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Fletcher thinks RG3 is a natural leader


Fletcher thinks RG3 is a natural leader

In the locker room at Redskins Park, rookie quarterback Robert Griffin IIIs stall has been strategically placed next London Fletchers.Fletcher said he did not request the arrangement, but its rather obvious that the coaching staff wanted the franchises next leader to learn the ropes from the teams current one.The thing about him is he already has great leadership quality, Fletcher said. Hes already emerged as one of the leaders on the football team, and not because of the position he plays. His aura, his personality, is one of his great leadership qualities.Just some of the things he does that rookies dont generally do, the emotional linebacker continued, like getting the guys together in Waco.Fletcher said he doesnt consider himself Griffins mentor, but he also seemed to grasp that its his responsibility to help cultivate those qualities in the young signal caller.Being around this game for a number of years now, you can tell when you meet guys who have it, Fletcher said. Just the way he carries himself, no sense of entitlement, he just wants to work hard.Interestingly, Fletcher was the second Redskins veteran on Thursday to point out that Griffin possesses the intangibles all leaders seem to have.Theres no faade, Chris Cooley said. He just has it. Its there already.Fletcher said he doesnt initiate conversations about leadership with Griffin.Their chats just kind of happen.Its just natural conversation, Fletcher said. You dont talk about leadership. You just have your natural conversations, and definitely in that conversation, you can see where a guy understands what it takes to get to the next level, on and off the field.Asked if their conversations focus on football or life, Fletcher said its a little of both.As much as Fletcher gushed about Griffins personality and rare talent, the 37-year-old said he has not intentions of calling the 22-year-old quarterback by his Hollywood-like nickname.I call him Robert, Fletcher said with a smile. Im not calling him RG3. Hes just Robert, Rob. Some guys call him RG3, but hes just who he is.

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Need to Know:How do the Redskins stack up in the NFC East?

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Need to Know:How do the Redskins stack up in the NFC East?

Here is what you need to know on this Monday, May 29, 15 days before the Washington Redskins start their mandatory minicamp on June 13.


Days until:

—Training camp starts (7/27) 59
—Preseason opener @ Ravens (8/10) 73
—Season opener Eagles @ Redskins (9/10) 104

How do the Redskins stack up against the rest of the NFC East?

A few words on the state of the NFC East and how the Redskins stack up to their rivals after all of them had active offseasons. 

Need to Know Monday 05.29.17

Need to Know for Monday, 05.29.17

Posted by Rich Tandler on Monday, May 29, 2017

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Redskins Playbook: After worst to first in 2016, how strong will NFC East be?

Redskins Playbook: After worst to first in 2016, how strong will NFC East be?

When the Redskins won the NFC East in 2015 with a 9-7 record, most critics dismissed the division as weak. That theory was largely proved right when the Redskins got stomped at home in the first round of the playoffs by the Wild Card Green Bay Packers.

In 2016, however, the NFC East largely looked like the best division in football, or at least among the best divisions. Dallas won 13 games and took the NFC East title, the Giants won 11 and took the NFC's top Wild Card spot. The Redskins had a chance to make the playoffs in Week 17, but unceremoniously lost and fell short.

Still, Washington won eight games and Philadelphia won seven. In fact, the NFC East was the only division in the NFL without a team that lost 10 or more games. The AFC West - a division that some would argue was tougher than the NFC East - still had the Chargers and their 5-11 record.

What does it mean for 2017? If anything the only team expected to regress would be the Cowboys, and their regression could easily still have them looking to win around 10 games. 

The Eagles have improved with young, star QB Carson Wentz. New York will be interesting, as they have some age at various spots on their roster but still feature a two-time Super Bowl winning QB in Eli Manning and one of the best defenses in the NFL.

As for Washington? The defense should be much improved. It almost has to be as the 2016 version struggled significantly. If the defense can just be average (and I'd argue it could push for Top 15) the offense should continue to move the ball well. Producing in the red zone needs to look different than last season too.

The NFC East looks like a beast yet again. It would be no surprise if both NFC Wild Cards come from the division.

Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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