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Historic firsts becoming routine for RG3


Historic firsts becoming routine for RG3

The training wheels are off of Robert Griffin III. No longer are his accomplishments compared to those of other rookies. He is doing things that no other quarterback, regardless of his level of experience, has ever done before.

Griffin completed 17 of 22 passes (77.2%) for 182 yards with a touchdown and an interception. On 13 rushing attempts he ran for 138 yards and two TD’s.

In at least the last 52 years, no NFL quarterback has had such a good day both running and passing. Checking records going back to 1960 reveals that no NFL player has ever run for 135 yards or more and passed for at least 180 yards in the same game. That covers a lot of games and a lot of players.

The combination of a quarterback completing at least 75 percent of his passes (minimum of 10 attempts) and rushing for 130 yards also has never been done.

Not Vick. Not Cam. Not Steve Young. Nobody ever.

One more “never has been done before” for RG3. According to the Elias Sports Bureau Griffin became the first player in NFL to throw for a touchdown and rush for a touchdown of 75 yards or longer in the same season. In the season opener Griffin threw an 88-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garçon.

That is why we are getting statements like this one from Dan Hanzus of NFL.com: “Any argument over who's the most electrifying player in the NFL ends with the video above.”

The referenced video is, of course, of RG3’s game clinching 76-yard TD run. Go ahead, take another look. You know you want to. 

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One surprising stat that puts Vernon Davis at top of NFL tight ends

One surprising stat that puts Vernon Davis at top of NFL tight ends

Vernon Davis played well in 2016, quite well in fact. Signed to a one-year deal after a poor 2015 season, expectations were low for Davis and he over-delivered.

He ended the season with 44 catches and 583 yards to go with two touchdowns, but a stat from Pro Football Focus truly stands out. 

There were 15 tight ends with more yards than Davis, including one on his own team in Jordan Reed. Still, at age 32, Davis had the moves to make defenders miss. 

ROSTER BATTLES: Left guard | Tight end Nickel cornerback  | Inside linebacker | Running back

Even early in 2016, as early as training camp, a number of Redskins players mentioned that Davis still had speed and quickness. That didn't change throughout the 16 game season. Pro Football Focus just quantified it. 


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Terrelle Pryor has no problem keeping up with Antonio Brown during offseason workout

Terrelle Pryor has no problem keeping up with Antonio Brown during offseason workout

Having a workout buddy is good. Having a workout buddy who's a three-time All-Pro and who churns out 100-catch seasons like Michael Bay churns out dreadful Transformers sequels, however, is better.

It's that second kind that Terrelle Pryor has chosen to spend time with recently. On Thursday, the Redskins wideout tweeted footage of him working out alongside Antonio Brown, and even though he is much taller and 40+ pounds heavier than the Steelers star, Pryor didn't have that much trouble keeping up with the NFL's top outside threat.


Take a look at this race between the two, for instance, in which the pair of pass-catchers blow by the camera man so quickly, he fails to film the contest's conclusion:

You can also watch Pryor and Brown go through a ladder drill while wearing a band around their ankles at the end of this video from the Redskins. Now, that band would likely cause some problems for common folk trying to complete the drill, but as these two show, they aren't common:

They even found time for yoga (please be sure to note how Pryor's groutfit is so thorough that it includes his mat): 

For a guy like Pryor — who's still relatively new to his position — spending offseason time with Antonio Brown could really pay off for both him and the Redskins in 2017.