Dmitry Orlov


Although it may be another month before his surgically repaired left wrist is strong enough to handle the rigors of game action, Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov says he has not given up hope of p


By now, Dmitry Orlov was supposed to be playing meaningful minutes for the Capitals on a third defense pairing with Mike Green.


As Braden Holtby and Dmitry Orlov joined their fellow Bears for the start of Hershey's training camp this weekend, they also joined a few familiar faces from Washington.


You know we are in a whole new world when a goalie in a Penguins jersey free agent Brent Johnson -- is practicing with a diminishing number of Capitals at their practice facility.


For goaltender Braden Holtby and defenseman Dmitry Orlov, this was supposed to be their breakout season for the Capitals.