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20 questions in 20 days: 17 Can Garcon become a No. 1 receiver?

20 questions in 20 days: 17 Can Garcon become a No. 1 receiver?

As we count down to the first game of the Redskins season, Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler are going to belooking at some of the big questions facing the team and attempting to lookinto their crystal balls and answer them. Question 20: Can Pierre Garon become a No. 1 receiver?The background: In Indianapolis, Garon was a nice complimentary receiver to Reggie Wayne who made the occasional big play and acrobatic catchsuitable for SportsCenter. But when the Redskins signed him to a five-year,42.5 million contract with 20.5 million guaranteed the expectations grew. TheRedskins want him to be the go-to guy for rookie quarterback Robert GriffinIII, to be able to deal with double coverage and help an offense that has beenstruggling for years get going. Tandler: Lets first define the loose term No. 1 receiver. Garon is not suddenly going to morph into Larry Fitzgerald or Megatron or any of the truly elite receivers. But there are 32 NFL teams and only a handful of those guys.Garon is capable of becoming the Redskins equivalent of, say, Hakeem Nicks.That would mean catching 75-80 passes for about 1,100 yards and 8-10touchdowns. Beyond the numbers, it would mean attracting more than his share of defensive attention and help fellow receivers like Josh Morgan and LeonardHankerson post some strong stats of their own. Garon has the speed, hands, and yards after catch ability to fill that role. El-Bashir: The potential is there. A ripped 6-foot, 212 pounds, hes as strong as any wide receiver in the NFL, if not as tall. He possesses deceptive speed, runs crisp routes and has a flair for the dramatic (all No. 1receivers need that last one, right?) Garcons numbers also indicate a player onthe verge of a breakout season -- 47 receptions in 09, 67 in 10 and 70 in 11. Now the 26-year-old is set to be Robert Griffin IIIs first option in thepassing game, which could be good for 80-plus receptions, around 1,200 yardsand 10 or more touchdowns. Its time for Garcon to put potential together withopportunity and see where it takes him -- and the Redskins.20 questions in 20 days20 Aug.20WillJammal Brown play this year?
19 Aug.21WillChris Cooley make the team?
18 YesterdayCanBrandon Meriweather get he job done at safety?
17 TodayIs Garon a No. 1 receiver?
16 TomorrowCan Trent Williams go from good to great?

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Need to Know: First look at Redskins vs. Raiders

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Need to Know: First look at Redskins vs. Raiders


Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, September 20, four days before the Washington Redskins play the Raiders at FedEx Field.


Today’s schedule: Practice 1:45; Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins press conferences, open locker room after practice, approx. 3:30

Days until:

—Monday night Redskins @ Chiefs (10/2) 12
—Monday night Redskins @ Eagles (11/23) 23
—Cowboys @ Redskins (10/29) 39

First look at Redskins vs. Raiders

—This tweet seems a bit audacious. It’s from Vic Tafur, who writes about the Raiders for the pay site The Athletic.

They are second in the NFL in offensive yards and first in points scored. Oakland is fourth in rushing yards and 13th in passing yards. QB Derek Carr is third in the NFL with a stellar 126.5 passer rating and Marshawn Lynch has a bruising 121 yards rushing. They’re good but I would reserve phrases like “doing whatever they want” for teams like the Greatest Show on Turf or the ’07 Patriots. The Raiders aren’t there yet.

—Defensively, the Raiders are just OK, especially considering they have played a Titans team that is solid but not an offensive juggernaut and the putrid Jets. They are 17th in yards given up and tied for 11th in points allowed. They haven’t intercepted a pass although they have two fumble recoveries. They have five sacks, one more than a Redskins team that talks a lot about a need to get to the quarterback.

—Carr and Kirk Cousins have very similar numbers in the two seasons plus two games that they both have been starters. One area where Carr has an edge is in the touchdown passes column. Carr has 65 while Cousins has just 46. The Raiders have some quality receivers in Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper. But Cousins could throw to DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon up until this season and Washington also has tight end Jordan Reed. It’s at least a wash in terms of quality of targets if not an advantage to the Redskins. It is something that Carr has solved that Cousins has not. Carr’s ability to get the ball into the end zone helped him become the NFL’s highest-paid player, albeit temporarily.

—Although the Raiders’ offense is not going to make history, the Redskins still need to be prepared to be in a shootout on Sunday night. To be sure, the Redskins defense has improved but it’s hard to see the Raiders scoring less than somewhere in the mid to upper twenties. That means that the Redskins will have to score at least as many points as they did against the Rams, maybe more. They started and ended well in LA; to win next Sunday they probably won’t be able to get away with zero second-half points until after the two-minute warning.

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Giants TE grabs crotch, immediately introduced to NFL's celebration rules

USA Today Sports Images

Giants TE grabs crotch, immediately introduced to NFL's celebration rules

It took the New York Giants a full game and another quarter before they scored their first touchdown of the 2017-18 NFL season.

Giants rookie Evan Engram was the recipient of their first touchdown of the season, scoring the first of his career on Monday Night Football.

Naturally he began to celebrate his accomplishment, but perhaps his celebration was too natural. 


In the clip, right in front of the cameraman, the 23-year-old proceeds to dance with a finishing move crotch grab in the midst of his teammates.

Apparently the loosened NFL celebration rules from this off-season did not take out any sexually suggestive actions. 

It resulted in a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kick-off for the Giants.

With the ball then kicked out of bounds the Lions had the ball at their own 45-yard line.


Likely the grab will give Engram a fine from the NFL.

Last season Antonio Brown was fined for a similar celebration, by twerking following a score.

The touchdown remains the only time New York has found the end-zone through two games.

With only 13 points it is the lowest scoring two game start in 70 years for the franchise.