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Daly: NHL trying to minimize lockout damage


Daly: NHL trying to minimize lockout damage

Negotiations between the NHL and its players union resumetoday in New Yorkas the two try to salvage what already will be a shortened regular season.I think the really unfortunate part of where we are is notonly the fact that weve done significant damage to this season's revenues,NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Nasvhille Tennessean, but the bottom line is, bymissing games, by missing training camp, by being in a labor dispute and a workstoppage, we're certainly risking and threatening a slowdown to some of themomentum that we've had or been able to generate some of the popularity we'vebeen able to build throughout the league, including in some of thenon-traditional markets.And I think the longer-term impact of that dynamic is as scary as anythingelse to us, and something we jointly should have an interest in trying tominimize at this point.One of the many sticking points between the owners and players is thedistribution of league revenue and how to support the NHLs small-market teams likethe Predators, Coyotes, Islanders, Panthers and Blue Jackets.The NHL has proposed a plan in which 190 million will go towardsmall-market teams. The players have crafted a plan that has 260 milliongoing to those teams.Were suggesting using less room on the top end and moreroom on the bottom end as a way of constructing the range that's more friendlyto small markets, Daly said, but also creates a dynamic where there will beless player escrow, so there will be less dollars at risk for the players.For more of Dailys interview with the Tennesean,click here

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Caps' Barry Trotz says he's 'very, very happy' for newly married Alex Ovechkin

Caps' Barry Trotz says he's 'very, very happy' for newly married Alex Ovechkin

Capitals Coach Barry Trotz says he’s ‘thrilled’ for team captain Alex Ovechkin, who married longtime girlfriend Nastya Shubskaya in Russia recently.

"We talked the other day [and] I just asked him if there was anything" to the rumor? Trotz said Tuesday. "He said, ‘Yes.’ Then a couple of days ago there was the social media thing he put out. I knew it was happening.  I think most of our team knew it was happening, except we didn’t know when."

On Sunday, Ovechkin posted a picture on Instagram of him holding hands with Shubskaya accompanied by the caption, "This is happiness." Both were wearing wedding bands.


Asked jokingly if he was upset that he did not receive an invite to the small, private ceremony, Trotz cracked: "I’m not bummed. I’m actually very thrilled for him."

Trotz also noted that Ovechkin, who turns 31 next month, has been planning to marry Shubskaya, a 22-year-old aspiring actress and model, for some time and is eager to start a family.

"I know this is something he’s been thinking about for a quite a while," Trotz said. "From what I know of his wife, she’s really good for him. He loves her and they got married and I think it’s fantastic. I think he’s looking forward to starting a family. One thing I’ve learned about Ovi is he’s very family oriented. You see that with the way he [interacts] with his parents."

"I think he’s in a great spot," Trotz added. "I’m very, very happy for him. I’ll give him a hug when he gets here and congratulate him. It’s a good step for him."


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Trotz: Unsigned Orlov has 'a great opportunity' with Capitals

Trotz: Unsigned Orlov has 'a great opportunity' with Capitals

With training camp set to begin in about three weeks, the Capitals and restricted free agent Dmitry Orlov still have not agreed on contract extension.

But it also sounds as though it’s a matter of when, not if, a deal gets done, based on comments from Coach Barry Trotz on Tuesday.

“I think, obviously, [GM Brian MacLellan] is talking with Orlov’s agent all the time,” Trotz said at KCI. “Orly has got a great opportunity here.”

Trotz also reiterated that he sees big things for Orlov in 2016-17, perhaps even a steady spot in the top-4.

“I envision him playing with a [Matt] Niskanen or a [John] Carlson, probably more prime minutes as we try even out our defense a little bit in terms of [workload],” Trotz added. “It’s a great opportunity for him. He’s at the right age where he can really contribute. We’ll look for his contributions on the power play, the penalty kill, playing in that top-4 on a pretty regular basis. I just think it’s right for him.”


So what’s the holdup?

“It’s probably just timing, dollars, length,” Trotz said. “He’s right where he wants to be in his career, where he’s an up-and-coming player who is going to get a great opportunity here with a good team.”

Orlov, 25, earned $2.25 million last season while counting $2 million against the salary cap. The Capitals have $3.45 million in cap space available but cannot commit all of that to Orlov, a young player with big upside but an unproven track record.

Trotz said he intends to seek out Orlov soon. The two will cross paths next month when Team Canada faces Russia in a pre-tournament game in Pittsburgh.     

“He’s playing at the World Cup [and] that level will be very, very high,” Trotz said. “I think it’s great experience for him. I think it will make him better and it will make us better.”

Capitals associate coach Todd Reirden, who oversees the defensemen in Washington, echoed Trotz’s sentiments about Orlov’s ceiling.

“I think we’re just touching the surface with this player,” Reirden said. “Him going through the World Cup experience will be outstanding for him, as well. …I’ve been in contact with him a few times this summer, just getting him in a really good spot mentally to come in and have a huge year for us. I think his opportunity is in his hands.”

Reirden said finding the right partner for Orlov will be critical. He also said eliminating the game-altering mistake—at exactly the wrong moment—figures to rank among Orlov’s top priorities.

“In terms of areas of improvement for him, it’s still eliminating the big errors in his game at crucial times,” Reirden said. "We need to continue to force him to make the right decisions at the right times. In terms of his risk-reward, he does really have the ability to swing a game offensively for us.”

Orlov had a career-high eight goals and 29 points in 82 games last season.


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Assistant coach Todd Reirden receives a promotion from the Capitals

Assistant coach Todd Reirden receives a promotion from the Capitals

Capitals assistant coach Todd Reirden has been promoted to associate coach, the team announced Monday.

Reirden, 45, will run Washington's training camp next month while head coach Barry Trotz works as an assistant for Team Canada at the World Cup of Hockey in Toronto.

Reirden, who is entering his third season on the Capitals' bench, was a finalist for the head coaching position in Calgary earlier this summer. He was also considered for the New Jersey vacancy the year before. In coaching circles, Reirden is considered a future bench boss and the question is when, not if, he’ll get that opportunity.

Reirden oversees the Capitals’ defensemen, who overcame a host of injuries last season, and a power play that ranked fifth in 2015-16.

Reirden and Trotz will speak to reporters on Tuesday.