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'It's all bullsh**, he's not fired' is the word on Scot McCloughan, per source

'It's all bullsh**, he's not fired' is the word on Scot McCloughan, per source

After news broke Wednesday night that Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan did not travel with the team to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, the rumor mill kicked into overdrive. Obviously McCloughan has a past that includes alcohol abuse, and some on social media and elsewhere jumped to conclusions about his absence from the combine.

A report from 106.7 the Fan said that McCloughan was sent home from Redskins Park on Feburary 20, and went on to show that his role has been reduced in the organization. McCloughan, reached by reporters, said that was categorically untrue, and that he is home dealing with family matters. The general manager's elderly grandmother passed away in February. 


Reached Thursday morning for comment, Washington team president Bruce Allen said that McCloughan is home tending to personal matters, via The Washington Post. Allen said that McCloughan will be back with the team once his family affairs are in order. 

One source with knowledge of the situation told CSN of the drama surrounding the Redskins general manager, "It's all bullsh**, he's not fired."

The source continued that McCloughan has conducted normal football business within the last week, but did not travel due to the death in his family.


Additionally, McCloughan's wife Jessica took to Twitter to further discredit the report of the team sending McCloughan home from their Ashburn facility in February.

While the last 24 hours have seen chaos surrounding the Redskins and their general manager, it has not been particulary smooth for either party since the end of the 2016 season. At the Senior Bowl in January, McCloughan told CSN he would not speak with reporters per Bruce Allen's instructions. It was noticeable that McCloughan sat away from the rest of the Redskins delegation at the Senior Bowl during open practices. McCloughan routinely sat in the stands at about the 50-yard-line while Allen, Jay Gruden and others often congregated in the end zone stands. 

Then, in February, former Redskins tight end and team broadcaster Chris Cooley speculated on his ESPN980 radio show that McCloughan's drinking problems might have resurfaced. The team refused comment.

The controversy tornado engulfing the 'Skins comes at a particularly difficult time for the team. Getting a deal done for Kirk Cousins, or working out a trade, remains at the top of the team's offseason priority list though the Burgundy and Gold have plenty of free agency questions and important draft preparations going on in Indy. 

What's more, the team is yet to schedule a press conference. Until the organization lays out all the facts, expect the speculation to continue. 


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Will Doctson and Pryor's style of play resemble Jackson and Garcon?

Will Doctson and Pryor's style of play resemble Jackson and Garcon?

The Redskins have two interesting situations when it comes to wide receivers Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson.

Pryor has played throughout his career as both wide receiver and as quarterback. Most of his time has been spent at QB with several NFL teams, before having a breakout season with the Browns in 2016 as a wide receiver.

After being the Redskins' first-round pick in 2016, Doctson only played in two games and was placed on IR with an Achilles injury.

With a lot to prove, which one has been the most impressive throughout training camp and now at practices?


"I think Pryor draws your eye more just because of his physicality and his size," CSN Redskins Insider Finlay told The Sports Junkies on Friday Morning.

"He really truly stands out on the football field. But, Doctson seemed to immediately click with Kirk [Cousins]. I think some of it is just Doctson's a natural wideout. He's really smooth and fluid running routes and just kind of creates separation in all of his breaks. Where as Terrelle Pryor's still learning the position and he and Kirk are still trying to figure out their timing."

Now, if we were to compare Pryor and Doctson to former Redskins receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, who would each resemble most? 

"It's hard to say because DeSean's game was so unique with the vertical ability, I don't think either of those guys will be the home run hitter DeSean was. A lot of Pierre's stat lines at the end of games would be 6 catches for 65 yards. I don't see that being the case with either Josh or Terrelle."


But that's not to say that because Pryor and Doctson don't do exactly what Jackson and Garcon did that the two won't be highly successful. Neither Jackson or Garcon had Pryor's elite physicality and athleticism. Doctson excels at high-pointing the ball and keeping his defender off of him.

"I don't know that you see the straight nine route, vertical passing attack that we saw with DeSean so much, but plenty of maybe more 17-yard passes rather than trying to get that 28-yard pass sort of thing."

Different can be good, and that's what the Redskins are hoping for.

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What exactly is going on with injured Redskins rookie LB Ryan Anderson?

What exactly is going on with injured Redskins rookie LB Ryan Anderson?

After a season-ending knee injury to Trent Murphy against the Ravens in the preseason opener, the Redskins are now more dependent on rookie outside linebacker Ryan Anderson this year.

Coupled with the fact that Junior Galette is missing time with a hamstring injury, after missing the last two seasons with Achilles injuries, and Washington has depth issues at outside linebacker. 

Anderson has ability, particularly against the run, but is also dealing with his own injury.

In the team's first practice after last Thursday's loss to the Ravens, Washington coach Jay Gruden revealed that Anderson sustained a stinger in Baltimore. 

"I think Ryan Anderson has a stinger. I don’t know if he’s going to do much today," Gruden said back on August 12.


Fast forward nearly a week, and there still hasn't been much information on Anderson.

He did not practice on Wednesday, and was in uniform on Thursday though he didn't participate much, if at all. Now, Anderson might even play Saturday against the Packers (6:30 p.m., CSN).

"He had a stinger and we’re going to let him dress in pregame warmup on Saturday and see where he is. He has total mobility now back, I think he’s fine, but we just want to make sure he has strength back in it," Gruden said of Anderson.

Gruden's comments sound scary, especially the phrase "total mobility now back."

That's also the nature of a stinger. And in a way, the nature of football. 


Anderson played 35 snaps against the Ravens in the preseason opener.

If he plays against the Packers, expect much less than that, even with the Redskins depth issues at outside linebacker.

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