Gilbert Arenas


Just in case the Wizards' recent success had given NBA fans amnesia, the helpful folks at Jeopardy! stepped in to remind viewers of the team's felony-level dysfunction only six years ago.


Several individual milestones have been cleared by John Wall this season, and for that matter the Wizards, too. But tonight the biggest one of all can fall with a victory vs.


At 21-8, the real work begins for the Wizards as they head out on a five-game road trip -- their longest of the season -- to find out where they truly stand among the NBA's elite from the Western


Kobe Bryant has had some legendary games against the Wizards, including matchups against Michael Jordan and Gilbert Arenas. Watch here.


LeBron James may be best known for his four MVP trophies and two NBA Finals MVPs with the Miami Heat, but the seeds of his greatness first rose to the surface in his postseason clashes with the Wi