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Washington Nationals front load 2017 draft with pitchers

Washington Nationals front load 2017 draft with pitchers

In the 2017 MLB Draft, there is one position that the Washington Nationals made a focus: pitching.

It has been well documented about the Nationals' bullpen and their struggles throughout the early point of the season. Through June 13, the bullpen has 11 blown slaves. Now the MLB Draft is not a chance to find immediate help to fill in a position the team is lacking in, but rather development of their farm system. After all, even Stephen Strasburg played 39 minor league games, as a pitcher, before starting back in 2010. 

This season may have pushed ahead the plan for Mike Rizzo. Nine of the first 10 picks for Washington were pitchers and 20 of the team's 40. 

Round 1 (25): Seth Romero, LHP, Houston
Round 2 (65): Wil Crowe, RHP, South Carolina
Round 3 (103): Nick Raquet, LHP, William & Mary
Round 4 (133): Cole Freeman, 2B, LSU
Round 5 (163): Brigham, Hill, RHP, Texas A&M
Round 6 (193): Kyle Johnston, RHP, Texas
Round 7 (223): Jackson Tetreault, RHP, State College of Florida Manatee
Round 8 (253): Jared Brasher, RHP, Samford
Round 9 (283): Alex Troop, LHP, Michigan State
Round 10 (313): Trey Turner, RHP, Missouri State
Round 11 (343): Justin Connell, OF, American Heritage School
Round 12 (373): Jackson Stoeckinger, LHP, College of Central Florida
Round 13 (403): Eric Senior, OF, Midland College
Round 14 (433): Anthony Peroni, C, Mercer County CC
Round 15 (463): Bryce Montes de Oca, RHP, Missouri
Round 16 (493): Jake Scudder, 1B, Kansas State
Round 17 (523): Jared Johnson, LHP, Palm Beach State
Round 18 (553): Nick Choruby, OF, Texas A&M
Round 19 (583): Jonathan Pryor, OF, Wake Forest
Round 20 (613): Jake Cousins, RHP, Pennsylvania
Round 21 (643): Leif Strom, RHP, Pierce College
Round 22 (673): Nelson Galindez, LHP, Haines City High School
Round 23 (703): Jamori Blash, 1B, Cochise College
Round 24 (733): Tim Richards, SS, Cal State Fullerton
Round 25 (763): David Smith, RHP, Cal State Long Beach
Round 26 (793): Kameron Esthay, OF, Baylor
Round 27 (823): Darren Baker, SS, Jesuit High School
Round 28 (853): Nic Perkins, C, Drury University
Round 29 (883): Alex Dunlap, C, Stanford
Round 30 (913): Austin Guibor, OF, Fresno State
Round 31 (943): Jeremy McKinney, RHP, Indiana State
Round 32 (973): Phil Caulfield, 2B, Loyola Marymount
Round 33 (1,003): Adalberto Carrillo, C, Southern California
Round 34 (1,033): Bennett Sousa, LHP, Virginia
Round 35 (1,063): Jackson Cramer, 1B, West Virginia
Round 36 (1.093): Gabe Klobosits, RHP, Auburn
Round 37 (1,123): Kody Gratkowski, 3B, Fairhope High School
Round 38 (1,153): Jake Boone, SS, Torrey Pines High School
Round 39 (1,183): Kai Nelson, OF, Fieldston High School
Round 40 (1,213): Max Engelbrekt, LHP, Oregon State

Many of these pitchers, and the rest of the players, will never see action in a Washington Nationals uniform, so no bullpen relief is not right around the corner. It does make one wonder though if the parent association's bullpen struggles this year had any affect on their drafting strategy. 

Notable picks include a second Trey Turner from Missouri State, Dusty Baker's son, the cousin of Washington Redskins' quarterback, Kirk Cousins, and their lone position player in their first handful of picks, Cole Freeman.

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MLB Postseason 2017 Bracket Projection

USA Today Sports

MLB Postseason 2017 Bracket Projection

Two weeks remain in the regular season for the Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, and the rest of Major League Baseball.

Already, the Nationals have clinched a spot in the MLB postseason, while the Orioles are still clinging to an outside chance of making it through to one of the two Wild Card spots. If Baltimore were to make the surprise climb they would likely be the third team from the AL East to make the MLB postseason.


Washington is joined by the Los Angeles Dodgers as the only two teams to have claimed a playoff berth in the National League. This past weekend the Dodgers took two out of three in a pivotal series from the Nationals to hold on to the top seed. The lead is now up to 6 games for Los Angeles after it was down to only 3.5 games in the middle of the week.


The Dodgers have not clinched their division yet but with their turnaround in Washington this past weekend it is only a matter of time. Leading the Arizona Diamondbacks by 9.5 games, the Dodgers magic number is only four. With 96 wins, Los Angeles also would be the team to hold home-field advantage throughout the postseason, including the World Series.

Only the National League Central Division has an interesting battle as the year winds down, but the Chicago Cubs maintain a four game edge over the Milwaukee Brewers. Right behind the Brewers are the St. Louis Cardinals, two games back. There is brief two-game series for the Cubs in Tampa Bay before back-to-back road series against the Brewers than the Cardinals. Within a week, this division could be flipped over. It is a near lock that the division winner will be the No. 3 seed.

Arizona is likely to clinch one of the Wild Card berths this week. Colorado currently holds the second spot, and they're 2.5 up on the Brewers.

If the season were to end today, here is how the National League bracket would look:

Wild Card Round (Winner-take-all):

No. 5 Colorado Rockies (82-68) at No. 4 Arizona Diamondbacks (87-63)

National League Divisional Series (Best-of-5):

No. 1 Los Angeles Dodgers (96-53) vs. Wild Card Round Winner
No. 2 Washington Nationals (90-59) vs. No. 3 Chicago Cubs (83-66)

Wild Card Race:

Arizona Diamondbacks:  +5.0
Colorado Rockies:              ---
Milwaukee Brewers:        -2.5
St. Louis Cardinals:          -4.5
Miami Marlins:                -12.5


Thanks to their improbable 22-game winning streak, the Cleveland Indians now sit atop the American League. They hold a slight 1.5 game lead over the Houston Astros for the top seed and home-field advantage in the AL. Both of these teams have already handily clinched their divisions holding on to the No. 1 and 2 seeds.

The incredible run by Cleveland has also put them 3.5 games behind the Dodgers for home-field throughout the entire postseason.

As it does seemingly every year, the American League East will come down to the wire. The New York Yankees trail the Boston Red Sox by only three games with their season series already wrapped up. Of the Yankees final 13 games though, 10 are at home where they are 43-28 on the season. Boston only has seven at home and six on the road. New York also faces an easier stretch playing opponents with a combined .487 win percentage compared to Boston’s .501.

Unlike the National League Wild Card, which is essentially down to four teams, the American League is wide open. Ten teams are mathematically still alive including the Oakland Athletics who are 17 games under .500. New York or Boston will likely take the top Wild Card slot with the Minnesota Twins currently holding down second. The Los Angeles Angels (2.0 games back), Seattle Mariners (4.5 games back), and the Kansas City Royals (5.0 games back) are giving chase.


It will be tough for the Twins to hold on to the final spot with 10 of their final 13 games being on the road. First up for them is a three-game series in the Bronx. The Red Sox and Orioles also start a three-game series in Baltimore with much on the line for both teams. 

If the season were to end today, here is how the American League bracket would look:

Wild Card Round (Winner-take-all):

No. 5 Minnesota Twins (78-71) at No. 4 New York Yankees (82-67)

American League Divisional Series (Best-of-5):

No. 1 Cleveland Indians (93-57) vs. Wild Card Round Winner
No. 2 Houston Astros (91-58) vs. No. 3 Boston Red Sox (85-64)

Wild Card Race:

New York Yankees:     +4.0
Minnesota Twins:          ---
Los Angeles Angels:     -2.0
Seattle Mariners:         -4.5
Kansas City Royals:      -5.0
Texas Rangers:             -5.0
Baltimore Orioles:       -5.5
Tampa Bay Rays:          -5.5
Toronto Blue Jays:       -8.5
Oakland Athletics:      -12.0


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Nationals' Bryce Harper takes next step in recovery from knee injury

Nationals' Bryce Harper takes next step in recovery from knee injury

WASHINGTON-- Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper took swings during batting practice Sunday for the first time since hyperextending his left knee on Aug. 12.

Harper previously had taken cuts in the batting cage, but was on the field before the Nationals' series finale against the Los Angeles Dodgers. His session included several shots deep into the stands at Nationals Park.

"Just trying to get out there and trying put the bat on the ball and just try to be as fluid as I can and try to get my swing back," said the 2015 NL MVP, who is second in the NL with a .326 batting average.


The NL East champions open the NLDS on Oct. 6.

"I hope so. That's definitely in my head," Harper said of a return goal. "That's what I want to do. That's where I want to be. But it takes time."

Harper remains second on Washington with 29 home runs this season despite missing 34 games.

He was injured at home against the Giants when he awkwardly landed on the slick first base bag during a game that was delayed by rain. Washington placed the All-Star on the disabled list the following day.

"It just happened. It's something I can't control," Harper said. "It definitely was a freak accident. We put it behind us as quick as possible and tried to get everything going as quick as we could. And then it was all behind me. I didn't really worry about it much."

The right fielder said he tested the knee Sunday running to first base. "Felt fine. Just super-easy. Just kind of jogging to first and trying to get the feel for it again. Running to first feels a lot more comfortable than running on the track. "

Harper said timing in the batter's box could be a process. If his return matches the start of the postseason, he'll have to adjust on the fly.

"It's definitely going to be a tough thing," Harper said. "If we play Chicago, I might be facing Jon Lester for my first at-bat in six weeks. That's a tough task. It's going to take some time. Hopefully, I can get back and get going a little sooner than later."

Harper was succinct with his biggest physical test remaining.

"Playing in a baseball game. That's going to be the biggest thing, getting in there and playing the game and feeling good," he said. "As long as I'm healthy, that's all I want."