Peter Angelos


On the day after the regular season ended, Dan Duquette reviewed 2015 and looked ahead to 2016.


Chris Davis knew he was returning to the Orioles. He’d quietly begun working out a few times a week with hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh. Davis wouldn’t do that if he was signing elsewhere.


It’s official. The Orioles have signed Chris Davis to a seven-year, $161 million contract. The deal became announced after the 29-year-old Davis passed his physical.


For eleven weeks, ever since the Orioles season ended, Baltimore has obsessed over Chris Davis. As soon as the Orioles season ended, fans grew overly emotional when it came to Davis.


Buck Showalter is a casual horse racing fan at best. He didn’t even know his namesake “Showalter” was making his racing debut on Sunday, and what a race it was.