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Kirk Cousins didn't exactly demand a trade, but he did 'inquire' with Dan Snyder

Kirk Cousins didn't exactly demand a trade, but he did 'inquire' with Dan Snyder

The partnership between Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins has never seemed like true love.

Drafted in the fourth round in 2012, Cousins came to Washington the same year as anointed franchise savior Robert Griffin III. That was awkward. 

Eventually, when Cousins got named starter in 2015, he excelled. After that season, however, the quarterback and the organization could not agree to a long-term deal.

The franchise tag was deployed, and Cousins played on a one-year deal in 2016. 

He again excelled in 2016, and again, at least so far, the team and player cannot agree on a long-term deal. Cousins has signed another franchise tag for the 2017 season, and contract talks seem to again be stalled.

So when word leaked out that Cousins wanted to be traded by the Redskins, it came as no shock. 


On Tuesday, Cousins appeared on Adam Schefter's podcast and clarified exactly what happened. 

"I did just inquire to Mr. [Dan] Snyder and Mr. [Bruce] Allen if there was any interest in trading me to get an understanding of their perspective,” Cousins told Schefter. "The answer I got back was Mr. Snyder communicated his belief in me and desire for me to remain a Redskin."

Cousins went on to explain that Snyder wanted to give the QB all the resources needed to be successful. After losing DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon early in free agency, it seemed the 'Skins were doing the opposite, but the addition of Terrelle Pryor will offset some of the loss to the Washington offense.

Regardless of the language used, demand or inquire, Cousins still went to ownership to see if a trade was possible. That does not reflect well on the relationship. 

Nothing if not respectful and polite, Cousins made clear he wasn't demanding a trade, explaining to Schefter that the situation got "twisted."

"That’s not the approach I took."

A trade certainly remains possible between for Cousins, but the most logical suitor in the 49ers appears to have moved on. Do not be surprised, however, if a new team emerges as a possible Cousins landing spot, if they pay the right price in draft picks. 


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Redskins' draft pick Ryan Anderson just had a baby (partly) named after him

Redskins' draft pick Ryan Anderson just had a baby (partly) named after him

Here's an updated look at second-round pick Ryan Anderson's stats since the Redskins drafted him back in late April: zero career NFL tackles, one career baby named partly after him.

On Tuesday, Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt honored Anderson and fellow ex-Crimson Tide linebacker Reuben Foster by combining their last names and making that combination his newborn son's middle name.

Everyone please say hello to Flynt Anderson-Foster Pruitt:


The gesture was not lost on Anderson, who said on Instagram that the "little guy will always hold a special place" in his heart:

One gets the sense that Anderson, who comes across as a very intense man and one whose breakfast probably consists of a bowl of motor oil, doesn't use heart emojis very often. Therefore, since he used some in his Instagram caption, you know Pruitt's decision meant a lot to him.

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Jordan Reed missed OTAs Tuesday but was still putting in work with Chad Johnson

Jordan Reed missed OTAs Tuesday but was still putting in work with Chad Johnson

Jordan Reed was reportedly absent from the Redskins' voluntary OTA practice on Tuesday, but a picture on Twitter shows the stud tight end didn't skip the session just so he could lounge around on the couch.

Chad Johnson, expert on all things such as repeatedly hauling in footballs and transforming the end zone into the 18th green at Augusta National, posted this photo of him, Reed and one other fellow, presumably following a workout:

For those who want to freak out that Washington's top offensive threat didn't show up in Ashburn for his team's OTAs, it's important to remember that 1) it was not required and 2) judging by that snapshot, Reed has had no trouble staying in football shape on his own or finding people to hone his craft with.

By the way, peep that hashtag from Johnson. When a six-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro uses the word legendary to refer to someone else, that someone else should feel pretty good about himself.