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Contract ties Jackson to Redskins for two years


Contract ties Jackson to Redskins for two years

Yesterday when we looked at the preliminary numbers (3 years, $24 million) from DeSean Jackson’s contract we said that we would have to wait for the details before we could figure out in there was a winner and a loser in the negotiation.

We got the details and the deal appears to be a win-win.

Jackson gets $16 million fully guaranteed and he gets it in his bank account in the next two years. The length of the deal will let him have one more shot at free agency at the age of 30.

The Redskins get a fairly low first-year cap number, something important since they didn’t really plan on having the opportunity to sign Jackson and didn’t set aside cap space to make the move. And if things are not going well or if other circumstances dictate they can get out of the deal after two years with minimal damage in the form of dead cap.

It’s actually a four-year contract that automatically voids to a three-year deal immediately after the 2016 Super Bowl. That voidable year allows the Redskins to spread Jackson’s $5 million signing bonus out over four years instead of three. His first-year salary of $1 million, roster bonus of $1.5 million and his $500,000 workout bonus are all fully guaranteed. His cap hit in 2014 is $4.25 million.

The cap number jumps up to $9.25 million in both 2015 and 2016. The compensation is identical in both seasons with salaries of $3.75 million, per-game roster bonuses of $3.75 million, and workout bonuses of $500,000. The difference is that his 2015 compensation is guaranteed while his 2016 pay is not.

The roster bonuses, by the way, are paid as long as Jackson is not on the suspended list or the non-football injury list. He does not need to be on the 46-man game day active roster to collect $93,750 per game this year and $218,750 per game in 2015 and 2016.

Since the guaranteed money is all paid by the time the 2015 season ends the Redskins can move on after that if they choose. They would just have to take a dead cap charge of $2.5 million for the rest of the proration of Jackson’s signing bonus.

But it would be painful to release Jackson just one year into the deal. The team would have to eat $11.25 million in dead cap money.

If Jackson completes the three years of the contact the Redskin will still have a $1.25 million dead cap charge in 2017 (the voided year on the contract).

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Pierre-Paul injury a big loss for Redskins' playoff rival

Pierre-Paul injury a big loss for Redskins' playoff rival

When you’re fighting for a playoff spot, it’s not only about what happens to you. It’s also about what happens to the teams you’re competing against for that playoff spot. And one of the Redskins’ main competitors got some very bad news this morning.

The Giants, who are in the No. 5 spot in the NFC, the first wild card spot, got word today that defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has had sports hernia surgery. The recovery time is at least four weeks, probably more like six. The Giants’ season is likely to be over by the time six weeks elapse, barring a playoff run without one of their best defensive players.

Pierre-Paul has helped solidify what was a shaky Giants defense last year. He has seven sacks and a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. He has been heating up down the stretch with 5.5 sacks in his last three games.

His loss is a big blow for the Giants. They are a game ahead of the Buccaneers, who hold the No. 6 spot, and a game and a half ahead of the Redskins, who are currently seventh.

The Redskins play New York in Week 17 so the Redskins have to pick up just one game on the Giants over the next three to have a shot at passing them in the season finale.

The chances of that happening looked pretty good with Washington playing playing three teams with losing records in the Eagles, Panthers, and Bears and the Giants going against division leaders Dallas and Detroit in addition to the Eagles. With the Giants now without Pierre-Paul, the Redskins’ probabilities got tilted in their direction a little bit more.

Just finishing ahead of the Giants wouldn’t guarantee a playoff spot but it would come close. It would mean that the Redskins would have at least nine wins and the Redskins’ tie means that two teams would have to get to 10 wins to knock them out of the playoffs. The Bucs have to win three more games to get to nine wins and the Packers and Vikings would have to run the table.

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Redskins Stat Breakdown: What worked — and what didn't — against Arizona

Redskins Stat Breakdown: What worked — and what didn't — against Arizona

CSN has teamed up with The Edge Systems to provide the occasional statistical review of Redskins game film. The Edge is analytical football software currently being used by coaches in the NFL, SEC, ACC and the media, providing some of the fastest and best data in football.

Below is a breakdown of the Redskins run game against Arizona - a game coach Jay Gruden admitted did not feature enough carries for Robert Kelley. 

The Redskins had a lot of success with their GAP runs early in the game.

In the first half they were successful on 75 percent of their GAP runs. 

As the game wore on the Redskins moved away from what had been successful and only ran two GAP runs in the second half.

As the Redskins power run game vanished, so did their prospects for winning the game.

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