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Griffin gets tips from his dad


Griffin gets tips from his dad

After each game, Robert Griffin III reviews his performance with the Redskins’ coaching staff.

He also dissects the effort with his father, Robert Jr., who points out what he liked, what he didn’t and where his son must improve – even after blowouts such as Sunday’s 31-6 win over the Eagles.

“I thought I protected myself pretty well, but he pointed to the play where [Eagles’ defensive end Jason] Babin got me on my side and my legs got messed up a little bit,” Griffin III said. “He told me I can’t do that. I said, ‘I know, Dad.’”

Robert Jr., a retired Army sergeant, also offers up suggestions on technical details. 

“Little things [like] not holding the ball up when you scramble,” Griffin said. “He just makes sure he [makes] those points because sometimes the coaches are so focused on other things, they might miss a minor detail. But he definitely brings it up.”

Asked how important it is for him to make Robert Jr. proud, Griffin provided some insight on the often complicated relationship between father and son.

“It’s paramount to me,” he said. “I didn’t even know what that word meant until he taught it to me a few years ago. It’s really important.”

Griffin added: “When I come off the field after a game, he gives me his criticism or praise. There are some games we lose where I think he’s going to tear me apart and he doesn’t tear me up. Then there are some games like the last one where you go 14 of 15 and he’s chewing you out, and you’re like, ‘Come on, Dad.’ But I appreciate it and he knows that.” 

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Josh Norman didn't stand a chance defending Kyle O’Quinn on this dunk

Josh Norman didn't stand a chance defending Kyle O’Quinn on this dunk

Josh Norman is a man of many talents — at least on the football field, and in the friendliest possible way, he was reminded of that this weekend during a charity basketball game.

Opposite of the defensive nightmare Norman can be for receivers, the New York Knicks' Kyle O’Quinn had a little fun with the Redskins cornerback and the 10-inch height difference they share during the during Bam Bam’s Spring Jam at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

O'Quinn got the ball and went up for a particularly easy dunk as Norman jumped and tried to swat the ball away but his effort was futile. 

While this was all in good fun, Norman should probably stick to football. 

Former Virginia Tech defenseive back and current Seattle Seahawk Kam Chancellor's foundation is behind the charity game, which also included Redskins' Lynden Trail, Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett and Antoine Bethea.  

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Memorial Day Reflection: Kirk Cousins appreciates the cost of freedom

Memorial Day Reflection: Kirk Cousins appreciates the cost of freedom

On Memorial Day, people all over the United States stop to reflect on the freedoms provided for by the military. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is no different.

"So grateful for living in this country and understanding that that came at a price and I just want to say thank you," Cousins said.

Speaking after an OTA session last week with military members in attendance, Cousins explained that he appreciates the added sense of history and obligation that comes from living in and around D.C.

"It’s a good reminder why it’s such a benefit to play here in Washington. It just feels like it’s that much more real with Andrews Air Force Base here and so many soldiers here. There’s something special about playing for the city of Washington, D.C. and driving 30 minutes into the city and going by the White House and the Pentagon and the monuments."

The Redskins hosted military members from multiple branches at their OTAs, and afterward, Cousins and a number of other players signed autographs. 

"You say ‘Man, I want to give these soldiers, these fans something to cheer about and make them excited and bring this city together.' Hopefully winning football games can do that. What a great thing. That’s the vision we’re chasing," the Redskins passer said. "Hopefully we can get it done this season."


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