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Dolphins getting the 'Hard Knocks' treatment


Dolphins getting the 'Hard Knocks' treatment

Afterahalf-dozen reportedly passed on being the subject for the documentary-style series "Hard Knocks", HBO has found a destination.The premium cable channel will be taking its talented film crew to South Beach.Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin told reporters on Monday that the team will be the subject of the behind the scenes series. Of course he did so right after I piggybacked on an NFL.com post where the site asked its cadre of analysts and writers to come up withtheir ideal team for the 247-esque show. Whether intentional or not, nineselectors led to nine different final selections. Nobody picked the Dolphins.Even though this could be a trying season for Miami, there are some interesting angles. The Dolphinshave their own first-round quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. Too bad he has almost no viable receivers to play catch with. Reggie Bush looks topost a second straight solid seasons (plus there will be the gratuitous Kim Kardashian references). Year onewith a new head coach, sure, why not.For me,I'd love the Patriots, but I cannot fathom Bill Belichick agreeing to have cameras follow him around; there are only so many ways he can say nothing. Beyond the dream of having 247 access with the hoodie and the hair (Tom Brady),my preferred list was as follows...3) Jaguars - I agree, if you're going to go with a Florida team, better Miami over Jacksonville. However, after hearing the Jaguars were openly pushing for the show,it seemed logical for theleague to get its least popular team some press.Spending a few weeks in Jacksonville, even on television, does not soundterribly appealing, though in this caseI blame that mostly on a roster devoid of starsoutside of the human bowling ball Maurice Jones-Drew. Then again, this level ofcoverage would bump up the team's Q-rating and likely my interest in checking their regular season games outduringthe season for reasons beyond fantasy football or the generic office pool. Personally, I am intrigued aboutthe quarterback battle between Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne and DavidGarrard. Guess I'll have to monitor the internet for such things.2) Colts - Even though owner Jim Irsay recently said onTwitter his team may not be ready for the spotlight, this could have worked.The post-Peyton Manning world shouldmake for terrific TV, with the madcap Irsay leading the way. There isAndrew Luck's first NFL training camp. A brand new coach is taking over and thisone (Chuck Pagano) appears to be alive unlike his predecessor, the zombie-facedJim Caldwell. Plus, I am dying to know why on earth Reggie Wayne chose to stayin Indy.1) Lions - From historically inept to playoff contender. The Matthew Stafford-to-Calvin Johnsonconnection. Jim Schwartz (hopefully) chasing down more NFL head coaches headedto their postgame locker room. Nick Fairley's growing rap sheet. JahvidBest's recovery from a serious concussion. Betting on whether Eminem or KidRock makes the first Motor City bad boy singerrapper cameo. Ndamukong Suhdoing Ndamukong Suh things. Seeing if by the time preseason ends the team'stotal number of offseason arrests is greater than the number of Matt Millenjokes made during the series. The Lions were the team for me, but you never heard anyone complain about hanging in Miami over Detroit. I won't be the first.Ben Standig blogs about the Redskins, Wizards, Hoyas and the D.C.area college basketball scene for CSNwashington. You can reach him by email at bstandig@comcast.net, follow him on Twitter @BenStandig and catch his musings at the D.C. Sportalist.

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Need to Know: The Redskins week that was—Draft talk, Ihenacho out

Need to Know: The Redskins week that was—Draft talk, Ihenacho out

Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, March 25, 33 days before the April 27 NFL draft.


Days until:

—Offseason workouts begin (4/17) 23
—Redskins rookie camp (5/12) 48
—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 60
—Franchise tag contract deadline (7/15) 112
—First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 160

The Redskins week that was

Ihenacho's Redskins career appears to be over—This is based on some tweets he sent out; the team has said nothing officially or unofficially. Duke Ihenacho started 10 games at safety for the Redskins and they still don’t have enough at his position to fill out a depth chart. But apparently, they believe that Ihenacho is not part of the solution going forward and they will not offer Ihenacho, an unrestricted free agent, a contract. I think he’ll get another shot somewhere; he turns 28 in June and when he’s healthy he can play a role on defense and do some special teams.

Will the Redskins shift to drafting for need? Scot McCloughan always preached drafting the best player available rather than drafting for need. However, no GM drafts purely BPA and none draft strictly for need. How will the Redskins go with Bruce Allen having the final say and with Jay Gruden likely to have a strong voice in the draft room? Check out the post.

2017 NFL Mock Draft 6.0—A good job by Ben Standig here although I’m kind of skeptical of his first-round pick for the Redskins for reasons outlined here. And I kind of like his second round pick but I’d think he would be better in the fourth.  

RELATED: NFL Mock Draft Version 6.0

Could Miami's Kaaya be the Redskins' heir apparent at quarterback? I think that some Redskins fans have their fingers stuck in their ears and are yelling, “I can’t hear you” when it comes to the quarterback situation. The reality is that there is a very good chance that Kirk Cousins will be gone in 2018. Why wait until he’s gone to start developing his replacement? You can argue that Kaaya is not the guy but there has to be a plan.

Setting the odds on the Redskins' first-round draft pick—Mock drafts are all over the place with the Redskins picks, which is to be expected with pick No. 17. While I respect any analyst who can do a full first-round mock draft, it’s just impossible for them to be up on every team’s depth chart and thinking. As noted, nobody is sure how the dynamic of Allen and Gruden (and we could throw in college scouting director Scott Campbell there as well) will work in the draft room. While things might clear up as April 27 approaches, a big surprise at No. 17 wouldn’t be a surprise, if you know what I mean.

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page Facebook.com/TandlerCSN and follow him on Twitter @Rich_TandlerCSN.

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What's cuter than the way Kirk Cousins found out his baby's gender? Nothing

What's cuter than the way Kirk Cousins found out his baby's gender? Nothing

What's the cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole, entire life? Whatever that thing is, be prepared for it to slide down to the second spot, because what you're about to see is absolutely going to move up to No. 1 (and then stay there forever).

Two weeks ago, Kirk Cousins and his wife, Julie, announced that they were expecting. That announcement, which was posted on Julie's Instagram, was really adorable in its own right — Mrs. Cousins shared a photo of the couple's dog, Bentley, who was wearing a sign that read, "Mom & Dad are getting me a human!"

On Friday, though, Kirk put up a video on his Instagram that revealed their future child's gender. What else did that video do, you ask? Well, it only made every future gender reveal irrelevant, since none will ever top what the Cousinses did.


Gender Reveal! Had to stand close so it wouldn't get intercepted... and still almost missed ha! IT'S A...

A post shared by Kirk Cousins (@kirk.cousins) on

OMG. O. M. G. OMG.

The regular season may be months away, but with that toss, Kirk Cousins is already 1-for-1 (yes, the pass was low, but a completion is a completion) with a perfect quarterback rating.