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Cody Glenn Notable Quotables

Cody Glenn Notable Quotables

On how he feels to be drafted by the Redskins:

"I am extremely excited, I can't put it into words right now. I am ready to go and play football again."


On what he brings to the Redskins:

"I am a speed linebacker. I love football and I love to hit people. I feel I bring speed, a team attitude and the willingness to do anything for the team."


On which linebacker position he is most comfortable playing:

"I played weakside this year, so I feel best at that position. I know that I have some learning to do with only playing the position one year, but that is something I am ready to do. I am eager to get on the football field."


On why he was moved from running back to linebacker before his senior season:

"It was a mutual [decision] with the new coaches who were coming in. I felt that I could help the team more by playing defense than playing in a crowded backfield that was playing by committee. I made the switch to better our football team."


On his whether he has recovered from a foot injury:

"I had one earlier in the spring, but I am over that. Right now I am healthy and I am good to go."


On his transition to linebacker:

"I felt that when I first moved over there, I picked it up pretty good. With my natural instincts for the position and being a football player, I picked it up pretty good. Learning the terminology of Coach Pelini's defense and learning where I had to be, once I learned most of that then I was able to just let my athletic ability take over to fly around and make plays."


On injuries he suffered in college:

"In 2006 I hurt [my foot]. I did not have any problems with it in 2007. In 2007 I had a scope of my knee where I hurt it, but I was pretty healthy then, I just did not play at all with the coaches that we had. This past spring, I just hurt my foot, but it is full go now."


On whether he thought he would ever be drafted as a linebacker:

"I had always been a running back, and I had always loved playing running back. When I made the switch I didn't know how it was going to turn out, but I am grateful for it and I thank God for it."


On whether he would consider moving back to running back:

"I am a team guy. Whatever they want me to do, I will do. I love playing linebacker now so that is where I wish to play, but if that is something that they came to me with I would be more than willing to do it."



On where he has been working out in preparation for the NFL:

"I have been working out here in Nebraska. I graduate here in two weeks, so I have been here finishing school and working out."

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3 reasons why Redskins promoting Matt Cavanaugh to offensive coordinator makes sense

3 reasons why Redskins promoting Matt Cavanaugh to offensive coordinator makes sense

Championship Sunday produced a flurry of Redskins news. A pair of internal promotions erased the team's vacant coordinator positions, as Greg Manusky landed the defensive coordinator spot and Matt Cavanaugh will take over as offensive coordinator. When Sean McVay left to coach the Rams, many expected Cavanaugh to take over his spot. Here are three reasons why:

  1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - There was plenty to criticize from the Redskins the last two seasons, but not much of it came on offense. Cavanaugh joined the organization in 2015 as quarterback coach, and the offense has consistently improved in those two seasons. Though the team struggled to score TDs in the Red Zone, the 2016 version of the Redskins moved the ball at a team-record clip and ranked among the top offensive teams in NFL yardage. When something is working as well as the 'Skins offense, it's not wise to change it dramatically.
  2. Impressive work - Cavanaugh began coaching QBs for the Redskins in 2015. Kirk Cousins took over as Redskins starting quarterback in 2015. In two years working together, Cousins twice broke the Redskins franchise passing record and is now poised to get a mega-contract in free agency. Talking after the 'Skins loss to the Giants earlier this month, Jay Gruden said, "I think [Cousins'] really improved his game a lot in the last couple years. And a lot of it has to do with Matt Cavanaugh and Sean McVay."
  3. Make the call - The biggest question remaining for the Redskins - outside of the HUGE unknown surrounding Cousins - will be about play calling. All indications are that Jay Gruden will return to calling the plays from the Washington sideline, and obviously, that's a situation Cavanaugh understands. For two seasons now, Cavanaugh along with McVay, Gruden and offensive line coach Bill Callahan have had input on play calling. With McVay gone, Cavanaugh and Callahan will likely contribute even more in support of Gruden. 


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Poll: What is your approval rating for the Manusky hire?

Poll: What is your approval rating for the Manusky hire?

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