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Trotz introduced Shattenkirk to Caps by showing video of his fight with Williams

Trotz introduced Shattenkirk to Caps by showing video of his fight with Williams

Teams have different ways of welcoming new players. Some players have to sing, others have to give a speech, all in the name of breaking the ice with their new teammates.

So what did Barry Trotz do for Kevin Shattenkirk’s first practice with the team? He showed the team a video of Shattenkirk's fight with Justin Williams.

“That was pretty funny,” Tom Wilson said on Thursday when asked about the video. “I had no idea that that even went down. I think they hugged it out in the weight room after that.”

While still a member of the St. Louis Blues, Shattenkirk dropped the gloves with Williams, then a member of the Los Angeles Kings, on Dec. 18, 2014.

You can see the fight here:

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Shattenkirk and Williams are seen jawing at one another before finally dropping the gloves. The fight ends once Shattenkirk loses his balance and both players fall to the ice.

Who was the winner? Voters on HockeyFights.com gives Williams the clear advantage, but there was no clear consensus from the team.

“I think it would have to go with a scorecard,” Trotz said. “I think it would be a split decision. I know [Williams] would say he won, but Shatty said [he] hit him with the first one and he fell forward on him.”

“I think Willy actually had the takedown,” Wilson said. “It was kind of short lived, it was probably pure emotion.”

But if you’re worried about whether there's any lingering animosity there,  don’t be. Both players have embraced the other as a teammate and that was on display in Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Early in the first period, Shattenkirk laid a big hit on Flyers forward Nick Cousins. Brandon Manning didn't seem to appreciate the hit and he delivered a few shoves of his own to Shattenkirk.

That was all Williams needed to see.

The veteran winger immediately came to Shattenkirk’s defense by stepping in and shoving Manning away. Cousins grabbed him from behind, eventually leading to Williams dropping the gloves and delivering a few swings at Cousins who suddenly looked as if he wanted no part of Williams.

Coming to the defense of his teammate was a gesture that did not go unnoticed by Shattenkirk or the Caps.

“[Williams is] such a good leader and he recognized that there's people coming in there and he jumped right in and stood up for his teammate,” Trotz said after the game.

“For him to stick up for me especially with our little tussle that we had a few years ago, that's the type of guy he is,” Shattenkirk said. “That's why he's been in this league for so long, because he' such a great teammate and I hope he knows that I would do the same for him.”

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Capitals beard guy unleashes epic beard at Avalanche game

Capitals beard guy unleashes epic beard at Avalanche game

By now, you’ve probably seen the phenomenal “8” beard of the Capitals beard guy. His name is Eric Brooks and his beard is multi-talented.

Brooks moved to Denver from Rockville, Md. and now graces Caps-Avalanche games with the presence of his beard as he first did in 2013 when he unveiled the 8. He unveiled a new design for Wednesday’s game and stole the show.

Check it out in the video above.

Molded to perfection Brooks managed to style his beard into a white “CAPS” leaving people like me with barely a five o’clock shadow with some serious beard envy.

Never stop being you, Brooks.

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3 current Caps named 2017's top unrestricted free agents

3 current Caps named 2017's top unrestricted free agents

By now, you've probably heard a lot of talk about how the Capitals need to win the Stanley Cup this year because the team is going to look very different in 2017-18. The reason why is because Washington has several expiring contracts this year and some of those players will be hard to keep.

How hard? 

Luke Fox of SportsNet ranked the 17 top unrestricted free agents of 2017 and three of them made the top five. Deadline acquisition Kevin Shattenkirk is ranked No. 1 with T.J. Oshie coming in just behind him at No. 2.

"NHL teams salivate over puck-moving defencemen under the age of 30, so expect Shattenkirk to knock his next contract out of the park," writes Fox. "Think Keith Yandle's seven-year, $44.45-million pact signed with the Panthers last year."

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Shattenkirk is just 28 and is still very much in his prime. He was the biggest target at the trade deadline and will clearly cost top dollar to keep around. His expiring contract was an issue for St. Louis all season leading to his eventual trade. If the Caps hope to keep him in Washington, it may mean moving a significant piece of the roster to fit his cap hit.

As good as Shattenkirk is and as well as he may fit the modern NHL, many may still be surprised to see him ahead of Oshie. Oshie has scored a career-high 32 goals this season and clearly has developed chemistry with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, a forward pair that sometimes struggles to find a compliment.

What likely pulls Oshie to No. 2 is his age. This is the first 30-goal season of Oshie's career and it came at the age of 30. This is not a level of production you can expect from him for many more years.

The third Cap to make the list is Karl Alzner who ranks No. 5. Writes Fox, "is there room to keep the defensively responsible Alzner and the younger Dmitry Orlov (RFA again)? Oh, yeah. Now Shattenkirk is here too. ...  Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos reported in the winter that Alzner is asking for $5.5 to $6 million per season from Washington in light of the hefty Brent Burns deal."

Alzner is the best defensive player on the team, but his style does not fit the modern NHL the way Shattenkirk's does. He is not a puck-mover and, for a Caps team with a lot of other players to sign, it may be difficult to find enough money to pay Alzner his reported asking price. Whether he is worth that much to Washington going forward is a question the team will need to ask.

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