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Deal or no deal?


Deal or no deal?

Update 1:00 p.m.--Per an article on NFL.com, the league is considering pushing back the trade deadline due to Hurricane Sandy.

Update 2:30 p.m.--NFL has announced that the tarde deadline has been moved to Thursday at 4 p.m.

Hurricane Sandy or no, the NFL’s trade deadline will hit on Tuesday at 4 p.m. Will the Redskins make a deal?

Many Redskins fans are hoping fervently that the team will make a trade to bolster the ineffective secondary or even at wide receiver since it doesn’t look like they are going to get much out of Pierre Garçon, who was brought in to be the team’s top receiver. Will they pull off a deal?

While I’ve learned never to say never, it doesn’t look likely for a few reasons.

For one thing, there aren’t many players in the areas the Redskins need who are being offered, especially at defensive back. There just aren’t many teams out there that have a good enough supply of quality defensive backs to be able to deal any of them away for a draft pick next April.

Now, if a team is out of the playoff picture at this point it might be willing to part with a decent player for a draft pick. But 27 of the 32 NFL teams have at least three wins and everyone has eight or nine to play.

And even if there is a team that is willing to part with a player who could help the Redskins there is a final, fatal obstacle. The Redskins would have great difficulty fitting even a medium sized salary under the cap.

The team has somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million of cap space left. A solid veteran defensive back with an annual salary of $2 million would eat up all of that and leave them with no money for injury replacements for the last half of the year. There might be someone out there with a lower salary who could help but again you’re looking at supply and demand issues. The market would be strong for a solid, low-salary defensive back and the asking price might be too high for the Redskins, who don’t have a first-round pick.

Even if the Redskins could pry a defensive back or wide receiver away from another team and fit him under the cap there would be the matter of integrating him into the system. This is the major reason why in-season trades are rare in the NFL. It takes time to learn an offensive or defensive system and even more time to mesh with your new teammates. By the time a player is up to speed, the season is often over.

Again, it would be a mistake to completely rule out a move being made. The Redskins could make a strong big for a player, renegotiate an existing deal or two to create some cap room, and work him into the lineup as best they can.

It’s possible but very unlikely.    

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New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: Early NFC East picture, Cravens fallout and setting over/unders vs. Raiders


New #RedskinsTalk Podcast: Early NFC East picture, Cravens fallout and setting over/unders vs. Raiders

JP Finlay and Rich Tandler put a bow on the trip to Los Angeles, then look at the early NFC East picture, talk adjustments post-Su'a Cravens and set over/unders vs. Oakland.

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Report: Mason Foster getting second opinion on dislocated shoulder

Report: Mason Foster getting second opinion on dislocated shoulder

Mason Foster saved the Redskins’ win last Sunday. He might be watching this Sunday’s game from the sideline, according to a report.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Foster is getting a second opinion on the shoulder that he dislocated in the second quarter of the Redskins’ win in Los Angeles. Rapoport said that it is "likely" that Foster will be out against the Raiders on Sunday night.

Foster popped the joint back into place and continued to play, not missing a snap. After the Redskins took the lead with less than two minutes to play, Foster sealed the 27-20 win with an interception on the Rams’ first play after the score.


The severity of the shoulder injury is not known, but if he is going to get a second opinion that usually means that the initial diagnosis was a fairly severe injury. The fact that he played with it for a half doesn’t mean that the injury won’t cause him to miss time. It’s not unusual for the adrenaline of being in the game will allow a player to push through an injury but problems pop up the following morning.

Fortunately for the Redskins, they do have an experienced backup should Foster miss any time. Will Compton has played in 50 games with the Redskins with 29 starts, including 15 starts last year.

Jay Gruden will speak to the media about Foster and several other Redskins who came out of Sunday’s game with injuries following the team’s practice, which starts at 1:45 p.m.


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