eyes on Kirk Cousins

The Redskins found two new coordinators - both in house - and Rich Tandler is more excited by the hires than JP Finlay. Listen as they break down the promotions, and talk Kirk Cousins. 


Want more Redskins? Check out @JPFinlayCSN and @Rich_TandlerCSN for live updates or click here for the #RedskinsTalk Podcast on iTunes, here for Google Play or press play below. Don't forget to subscribe!