Jared Sullinger


A four-game sweep of the Wizards is complete, as the Boston Celtics wrestled away the lead by halftime and put them away 116-91 to wrap up the season series in front off 11,753 at Verizon Center.


The Wizards had a chance to officially turn the corner with Saturday's game against the Boston Celtics, but they faltered late in a game they controlled most of the way and lost to them for the th


This looked nothing like the Boston Celtics' smashing of the Wizards by 20 points three weeks ago.


Basketball isn't all about offense, though ultimately it comes down to a team's ability to get buckets.


Aside from what took place in Atlanta last season, when the Wizards lost in six games to the Hawks in the conference semifinals, John Wall remembers the 2014-15 regular season.